[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Learn Your Sciences Well…

Dusting off the dirt off my body, I then looked at that blue bar which was recovering at an extremely slow speed, and my blood froze.

Hurriedly, I tapped on the best MP recovery potion in my inventory. After retracting my blade, I hurriedly charged towards the direction I flew from earlier.

“Are you alright!?”

Yybril from afar leapt up, and then, landed beside me.

“I’m still alright, for now, at least. However, I won’t be able to ascertain it after this.”

According to the efficiency of this potion, at the very least, I can only use a 【Recovery】 spell after 10 seconds, and I will only be able to use 【Ice Arrow】 after 30 seconds. If that enemy were to attack now…

Just when I thought as such, a charging force grazed past me. I hurriedly retreated to the back with an Accelerate, in the end, my MP bar was once again emptied.

Smiling bitterly, I kept the tachi, and then, I took out the bow Pryn gave to me.

Magic War Elf Bow. It’s a bow that is capable of turning any form of energy into a bow’s arrow. However, currently, I can only consume arrows to attack, because my MP is already completely insufficient.

After all, as an item collecting freak, the number of arrows in my inventory is in the high tens of thousands, do you really think that my arrows can only be shot out from magic formations?

Although I really wish to use close-combat weapons, if I, who do not have any MP, use a close-combat weapon… I can only be a little better at chopping trees than woodchoppers.

However, bows and firearms are different. In the past, I can still be considered to be a hobbyist, and I still feel more comfortable with a weapon like this.

In times like this, I did not bother using any other skills either. Using the final bit of MP, I tapped on 【Accelerate】, and as I retreated to the back, I pulled the bowstring of the bow in my hands all the way to the back!

Even if I don’t use any skills, there’s still some offensive power, and also…

To someone like me, a gamer who loved shooting games, something like this basically isn’t much.

After trying out two shots, the arrow instantly struck onto the enemy’s bones, however, they were directly deflected. Even if that was the case, I still smiled. Because I, who was able to see HP bars, was able to find out that its HP still retreated by a small amount.

In other words, my attacks is still able to harm it to a small extent, it’s only that it cannot be seen from the exterior looks.

However, compared to as a whole, these small drops of HP were really too little, to the point where they were basically like itches.

Hopefully, this guy doesn’t know how to heal its HP, otherwise, my attacks will not be able to compared to its recovery ability.


Naturally, the reason why I’m shooting arrows is not because for the sake of harming it with arrows, rather, it’s to ascertain my accuracy while I’m not using any skills.

And currently, it’s time for it to pay the price!

I tied a small sack on the tip of the arrow, and then, I pulled the bowstring all the way to the back. The moment I released it, the arrow directly struck Mador, which was facing Yybril.

The instant the arrow struck Mador, colorless liquid was released out from the small sack, splattering onto the bones, which emitted out sizzling sounds.


Hearing the scream coming out from the skeleton’s mouth, I smile satisfyingly. After all, following after it’s wail, its HP dropped by a huge amount.

As expected, the fact that the rate of corrosion of bones increases when hydrochloric acid or whatever falls on them, has not changed in this world. Although this skeleton has been exposed in the air for a very long time and its exterior should have been covered with calcium oxide, since it had constantly battled, there would still be uncovered spots.

And these are enough!

Dozens of arrows constantly landed on its body. It furiously turned to look at me, however, behind it, it was slashed by Yybril’s sword, and its arm was instantly struck off!

Immediately after, three arrows instantly landed on its spine. The colorless liquid splashed on its spine, streams of white fog floated out, and with another arrow shot out, its spine instantly broke into two at that very spot.

Mador’s lower half shook for a moment, and then, it fell off. Its HP instantly turned to zero, and the black fog that was covering the upper half of its body began to slowly disperse, disappearing into thin air.

After that, the bones of its body turned into fragments and powder, slowly floating down.

Battle Concluded.
Eliminated: Abyssal Guide – Mador
EXP Rewarded: 10,000
You leveled up!
Current LV: 37

Battle concluded? That means, for now, there should not be any other enemies.

“Yybril, are you alright?”

I looked towards Yybril and asked.

“I’m quite alright. But from the looks of it, you’re in a worse state… You actually even began to use a bow. It’s rare to see you in such an embarrassing state.”

Not just that. Earlier, if I had not used that one recovery spell in time, I might have died right there and then…

“I don’t have enough mana… And since I have been using spells that’s beyond my level, naturally, I will become like this.”

“Makes sense. You have only been in the magic academy for about half a year, right? Yet, you’re currently able to fight and obtain victory against a legendary-class monster such as this Abyssal Guide. This basically can already be taken as a legend.”

If I were to crazily grind and raise my levels, I might be able to be seen as a legend myself, right?

“Alright, let’s not talk about this. Since this guy was so strong… Most probably, there shouldn’t be any other enemies nearby, right?”

I scanned my vicinity.

“Where’s the other two Priests?”

“I told them to call people over immediately. Although we have already sent a message, it’s best to have some bit of insurance. After all, the periphery of this【Undead Atrium】has the ability to lure strong foes away. Although I feel that Necromancer does not have that strong of an ability, that tower over there…”

As she said that, Yybril glanced towards that tower.

“As for that thing, I can’t say for sure. In any case, the people from the Knight Squad should be arriving very soon.”

“But, before that, we can’t idle like this, right?”

If the people from the Knight Squad were to arrive, won’t that mean my EXP will be gone? I still have to exact my revenge, you know!

Speaking of which, this is the best time to exact my revenge!

“That’s of course, let us go!”

Yybril looked very excited as well, and she actually walked towards the direction of the tower before me.

“Hey, wait a minute…”

I hurriedly followed after her, at the same time, I once again used another bottle of potion.

Hopefully, my MP bar can be filled to the brim before encountering the next enemy.

40 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 20

    • Wa says:

      One of my major dislikes about the MC, is his dependency on MP potions.
      When you play games, you don’t think about it too much. But realistically, if you need to constantly chug on potions in order to stand a chance within a fight — you are clearly doing something wrong.

      At this point, I’d expect Fir to acquire a passive skill which elevates his MP recovery, in most RPG games the wizard class specifically has such a skill because they’re MP hogs.
      I simply do not believe that this RPG world, does not have a skill. It’s impossible. |:


      • Endymion says:

        For doesn’t have a proper class, like Wizard or Magician to have the mp bonusses and stuff. Though honestly, he should have already found a skill like that, he got pretty much everything else already. But maybe such skills don’t exist in this setting beside as class bonuses? I don’t remember the author specifying about it anywhere.


  1. flame says:

    “I’m quite alright. But from the looks of it, you’re in a worse state… You actually even began to use a bow. It’s rare to see you in such an embarrassing state.”
    … I missed this novel

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  2. deadmanbonez says:

    I Missed u soooooooooooooooooooo much.
    every day waiting was torture ….
    it is nice to have u back.
    THANK YOU for your hard work.


  3. John Maverick says:

    Welcome back!!! I hope you enjoyed your trip.
    To tell the true I have following your traslations of this novel since the beggining of Volume 3, but I’m such a lazy -_-U (In my defence english isn’t my first language. I’m very good reading, but no so good writing). I feel like a lecher :O

    You translations are awesome and I’m really grateful for the time you dedicate in them. Thank you for all your hardwork.


  4. xias1 says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Btw. can´t Fir use light / holy spells for free (0 MP) if he releases his angel wing?
    So why doesn´t he simply release his angel wing to get free healing and holy attack spells?


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