[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 3

I wanted to post this chapter earlier, but my internet broke. So, I went to play D5 for a little while.


Chapter 3: The Strong-Willed Irlin

Raising my relationship level with the citizens of Mitchell Kingdom huh… And I had even planned on slaughtering the entire city in the beginning, this sure feels subtle.

But originally, I already had the title【Advocate of Mitchell Kingdom Citizens】. If my relationship level is raised once again, won’t they treat me as their King then?

Forget about that, I don’t want that at all. I don’t like strategy games, otherwise, I wouldn’t have thrown the management of the middle street to someone else.

Looking at the notification in my quest window, I could not help but sigh.

The esteemed princess in front of me have already sank into deep thoughts, probably, she’s in a dilemma between ethics and righteousness. After all, the target was still her own father.

“I say.”

After a good while, Princess Syli raised her head and looked towards me.

“Are you sure… you’re confident in going against father’s【Purgatory Forbidden Guards】?”

“How strong are they?”

“Un, very strong. Back then, I had a spar with their captain, and he shattered me sword with a single slash.”


Esteemed princess, do you know that you’re only level 7? Most probably, I’m even able to shatter your sword with my bare hands?

“When compared to the other guards?”

“They’re still much stronger as well! They’re basically able to defeat those guards in three moves.”

The guards are only level 12, three moves… Un, I will just estimate that those Forbidden Guards are level 20 then.

“Alright, it’s not really a problem. Other than that, is there anything else to take note of?”

“You… Can you not reply so nonchalantly? Those people are really very frightening!”

“I think they’re alright. However, I will still need to see them face to face before knowing for sure.”

“I guess you’re right, alright then!”

after saying that, Princess Syli stood up, and walked over to a cabinet at the side. Pulling out a row of books at the very top, she retrieved a doll from behind them.

“Take this!”

And then, she threw it over to me.

“This is the play doll stated in that request. Take this and directly head over to the security guards, and tell them you found it. Then, I will be able to give you the right to officially enter the castle.”

“Good idea. But, if anything were to happen in the castle, wouldn’t I be the most suspicious person?”

“Hmhm~ You will know when the time comes. According to my plans, nothing will go wrong.”

“Is that so…”

“Can’t you trust me, the princess!? Geez.”

I’m sorry. Even though I would really like to trust you, given your level, and from my experiences with those other princesses, the facts have told me that, princesses are very unreliable beings.

“Alright, alright, I trust you. However, first, I have to complete some other things. But, I should be able to find you in a few hours.”

“In just a few hours, the sky will turn dark, you know.”

The princess looked at the sky and said.

“So what?”

I shrugged.

“Geez… Are you planning to while away time with dinner?”

“That’s a good idea!”

“… Fine then.”

The esteemed princess gave a defeated expression, and then, returned to her own table.

“Then why aren’t you hurrying to do your own thing! Geez!”

“Alright, alright~ Then I will be leaving~”

After saying that, I once again activated【Shadow Sneak】, and in a flash, I disappeared from the observation deck.

However, not even ten seconds later, the position I appeared at was inside the tower at the western side of the castle.

There wasn’t a door in front of the tower’s entrance, but there was a metallic door which was held onto by a lock at the place leading towards the top.

Hence, I simply passed through the guards watching the door, and entered inside the tower.

As for the lock… To me, it was definitely not anything like a lock, but just a decorative object.

I did not even bother taking out the lock, and simply used an unlocking skill at the lock, then, the lock instantly opened with a ‘kacha’ sound.

I looked at the guards below who had yet to notice anything, and speedily entered the room at the top floor.

“You people…”

Before waiting for Irlin inside the room to say anything, I hurriedly closed the door, and flashed right beside her.

Currently, she was still wearing the armor she usually wore, her mouth was still covered by the mask, and her pair of eyes which carried fatigue looked at me in surprise.

“Irlin, to put it simply, I will immediately get you out of here soon, however, now isn’t the time. So as to ascertain your safety, I shall have you hold onto this magic resonating alarm equipment, and this【Ice Imperial Garden】magic defense scroll first. Once you encounter any danger, use it, and then, call for… me…”

Before I could even finish, Irlin suddenly hugged me!

“Fir! You’re Fir, right!?”

“Un… Un!”

“As I thought… I knew you would definitely come and save me!”

Irlin’s voice carried some weeping, from my clothes, I could feel her tears were already flowing down.

“Umm… Sorry, to have you trapped here.”


Irlin shook her head.

“As long you’re here, I’m already very satisfied.”


Damn it, was my decision back then really correct?

Or is it…

“Um, for your future safety, I’m going to eliminate the King.”


Irlin held onto my shoulders and said.

“We only have to flee! Killing a King isn’t something so easily done!”

“For others, yes, but for me, it’s not. And, I have already discussed this with Princess Syli, she’s willing to help as well.”

“Syli… she…”

Irlin rubbed off her tears, and then lowered her head, pondering.

“Since you two have already this much resolve, then I can’t stay depressed either! Alright, then what do I need to do?”

“Let me see…”

Sweeping my gaze at the room, I continued to say.

“After I leave, other than the bookshelf and the bed, use the rest of the furniture to block the door. Unless they were to force their way in, do not use the tools I gave you. When I return later on, I will come in from that small window over there, so don’t worry.”

I pointed to the small window over there and said.

“I will look for you later on, you have to be careful.”

“Un! I understand!”

Irlin seemed to have regained quite a bit of her spirits. I gave a comforting smile, and then, speedily left through the door, and locked it.

Flashing towards the streets outside, I once again looked at the tower, and then, I walked quickly towards the business district.

“Next up, is intel.”

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  1. jacobpaige says:

    So why isn’t he rescuing her now? Getting her out would be simplicity itself. If he leaves a construct behind to tell people off when they try to disturb her, then it should be pretty much the same as leaving her behind, but without any of the danger.


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