[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 5

Is you!

Chapter 5: A Bloody Case Initiated from a Doll

“Stop there! Who’s there!?”

The moment I approached the castle, the watchguard shouted loudly at me, and the long spear in his hands was even pointed at me.

Geez, do I really look that much like a bad guy?

Although currently I’m wearing black clothes, with a black cloak donned at my back, and even have two daggers hanging at my waist, can’t you guys see my pure eyes and upright facial appearance!?

Forget it, even if I explain to all of you, none of you will get it. Such a pure and innocent person like me will never do things like attacking the castle, abducting the Princess, or killing the King… Well, the last one is an exception.

“Good evening, everyone. My name is Sol Feil, a mercenary who comes from the Ice Empire. When I passed by here, I saw the request at the Mercenary Guild that was initiated by the esteemed Princess, and hence, I completed it.”

As I said that, I took out the doll the Princess gave me.

“So, I came here with the Princess’ doll to retrieve my reward.”

“Is… Is that so.”

That guard looked at the doll in my hands, and could not make a decision at the spot. He and the other guard looked at each other in the eye, and then, he said.

“I will report to this our commander!”

That guard said as such, before turning and entering into the castle walls.

So troublesome. Clearly, you could have just casually let me pass. This is so troublesome, yet, there’s not even a fast-forward button. This is really a waste of time, huh.

After a while, a man in armor, with a cape donned, came walking out with that guard. That’s probably their commander, I guess.

After taking a look at me, he took out a bag of something from his pocket and walked towards me, as he reached out his hands to grab the doll in my hand.

In a flash, I retreated, allowing his hands to catch empty air.

“One thousand gold, isn’t that what’s stated on the request?”

I looked at that bag and said.

“That’s only one thousand silver over there, right?”

“Hmph! What right does a lowly mercenary have to bargain!? Hurry and hand over that doll, and then, leave with the money! Otherwise, I will have you treated as someone who has stolen the princess’s doll, and have you arrested!”

That commander said very arrogantly.

Idiot, with your level of 10, I don’t even want to remember your name, and you actually dare to be so arrogant. I’m so scared~

Clearly, there’s two options in front of me~

One, hand over the doll, take the money, and leave. Next up, even if I don’t do anything, the princess will still help me accomplish it.
Two, kill this person, slaughter my way in with the doll, and then, hand the doll over to the princess.

Personally, I hate troublesome things, so usually, I will choose the first potion. And if it’s in a game, usually, I will still pick option one. Option two feels like it will become an endless slaughter of fodders.

But currently, this sure is provoking. This person who looks down on people, it won’t be good to not teach him a lesson or two.

“So you’re saying, you’re planning to take the doll and take all the credit for yourself, you human trash.”

“Hah! You actually dare to say such words in front of me! You…”

“Hmph, don’t forget. The doll is still in my hands.”

I shook the doll in my hand and said.

“… Then, how much do you want!?”

“One thousand gold is equivalent to one million silver, and you actually want to shoo me away with just a thousand silver. Isn’t that too big of a joke?”

“Alright, alright! I will give you ten thousand silver, that should be enough, right!”

“Seems like you don’t know how to count, bastard!”

I said very haughtily.

“If I were to give you this doll, you will obtain the rewards of both money and fame…”

“Kuh… Damn it! Two thousand! Two thousand should be enough, right!”


“Damn it! You people don’t understand the suffering of us, guards! Do you think it’s easy to earn money!?”

“Then just continue to do your guard duties well. Since you’re trying to take a shortcut, you have to pay the necessary price.”

“Fine, you win! Here’s fifty thousand. Anymore, and consider this deal off!”

He threw over what looked like a card to me. I took it and looked at it, the word ‘Bank’ was written on it.


Oh my god, they have really done it now! Even the bank has came out! And there’s even cards issued. If I were to accumulate enough money, is it possible to obtain a black card?

And when I looked at it, there was only a scan code on it, and there’s no name. Could it be that there’s no need to put down one’s name?

“Stop looking! This is a card that has been recently issued by the bank opened in the capital. It can be used with places of high consumption!”

Although I don’t know who this person, who had the capability to spread credit cards universally, was, it seems like his economics was pretty good. After all, the level of trust needed for cards to replace conventional money isn’t something that could be easily done.

“Hey! Will you accept it or not!?”

“Fine! Here.”

I threw over the doll to him.

“Then… If we’re fated, we will meet again~”

When the doll was still in mid-air, I had already used Shadow Sneak and flashed to the top of a building far away.

I had been paying attention to this spot since the beginning, as, on this building, it’s possible to view a large portion of the capital, and the entire castle.

And as to why I’m staying here, obviously, it’s to wait for a scenario to happen.

Earlier, when I handed over the doll, I had already hanged a crystal with the voice-recording ability on the doll’s neck.

Of course, I set it up in the way that it will activate when “in contact with a girl who is less than twenty years of age”.

And then, I silently took out a fruit that I had kept before, and slowly nibbled on it.

“Don’t blame me for being heartless~”

As I ate, I muttered to myself.

“I had already advised you to do your guard duties properly… Un?”

And at this moment, at the streets below, a few people with the【Evil】title were following behind a family, as though they were trailing them.


Since I’m able to see it… Why wouldn’t I help them out?

“Ah, let’s just treat it as to while away time.”




“Thank you, thank you very much.”

“You’re too courteous, it wasn’t that much of a deal.”

I looked at the thankful expressions of that family, and courteously replied.

And then, I handed over those people to the hands of the guards, and one of the guards suddenly asked me.

“May I ask, are you Sol Feil?”

“Un? That’s right. What is it?”

“Ah, as expected. See, I’m right, right!? This Feil is definitely a good person. Commander had basically sought his own death, and walked the path of demise by himself.”

“Ah, I never expected it though. Although the commander is indeed a little weird, usually, he’s not really a bad person. He’s just too greedy.”

Seeing the two guards chatting, I interrupted them.

“So, you people were looking me for…”

“Oh, right. The esteemed princess is looking for you! She says it’s regarding the doll incident. Please come with us.”

“Is that so, alright.”

I nodded.

“Then, let’s hurry.”

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    • RezaStillAlive says:

      I wonder if fir put something like:
      “This bastard tried take advantage of me and refuse my right to give it to you”
      on the crystal.


  1. Phantom Starlight says:

    I am loving every moment of this series that doesn’t involve Xiao Yi. (and hate every part involving Xiao Yi after he was initially accepted as a dicsiple)


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