[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: I Had Never Gone Along with a Quest

Back then, I had only simply passed through the capital, and this was the first time I had ever walked on these streets.

Looking at my vicinity, there were yellow-named guards, and there were a few sneaky yellow-named people around who were clearly unusually eye-catching amidst the mass of white names.

Seems like that King has once again brought back something recently. Otherwise, how could there be such a situation?

And he actually dared to lay his hands on Irlin. He’s really thinking that he had lived for far too long, huh?

Well, since the Demon King has came from far away just to stop me from making trouble, then I will just have to use an even more low-profile and harmonious way of dealing with this problem.

Let me see. According to the way how these stories usually work, first off, is the intel from the inn owner, and then, if I want to smuggle myself into the palace, then I have to do it by accepting the quest from the so-called princess.


In any case, for now, it’s best to link up all the quests, and then, gather intel after that. This way, I won’t need to gather intel a second time.

From afar, I could already see the Mercenary Guild’s insignia of a sword and a shield, hanging at the upper part of the building. With fast steps, I walked towards that place.

No matter which city it was, the sounds of bartering and selling were as unusually resounding as ever. The method to deal with those people who wished to promote their goods was to stare back at them when they were planning to approach.

Using this method, not even three minutes had past, and I had already crossed through the street which was bustling with people, arriving at the entrance of the Mercenary Guild.

“I never expected that I would still get the opportunity to come to this place, and to have opportunity to use this identity as well.”

I helplessly looked at my mercenary badge, and then, walked into the giuld hall.

Although this was a small kingdom, the scale of this Mercenary Guild was not as bad as the one before.

Sweeping my gaze at the hall, I walked towards the board which was filled with mission requests.

Find the Lost Kitten
Reward: 100 Silver

Find the Lost Ring
Reward: 70 Silver

Hey, hey, hey, a cat is actually worth more than a ring? Why does such a situation look so familiar? If it’s a catgirl, then it’s still considerable.

Eliminate the bizarre monster at the Western Forest.
Reward: 300 Silver

Hunt 30 Wind Wolves
Reward: 10 Gold

These two quests abide the rules quite well… Speaking of which, these were all low-ranked missions huh. If one were to level up by walking the path of a mercenary, he should begin here and grind the requests here.

Now that I think about it, the path we’re walking was completely that of depravity. Such a sad story.

It’s no wonder there’s not a single feeling of an RPG here. This can only be blamed on my great attachment to life, and have forgotten to take a large number of missions to raise my rank.


It’s only interesting when there are new ways to play. Otherwise, it will still be easy to get sick of them if one were to constantly grind quests.

All these are not really that important, and with that small sum of reward, why not just raid a treasury once… No, I would be able to make more money simply by being Robin Hood once.

After sweeping my gaze at the entire board, I finally found the mission announced by the so-called princess right at the top.

Are you kidding me? Placing it at such a high place, are you bullying me for my height?

Find the Play Doll Princess Syli Lost

Find the brown doll which has the words
‘Lin Deir Duchy’ on its back, and has a small
Fir Forest wooden tablet hanging in front of its chest.
Once found, please bring it over to the castle for identification.

Reward: 1,000 Gold





Dear princess, are you kidding me?

Is there something you need from me?

There’s actually such an old-fashioned way of finding people? Are you making fun of me, or are you making fun of the Mercenary Guild?

The column on the left, isn’t that referring to me?

But the problem is…

Just what kind of special affairs is she looking for me for? Or does she plan on capturing me?

If this is a ploy by the King, then wouldn’t I be at a disadvantage?

This is so troublesome. And there’s not even a single hint either. This is really making me worried.

However, if this problem lands on me alone, then it isn’t that big of a problem.

Smiling, after finding and signing up for a request for monster elimination at the forest in the vicinity, I left the Mercenary Guild.

After leaving the guild, I walked on a street heading towards the city gate, then, I turned and headed into the street at the side. And then, I used 【Shadow Sneak】 to cross through several streets in a single breath, charging towards the shadows at the corner of the walls outside the castle.

And then, my figure landed within the thick coverage of leaves of a large tree at the side.

“Un… Princess… Princess… What was the name of the princess again?”

Recalling the information on the request, I began to look for the person named【Syli】in the castle.

After a long while, I finally discovered, the place at the corner of the right wing of the castle, was where Syli Mitchell was.

Geez, why did she go to such a tall place in the middle of the day?

I shook my head helplessly. After confirming the positions of the guards in the vicinity, I once again used 【Shadow Sneak】, leapt from shadows to shadows, and headed for top of the castle.

And then, I ran onto a ledge, grabbed onto the edge of the roof and did a flip, landing at Princess Syli’s position.

