[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Super Lazy Church

Looking at the grey mist that filled the sky, I have a very bad premonition. Although I don’t know where this premonition comes from, I kind of feel that mist is very dangerous to people other than myself.

Back then, Falan had told me of a spell called【Undead Atrium】, however, she had only told me that it’s a spell which strengthens Undead, and corrodes life forms other than undeads. She did not explain any other of its details.

However, looking at the current situation, the effects brought about by that spell are not just limited to those.

Screams continued to echo out within the city which was entirely covered in mist, however, slowly, those screams began to die down.

In the room, all of us looked at one another.

“Who’s going out to investigate?”

Bai Yueguang said very irresponsibly.

“We will leave this extremely difficult mission to you.”

I patted on Bai Yueguang’s shoulder and said.

“Hey, hey, hey, why me? Shouldn’t it be you?”

“Anything goes, I don’t really care.”

After all, I’m an Undead Holy Angel, at such a degree, it shouldn’t really trouble me.

Not only does it not trouble me, I feel that this mist instead increases my strength.

“Big brother, I shall go with you then~”

“No, Oyado, it’s still safer for you to stay with the rest.”

I looked towards Ms. Mari.

“Help me look after Oyado, don’t allow her to follow me.”

“If she wishes to run, I’m basically unable to stop her…”


“Alright, I shall do my best to help you look after her.”

Ms. Mari seemed to have said it really helplessly, however, she actually embraced Oyado really happily.

Haah, geez. Clearly, she’s a lolicon as well.

“Purewhite, you shall wait here with Oyado as well. I’m going over to take a look first…”

However, just when I was about to push open the door and head out, the door was actually pushed open by someone outside!

I hurriedly took a few steps back, and looked at the people that came in.

There were two people dressed in white priest robes, their age seemed to be between forty to fifty, and their levels were not low either, as one of them was 47, while the other was 51. If they’re enemies… then the EXP should be pretty good.

“As expected, you people are still here.”

However, I can’t obtain their EXP, because the person following behind them is someone I’m familiar with.

“Yybril, long time no see.”

The person behind her was Yybril, the girl who taught me Light Magic. I have not seen her ever since we headed to the East. But yesterday, I had Ms. Mari inform Yybril who was at the school about there being an Necromancer in Mitchell Kingdom, and she said she would arrive a few days later.


They actually arrived now? Could it be that they have all learnt skills that could allow them to travel a thousand kilometers a single day?

“It’s indeed been a long time. It’s great that all of you are fine. Currently, we have seen the situation of the entire Mitchell Kingdom as well. That Henry actually dares to use Necromancy to harm the people of this city, he’s really extremely evil!”

“Indeed. But what kind of ability did that guy use? His Necromancy is actually capable of covering the entire kingdom city.”

“Actually, that spell isn’t really very strong.”

A priest at the side said as such.

“According to the situation we saw, the cause of this situation should be due to that strange tower. And, if I’m not wrong, that tower seemed to have came out from the ground. Could it be a checkpoint set up by the demonic beings of the Abyss?”

“No, that should be a portion of the 【Ruins of the Ancients】.”

I immediately said.

“However, I don’t really know the usage of it. But, ever since that tower was erected, his Necromancy had covered the entire kingdom city.”

“Is that so? If that really is a part of the Ruins of the Ancients… as expected, it’s the correct decision for us to have called the Knight Squad. Otherwise, with just the few of us, it’s impossible to defeat the enemy.”

You’re kidding me? They’re all just people with an average level of 15, and had simply bought a few orange gears by topping up cash. And you guys are afraid to this extent? Are you kidding me?

“Then, what are we going to do next?”

I hurriedly asked.

“Naturally, it’s to wait for the arrival of the Knight Squad, and arrest that villain.”

Hey, hey, hey. You guys are really here just for a tour? Do you believe that I’m going to turn you guys into EXP right now?

“But there are still many civilians in the city. You guys said that the mist was very dangerous as well. Then we should be heading out to save them, shouldn’t we?”

“If they’re corroded by the undead aura, usually, people will immediately die, so…”

“So people of the Church are merely at this level as well. Things like saving all living beings were just nonsense, huh.”

