[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Returning to the Academy

“Morning, Fir.”

The moment I entered the door, Princess Syli, who was behind the office table, greeted me.

Speaking of which, she actually placed a wooden table inside a warship, just what is she thinking…

“Good morning. Speaking of which, how’s the progress of the reconstruction?”

“It’s about done. In the afternoon, the people of【Bluemoon】Corporation shall send over the last batch of metallic materials, and we will then be done after fixing them up, I guess?”

“Metallic materials…?”

Why do you people need metallic materials for your reconstruction? The houses in this era should be using stone materials, right…?

“Un, that’s right. As long as we create a castle with metallic materials as its base, there won’t be a need to worry about people exploding it up.”


So she was worried about this, huh… Looks like when Lanya and the rest were selling them metal, they did not mention that metal isn’t actually capable of blocking explosive attacks.

Well, if they were to really use metal to build their castle, then that’s indeed a lot sturdier. Even if explosives are used, most of its former look will still be left intact. And if they wish to fix the damaged parts, they will only require to reinforce those parts.

They can’t be starting up a blacksmithery as well, right? Wait a minute, could Ms. Mari be the one who sold this metallurgy technology to Lanya and the rest?

That’s too frightening. I feel that they will be re-innovating the technology of this world very soon.

“What’s wrong? Fir?”

“Nothing, nothing at all. Since the reconstruction mission has been completed, we should be taking our leave soon as well. After all, we still have many other issues to deal with.”

“That’s true. Irlin had told me that your Academy War has yet to finish. Don’t worry, there’s Arianha here to help me.”

Princess Syli smiled as she looked behind me. When I turned to look, I realized there was another table placed at the other end of the room, and Arianha was currently at the back, constantly looking through the documents.

“After all, she’s my ‘big brother’~”

“Princess, stop teasing me already. I will complete my job well…”

Arianha bitterly smiled as she continued to reading through the documents.

“Alright, then when are you guys going to leave?”

“Since you said that we’re pretty much done, then we will leave in the afternoon then. We might be able to reach the academy before school ends, and we can take the time to settle the battles today as well.”

“In any case, if you people are taking the airship, you people will be able to return to the academy in about an hour, right? In that case, when I’m free, I might visit your academy as well~”

“Princess, if you’re that free, why don’t you hurry and finish your work. Otherwise, something will go wrong with the country’s operations.”

“Alright, alright! I’m saying when I get the chance!”

The princess waved her hands, and then, returned to her table.

“When we’re having our celebrations after the end of the reconstruction, remember to come over, alright? Otherwise, if the country’s great benefactor is missing, the citizens will express their dissatisfaction after all.”

“Un… It’s fine, as long as you don’t get me to give a speech.”

I shrugged, and then, walked to the door. The automatic door opened, and I said this while leaving.

“See you then. Remember to become an apt Queen, otherwise, you will be the next one I will take on.”

“Haha, I won’t give you the chance to do so.”

“Oh, that’s a very scary reply~”

And then, the room’s door closed.

———————— Map Loading: Gray Magic Academy —————————

How many weeks has it only been? An aircraft landing platform had already been built outside Lanya’s laboratory.

However, I have already noticed it while we were still in the air. We’re not the only ones who opened an aircraft landing platform. A large-scale aircraft landing platform had been built on every residential district, and even on every roof of the academic buildings. When we descended, a black airship had just risen and flew off from a residential district.

It seemed like, as though the academy had aircraft landing platforms, there’s no corresponding spaces for aircrafts to station at, hence, every one of the airships would leave right after their transactions.

However, the place nearby Lanya’s laboratory was somewhere people do not visit at all, thus we completely occupied it.

“Ah~ We’re finally back to our old home~”

The moment we got down the airship, Lanya stretched her waist and said.

“That’s right. I will be heading back to the dorm to have a shower and a nap. You guys, just go and wreck havoc however you want. In any case, in all of your current states, there shouldn’t be anyone in the academy capable of stopping all of you, right?”