The moment I landed, I could see Princess Syli currently writing something on the table. Her golden curly hair was tied at her back with a single ribbon, and she was wearing a red silk pajamas. Could it be that she just woke up?

Dear princess, are you a hikikomori? It’s already the afternoon, so why do you still have the look as though you had just woken up?


When she saw my appearance, the moment she thought of calling out, I had already charged over, and covered her mouth.

And then, I quickly lowered my body and told her.

“I’m Lin Fir. I heard you’re looking for me. Is there something you need?”

After hearing my words, her body which still had signs of struggling just earlier, instantly stopped. After staring at me for a good while, she slowly reached out her hands and pushed away mine.

“You… You’re that Lin Fir?”

“That’s right. But due to an unique reason, I have no choice but to enter with a disguise.”

“Un, you killed an official of the country or something, right? You’re the same as how big sis Irlin described, you’re a strange guy.”


“I know you have been framed. Big sis Irlin has already told me. However, that bastard King has always pursued limitless power, and even I can’t stand to watch it any longer.”

The princess unhappily said. And then, she pushed away the things on the table to a side. Then, she turned and walked to the door, and had the door locked.

“No matter the case, that bastard is your father, you know.”

“So what! He treats the pitiful big sis Irlin like this, he doesn’t care about the country affairs, he fiddles with those strange objects underground every single day, and all the country affairs have been handed over to me and my brother. How could there be such an irresponsible King?”

“… That’s true.”

Even his children despised him, just how bad is this guy’s morals?

“Actually, the request at the Mercenary Guild was issued just to find you. Big sis Irlin said, she believes that you will definitely have a way to arrive here. As long as we leave a clue in the city, you will definitely discover it. Because, you have always saved her since young. Though I completely don’t have any impression of you, you know? Clearly, big sis Irlin has always been together with me, so why would she constantly think about you?”

Bitch. World-chan, just what kind of memories did you implant into her mind!? Look, you did not even fix it nicely, now there’s an error, you know?

“Alright, since that’s the case, what’s the deal about the fiancee situation?”

“It’s that bastard King wanting to use the object in the ruins to obtain the ability to learn Ice Knight skills from big sis Irlin’s body. Hence, she forced big brother to marry big sis Irlin.”

“Is that so…”

Since he was forced, I will just let that prince live then.

“Seeing your relieved expression, it’s no wonder big sis Irlin trusts you so much.”

Princess Syli nodded, with a seemingly satisfied expression.

“Hey, hey, hey. Twerp, what are you saying!?”

“I’m not a twerp! I’m already 15 years old!”

“Alright, alright… Let’s not talk about this for now. Next up, we have to talk about our plan next. Do you have any good suggestions?”


This princess said very pridefully, confidently, and complacently.


“Can you not say such words so arrogantly?”

“Because big sis Irlin says that you will definitely be able to think of a very exaggerated, yet very efficient way of dealing with this issue. So there’s no problems.”

“Where did that confidence come from… Ah whatever, it doesn’t make any difference.”

I held onto my chin and pondered for a moment. Then, I looked towards the huge stack of official documents on the table.

An instant later, I looked towards Princess Syli.

“Do you and your brother, have the resolve to become a Queen or a King?”

Main Quest: Vengeance

Quest Objective: Bestow the punishment the King of Mitchell Kingdom deserves for framing you.
Additional Objectives:
Cold-blooded Vengeance. [Failed]
Revolution. [Failed]

[Main Quest: Vengeance] New possible ending unlocked.
Objective: Lead a country to release Mitchell Kingdom. [Incomplete]

Quest Objective Updated

Objective: Have Princess Syli or Prince Del become the King of Mitchell Kingdom.
Quest Reward: 10,000 EXP, 5,000 Gold, Unlock the Title [Advisor of Mitchell Kingdom], Increase in relationship level with citizens of Mitchell Kingdom.

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  1. necrosis says:

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  2. lirg123 says:

    U thought that he already has high intimacy with the citizen for Bring a weapon of mass destruction, and even higher intimacy for stealing that same weapon.


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    "Hence, she forced big brother to marry big sis Irlin."

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  4. xias1 says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Btw. the ever changing quest objectives of his revenge quest give me the impression as if someone doesn´t want him to leave the quest alone.
    After all usually it´d be:
    You didn´t get cold-blooded revenge or stage a revolution? Quest failed. End.
    But for Fir:

    No cold-blooded revenge? No revolution?
    …hmmm, then cause an invasion by another power/country.

    No invasion either?
    …. hm, then replace the king with one of his descendants….

    So it´s as if World-chan doesn´t allow him to abort this quest instead telling him: “You will complete it one way or another nomatter if you want to or not. You WILL complete it and receive the re2ards!”


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