[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: We’re All People With Big Brothers

PoV: Princess Syli

Big sis Irlin’s luck sure is pretty good…

Seeing Fir’s figure disappearing from the window, I unconsciously thought of this in my heart.

I really don’t know what kind of person Fir is, however, big sis Irlin had only been captured a few hours ago, yet, he had already rushed over here, that’s really godspeed.

And from his expression… With just a glance, it could be seen that he’s very seriously worried for big sis Irlin’s well-being. That sure is great, and it sure is blissful for her.

Although I’m feeling happy for big sis Irlin’s sake, there’s an odd sensation in my heart.

Why isn’t there such a hardworking person like Fir among the people that came over from neighbouring countries to propose for my hand in marriage? Every single one of them with those pig-like figures, they simply look disgusting.

But, big sis Irlin said that this guy had played with her since young, and they grew up together. Then why haven’t I seen him before?

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have given this opportunity over to her! Hmph!


No wait, what am I thinking!?

Work, work. If I start working now, I won’t be able to finish the documents today, and I will once again be laughed at by big brother in the evening.

I don’t wish to see that grinning face of his! Work hard!


Three Hours Later

“I’m finally… finally done…”

With a plop, I laid down on the table.

Fortunately, the table is big enough, otherwise, with just that action of mine, it would have definitely pushed that mountain of documents onto the ground.

But, all’s good. I’m finally finished with my work before dinner. If I have left them for after dinner, it will definitely feel even more terrible.

Dong, dong, dong.

Door knocks sounded from the door. She instantly raised her head, faced the mirror at the side, and slightly adjusted her wrinkled dress, before pressing the button on the table.

With a ‘hwaa’ sound, the door opened, and the attendant in-charge of taking care of me was standing at the door with my doll in her hand.

Arianha had taken care of me since I was young, and although she was a little bit older than I am, she was actually someone I could actually converse with in this castle.

“Princess, someone has found the doll you lost.”

“Oh? Is that so? What kind of person is he?”

“It’s Mosai, the commander of the castle guards.”

“Oh, Mosai, huh. Then call him… hah?”

The words that I had already prepared earlier was instantly swallowed back forcefully into my throat.

“Who did you say found it?”

“… Umm… The commander of the castle guards, Mosai.”

“Are you sure? Who said that?”

“He personally brought it over and told me.”


I rubbed my temple, and slowly walked towards Arianha.

But, the moment I took the doll from her, the crystal on the doll’s neck suddenly lit up, and even emitted sounds.

“Hello, esteemed Princess, my name is Sol Feil. Your doll has been found by me, but unfortunately, due to some reasons, I’m unable to personally hand it to you. I’m really sorry~ But, if you wish to know the reason, please listen to this recording.” “One thousand gold, isn’t that what’s stated on the request?” “That’s only one thousand silver over there, right?” “Hmph! What right does a lowly mercenary have to bargain!? Hurry and hand over that doll, and then, leave with the money! Otherwise, I will have you treated as someone who has stolen the princess’s doll, and have you arrested!” “So you’re saying, you’re planning to take the doll and take all the credit for yourself, you human trash.”

Fir, this guy…

He sure likes to give me trouble. Couldn’t he have dealt with this himself? Isn’t he just a guard… Geez.


“Yes, princess.”

“Throw Mosai into jail, and then, have the guards call that person called Sol Feil over.”

“Yes, I understand. But, if it’s just the name… It’s a little…”

“Don’t worry, if it’s that guy…”

I looked at the night scenery of the capital, and curled my lips.

“He definitely won’t be idling.”

PoV: Oyado

Big brother!

Big brother, big brother!

Big brother, big brother, big brother!!!!!!

“Ah! Big brother, where did you go!? You guys, hurry and hand big brother over!”

I held onto my daggers and constantly stabbed towards the table. Not even a moment later, another hole had been produced on the table.

Hence, I switched locations and continued stabbing.

Five hours ago, big brother suddenly broke through the ceiling and flew off somewhere. Although I’m able to faintly sense that big brother was in the western direction, why hasn’t he come back after so long!?

If you had wanted to leave this place, why didn’t you bring Oyado along!

Didn’t you promise that we would never separate!

“Oyado-chan, don’t be like that. The table will break like that.”

Lois looked at me with a very worried expression, however, probably because she was afraid of the daggers in my hand, she was still maintaining quite a distance from me.

“Leave me alone! In any case, I have been abandoned by big brother!”

I said as I continued to stab.

“No, that isn’t possible.”

Purewhite who was sitting at the other side of the table gently said.

“Master will definitely not abandon us. He will not abandon anyone.”

“Then… Then why didn’t he bring us along?”

“Master… must have encountered an emergency situation.”

“Is… Is that so, then he should have brought me along. Could it be that big brother still doesn’t understand my ability!?”

“I can sense… master’s emotions. Back then… he was very…”

Purewhite paused for a moment, and her brows furrowed.

“Anger, anxiousness, rage… and even a hint of despair.”

“Is that so…”

I never expected big brother to have such emotions as well.

Clearly, every day, big brother always had the free and easy expression, and no matter how big the incident was, he would still be able to go through them with a smile.

A big brother like that… actually has such negative emotions deep in his heart?



That’s really great~

So big brother is the same as me, and enjoys these indescribable emotions very much as well~

I see, so this is the fundamental source which had allowed big brother and I to connect with each other~

I’m so happy~ I feel so excited~

“You guys!”

Suddenly, the door to the room was forcefully opened.

The person who appeared was actually Aliyah! The girl who always had a look of scorn when facing big brother, yet, still kept pestering big brother!

“We have found Fir’s position. Do you guys want to come as well?”

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  1. GonZ555 says:

    *Fir PoV*
    You’ve acquired [Loli Magnet] skill.
    Any loli within a certain distance while this skill is active will cause lolis to fall in love with the user. Any loli companion will take notice of you


  2. kuroshiki says:

    “A big brother like that… actually has such
    negative emotions deep in his heart?”

    oh …. so she can feel sympathy to huh ….

    ” Marvelous!
    That’s really great~”

    whaaaaaaaaat …..

    What a wicked sister ……


  3. necrosis says:

    I think they made oyado way too strong and with that personality she is not only likely to try but able to kill the majority of that kingdom alone so yeah this isn’t good also every time I read about oyado it makes me actually glad that my sisters hate my guts


  4. AnimeLover says:

    Ugh Oyado been annoying. Quit cockblocking him lol. Anyways I enjoy the Princess and have a good impression of her.


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