Ms. Mari nodded, and then, she headed straight for the academy’s exit.

“Don’t treat us as though we’re the bad guys.”

Although I said it this way, I actually agreed with Ms. Mari’s words.

“But I wonder if the battles today have ended yet? We didn’t leave anyone here in the academy that’s able to send messages to us, so we have completely no clue at all.”

“Today is a team battle day, I told them to leave the fights till the night, because Shir’s injured and incapable of participating in the fights.”

From afar, Ms. Mari said while tilting her head to the back.

“What? Injured?”

“For the exact details, you can head over and take a look for yourself.”

Is it really alright for this teacher to be this lazy?

I smiled bitterly, and then, looked at everyone.

“Who here wish to come with me and bully the little ones?”

Everyone looked at each other, and then, laughed.

“We will gladly come with you!”

Why do I feel as though everyone’s very eager to do so? It’s definitely my imagination. My companions are all good people, after all.


——————— Map Loading: NEET Tea Party Headquarters ———————

“I see, we’re in a disadvantage in terms of scores, huh.”

After returning to the headquarters, we could be said to have understood our present situation.

Sweeper: 70 Points
Black Prince: 80 Points
Knight of the Blue Seas: 65 Points
NEET Tea Party: 50 Points

But, it’s just as they had said it, our points were indeed at a disadvantage.

“We can’t do it at all!”

Masha crossed her legs on the table, and said with a painful expression.

“After you guys left, all of them basically attacked us ruthlessly. Although we did work hard to gain some points, the difference in our points still grew larger and larger.”

“Un, after they suppressed our points, they began to gain points by fighting with each other, hence, we’re only left with this small amount of points.”

Princess Anne, who was on the other side, added in as well.

“Currently, the only ones left capable of fighting are me, Masha, and big sis Falan. A couple of days ago, Shir was still capable of fighting. However, three days ago, his leg was injured by someone, and he’s still waiting to be healed right now. Princess Michelle and Pryn had returned to Ice Empire to deal with some matters, so for the time being, they’re unable to return anytime either.”

When Anne said this, she looked towards Shir at the side. A support frame was even wrapped on his leg.

Oh my god, why didn’t you buy recovery potions? Is a few hundred Gold really that expensive?

Alright, my concept of money is indeed a little different from average people.

I smiled bitterly at Shir, and then, I cast a Recovery spell on his leg.

In an instant, I saw his ‘bone fracture’ status disappearing.

“As expected… Fir, you’re the academy’s most unbelievable creature.”

At this moment, Falan smiled as she entered through the door.

“Let’s stop calling ourselves the Academy’s Strongest Three, and call ourselves the Four Great Heavenly Kings.”

“No, no, no. You’re too naive. Four people are too little, currently, we’re the actual… strongest Squad! Everyone’s the strongest!”

I waved my hands, and then, changed into my uniform.

“Let us have our first match in a long time then.”

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    • Light says:

      Except he’s kinda not being conceited… He leveled up a bunch while the people at the academy should’ve only gotten a little stronger, and you need to remember that stats are 2^your level meaning he, unless the system screws him over, is like a tyrannosaurus Rex in the middle of a flock(?) Of chihuahuas


  1. cdalgorta says:

    Who said it was wrong to bull… I mean get revenge… on newbies? GIVE THEM HELL DAMN IT!
    Looks at Shir’s Bone fracture 😦 …………………..
    F*CKING KILL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Falschen says:

    I feel lonesome that Pryn doesn’t get as much screentime anymore. Feels like shes been shoved to the background character level…

    (°_°;) And sombody, please restrain Fir. Won’t he be overkill over there? He returned with about twice the lvel he had before leaving.


  3. Fefenamo says:

    Wait wtf after rescuing irlin because the volume is all about her getting kidnapped, the only interactions mc and irlin made is just at that tower?

    Just a single interaction with the kidnapped girl, author should just drop irlin if he can’t flesh her out.


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