[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Second Stage Undead Transformation

The blue electrical sparks and blinding light exploded between Dale and Henry. My chest felt as though it had been struck something, and I was instantly sent flying away!

I rolled on the ground for a couple of times before I finally stopped, yet, my HP did not drop at all. It seemed like the blast from Dale’s earlier attack sent my flying.

Crawling up from the ground, I inspected the wounds on my chest, and realized there’s a burnt mark on my chest.

The hell, I couldn’t have been struck by the electricity, right? Even though I rather liked this set of clothes too.

I bitterly smiled as I changed into a new set of clothes. Then, I looked towards the direction of the enemy.

However, what I saw was a gigantic hand of bones reaching out to me at high speed!

Although the attack warning flashed at the same time, I could not help but bitterly smile as my MP bar was completely empty.

I felt as though my body was suddenly gripped, and I could not breathe for a moment. Also, my HP was instantly reduced by half!

“Damn it…”

“Hahaha! This time, you people are doomed!”

My body was being gripped tightly, and then, I was carried into the air.

Only in the air did I realize that his other hand had grabbed onto Bai Yueguang.

“Hahahaha… Die!!!”

Grey fog concentrated in his hands, in other words, it was gathering at our bodies!


Bai Yueguang emitted out a painful scream. Seems like this the fog is dealing a huge amount of damage to him…

However, other than the pain I felt from falling earlier, why don’t I feel anything else?

“Oh, seems like your resistance isn’t bad!”

Henry looked at me, and then, threw Bai Yueguang at Tai Shixi who was charging towards him.

Tai Shixi turned her body to a halt. Stabbing her halberd into the ground, she hurriedly stretched out her hands to catch Bai Yueguang who was flying towards her.

“Hey! You should go on a diet!”

Tai Shixi threw Bai Yueguang to a side, and then pulled out her own halberd.

“I find that my weight is pretty alright, but, many thanks.”

Bai Yueguang crawled up from the ground. Looking at the broken tachi beside him, he waved his hand and collected the broken pieces, then, he looked towards my direction.

While I could only constantly click on the potions. Unfortunately, that recovery speed that was as slow as hell caused me to feel as though it was hopeless.

I require at least a minute to use a single Shadow Sneak. Damn it, I shouldn’t have saved money and bought only a few Quick MP Recovery Potions back then.

The remaining people could only use long-ranged skills and attacks, however, this guy’s defensive strength is abnormally high. Even that electrical attack earlier, had only reduced his HP by just 30%!

That’s too frightening. Although this guy’s attacks don’t deal that much damage to me, it’s the same for the damage we deal to him as well… Furthermore, this guy has the entire ruins as his resources to recover himself. This is really bad.

“Now, try this then!”

Henry used his two hands to clasp onto me tightly. Currently, I’m still able to see the pieces of hanging ice blocks on the outer parts of his body, but unfortunately, they are no longer able to stop this guy.

Damn it…

He applied force to both of his hands at the same time, and a fog that was much denser than before enveloped me!

“Die! 【Arcane – Necro Hymn】!”

The grey fog prevented me from seeing the situation around me clearly. However, there’s one thing I do know, and that this fog does not deal even the slightest bit of damage to me.

This is truly a shame. Is this used as a joke?

I showed a helpless face, and simply allowed layers after layers of fog to envelop me.

“You bastard… How is this possible… Why isn’t the fog doing any damage to you!”

Henry roared out as he increased his strength. However, no matter how much strength he put into it, I still did not see myself suffering any damage.

Instead… I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but it seems my MP is slowly recovering…

Could it be… because of my Undead Holy Angel characteristic? Thus this guy’s magic attacks are ineffective against me?

Un… If that’s really the case, then as long as I do not allow him to use physical attacks, won’t that mean I will be invincible?

“Hey, hey ,hey. Is this the best your magic attacks can go? Do you dare to raise the stakes a little?”

“You… As you wish, as you wish!”

After saying those words, a pair of grey bone wings spread out behind him!

This guy has a skill like this as well, huh. I say, when you guys want to use your skills, why is there a need to spread open your wings? It’s so inconvenient…

Within his pair of eyes, a black light flashed, and it shone directly on my body!

“【Super Arcane – Apocalypse – Necro Valley】!”

This time, the grey fog instantly drilled into my seven apertures! Before I could even react, I had already begun to feel as though my consciousness had flown into another space!

“Oh my god, is this… an illusion?”

I looked at my surroundings. Earlier, I was still grasped in Henry’s hands, but now, I have apparently arrived at a deep valley filled with yellow sand.