“You brat, how dare you talk like that! Are you belittling our Church!?”

“Not just belittling. What? Do you want to fight?”

“You’re courting death!”

With a wave of his hand, the priest summoned a strong ray of light from hand, and then, shot it directly at me!


Before Yybril could stop him, his attack had already reached right in front of me.

Speaking of which, recently, it’s been a long time since I move my muscles, huh.

My white wing instantly spread open, and his attack instantly landed on my wing.

However, because of being of the same element, his attack simply caused my wing to warm up a little. Hovering my wing down to take a look, only one or two feathers rolled up.

“Go,【Ultimate Arcane – Unnatural Cold Flames】.”

Blue flames instantly enveloped the priest, and in the next second, he had already turned into an ice sculpture.


The other priest was just about to attack, when he saw my wing, he stopped.

“Yybril, why does this guy know Light Magic as well?”

“Because he has the talent as well. Don’t look at him like that, this guy’s Light Magic is much stronger than the both of us, you know.”

“This… This guy is clearly an Ice Magician though…”

I say, you people. Your little companion’s HP is constantly being depleted you know. Are you guys fine with that?

Or are you telling me that the people of your Church are all clowns?

I helplessly shook my head, and raised my hand. Ten balls of light instantly appeared in mid-air.

“Ten… This… Is this guy a monster?”

Hey hey hey, your levels are almost twice mine. Could it be that you people can’t even summon ten balls of light?

Oh right, you guys can’t instantly tap on the skill hotkey like me, huh. I’m really sorry about that.

“So, do you wish to save those civilians now?”

I snapped my fingers, and the ice block which the guy was sealed in by me, instantly shattered.

“……” Those two priests made eye contact, and then, nodded without pause.

I shrugged. These people are really too lazy, huh.

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    • DMR says:

      Help is always slow for the MCs… always comes AFTER the trouble starts….

      Church, great clans, Knights, organizations….

      It’s like they’re trying to be heroes or something (-_-)>

      Only heroes are allowed to be late….

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      • Countrymage says:

        Nah, the church members got there early, but seeing as they are part of a large organization and lack the instant communication of the MCs, they have to wait until there are enough of their members there that the higher ranked have their asses covered when this goes wrong.

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      • DMR says:

        That might be true… but help for the MC is always late.

        And most big organization and power in these kinda stories act arrogant and above everything… and then become petty losers…

        The exception is if they’re allies with the MC….

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  1. DMR says:

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    Why does the help for the MC always come late… only heroes are allowed to be late dammit!!!

    And Fir’s trying to get Oyado closer with Mari… making the harem get along better is the harem master’s job after all 😛

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  2. jacobpaige says:

    Fir is the greatest motivational speaker of all time. Just look at how he injected courage and determination into the hearts of those two just when they needed it most. It truly gives one hope for humanity 🙂

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  3. Sicill says:

    Thanks for the chapter. hope your work goes well.

    Fir upon meeting unknown people
    1st thought: Oooh, if I killed them they would give a good amount of EXP.
    2nd thought: There is actually one of our friends among them? Whoops, probably shouldn’t kill them now.

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  4. iamviruz says:

    If nothing benefits them or threaten their position or oppose/antagonize/insult their church…they usually will not move. Welp, I bet killing that priest with that level gap gives lot of EXP~~

    thanks for the chapter~~!

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  5. Celestial Flame says:

    Oh wow. I didn’t think the problems with the church was that bad.(Usually corruption in the church is only near the top)
    Fir:shouldn’t you save the civilians?
    church assholes: Sounds like work, lets wait for the other guys to come so they can take care of it
    fir: wouldn’t they die while waiting?
    church assholes: probably already dead, who cares?
    Fir: So much for the church trying to save lives
    Church assholes: How dare you scandalize the church *goes to kill*

    maybe I paraphrased a little, but seriously. wtf is wrong with them!


  6. AnimeLover says:

    Yibril is really a hypocrite. She’s a good girl and does have some nice ideals but its mixed up with bad ones as well. To depend in the Church and brainwashed.


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