Looking at my two sides, in the yellow soil, countless of bones were moving hideously, and they looked as they were stretching out their hands to grab me from both sides.

“Mn, the physical effects are pretty good. This background is pretty well done as well. Is it rendered by a Nvidia graphic card, or an AMD graphic card?”

I helplessly retorted, and at the same time, I wanted to try using my skills.

“【Ice Arrow】!”

I casually used any one of my low-grade spells, however, no ice arrows flew out.

“【Ice Totem】! 【Ice Pillar】!”

I casually used several skills, however, nothing with the shape of an ice appeared.

Seems like in this illusion, I’m unable to use my magic abilities, and my mental strength is unable to interfere in this illusion.

I pinched my own face, and I could still feel something…

This is bad…

This means that in this illusion, I will be able to feel myself being attacked, or even being killed.

Sometimes, feeling one’s death is actually more frightening than actually dying.


From afar, I could already hear a few groan-like sounds. Needless to say, it was a large wave of undeads, and they seem to be very nearby.

And these sounds did not come from a single direction, rather, they were coming from both sides of the valley.

Sandwiching me, huh…

I looked towards the two sides of the valley, and those monsters that were set in the soil began to move.

This is too scary! Is this Dead Rising? Nick, I need your combo weapons!

It hurts!

Suddenly, I felt a little pain behind me!

When I turned to look, several bones pierced out from my back, and I didn’t do anything to cause this, they just came out of nowhere.

What’s this? Why…

Immediately after, these bones began to form a new big piece of bone wing very quickly, and then, it split into two Undead Wings!

“Oh my god… I… I evolved?”

Undead Holy Angel – Undead Second Stage Activated
Ability Released – Apocalypse Summon

Seeing this notification, I smiled.

“Alright then, I don’t care about the consequences any longer… 【Arcane – Apocalypse Summon】!”

In an instant… The sky split apart…

44 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 27

  1. jacobpaige says:

    Ybril is there right? I wonder how he plans to explain this later. Assuming that she can see the wings of course. Though, just explaining his immunity might be hard if she doesn’t mistakenly jump to conclusions about his immense light affinity protecting him or something.

    Liked by 1 person

    • John Maverick says:

      He could said something like what he said to George, the holy knight that wanted to tear apart Fir light wing for being tainted, when said taint disapeared:

      “I already told you. I’m such a pure person, even if the king of darkness was to personally pay a visit, he still wouldn’t be able to taint me. Really, why can’t you guys understand that?”

      When I uttered out these words, I almost wanted to puke.

      Liked by 1 person

      • cdalgorta says:

        lmao… I’m pretty he almost got his wing teared off because of a white wing with dark spots… now do you really think they’ll let it go if he has 3 BONE wings that have death miasma around it? xD … I’m pretty sure the battle will be over in 1 KO and MC will retract his wings right away 🙂
        Or maybe he just tells Yibril the truth and she actually hides the secret for him from the church… they are friends right?… right?… I think? xD


  2. cdalgorta says:

    lol… hopefully those bones are light because with 3 bone wings on the left and only 1 with just feathers on the right… there may be problems with the MC’s balance while flying xD

    Thank you so much for the chapter 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. John Maverick says:

    I have a some questions about arcane skills:
    1) What are them?
    2) The characters said: “Arcane”, “Super Arcane”, “Strong Arcane”, “Legendary Arcane” and etc before throw a skill. There is a consistent power level hierarchy?

    Thanks in advance for the answers

    And thanks for the trasnlation Scrya

    Liked by 1 person

    • Light says:

      I’m pretty sure that arcane is essentially high grade attacks, whole super arcane is legendary grade. I also think the variant arcane represent their “element” and should be a step above regular arcanes but below super arcane. Of course I’m guessing here, so I could be wrong.


      • Light says:

        Also, it seems like some attack “paths” are just higher level than others, some to the point where their arcane level attack is above other super arcanes


  4. Aksel says:

    In the angel ranks, there is 6 ranks. It das not meter what sort of angel it is.
    This is according to information of angel ranks what I haw, I haw heard that there is all so 7 rank, bat I am not soar of it.
    1 rank is 2 wing angel, one wing on one sides.
    2 rank is 4 wing angel
    3 rank is 6 wing angel
    4 rank is 8 wing angel
    5 rank is 10 wing angel
    6 rank is 12 wing angel
    I was told: “Undead Holy Angel – Undead Second Stage Activated” so hi haw only 2 wing of Undead Angel.


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