[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The Alliance of Vengeance

After Arianha heard of my words, there was not a single change in the look on her face. As though it was like I was telling her a story, and this story seemed to be rather uninteresting as well.

And, after she sat down, she rudely grabbed the snacks on the table and began to eat. And, she even reached out her hand to grab a cup, and poured herself a cup of tea.

“You sure are rather conscious of what you’re doing!”

“In any case, you already know the secret. Either I’m eliminated by you, or, you will want me to join your camp, and kill off that King together. No matter which situation it is, I think that sitting down, having some snacks and a cup of tea is what I should be doing.”

I kind of feel that I have been exposed by this girl in an instant. It seems like she’s rather formidable in some aspects.

Arianha Li
Female | 23 Years Old
LV 24 Maid | LV 15 Assassin
[Neutral] [One who Carries Hatred] [One who has left her Home] [Assassin] [King’s Spy] [Prince’s Spy] [Princess’s Spy] [Three-Way Spy]

As a three-way spy among the three power holders in the imperial family, there’s only one possibility. And that she’s planning on exterminating every single member of the imperial family.

And since she had personally came here to monitor me, just by this point alone, the conclusion I can make out is that she’s exacting her vengeance alone. If a single person wish to exterminate the imperial family, without a certain standard, it’s definitely impossible.

“Alright, let’s just say you’re right. Although I don’t know what what kind of deep hatred you have with the imperial family, since you’re able to live while acting as a three-way spy, it means that you’re not that simple. But, are you planning on killing the Princess and Prince as well?”

“Strange. Clearly, you know of my name and identity so well, yet, you don’t know what kind of hatred binds between me and the imperial family. You sure are interesting.”

This girl said, as she sipped her tea and ate the snacks.

“Well, everyone has their own secrets.”

“I guess you’re right, but, it doesn’t matter. Since you know that I’m a three-way spy, then it isn’t much to let you know.”

As though this was developing into a story-telling scenario, she once again poured a cup of tea, and gulped it down.

“I’m the final possessor of an independent manor at the eastern side of Mitchell Kingdom. An independent manor… in other words, it’s a private land not bounded by any country. However, so as to take a portion of the key to the ruins that was hidden under home for himself, the King of Mitchell Kingdom had our manor completely wiped out of the map. Other than me, who had been hiding at the artificial secret chamber, everyone else were killed mercilessly.”

“Hence, you decided to kill this imperial family to exact your revenge?”


“This doesn’t have any form of relationship with the Princess and the rest at all. Why do you want to kill them?”

“Because her father had killed my entire family. So I want to kill his entire family as well.”

“That sure is a very straightforward logic, huh. But the problem is, if you were to kill them, it will only cause the entire country to fall into flames of war, due to those nobles trying to split up the lands of the country. Do you think it’s fine like that?”

“But aren’t you guys the same…”

“The Princess and Prince are inheritors of the royal lineage.”


I slightly paused for a moment, and Arianha nodded.

“Alright, what you said makes sense. Then, what do you people plan on doing? After killing the King, you will have either the Prince or Princess inherit the throne? Are you sure they won’t fight between each other?”

“Oh, then that doesn’t concern me at all.”

I said very irresponsibly.

“To tell you the truth, my only goal is to simply kill that King. When it comes to problems from another aspect, it’s not my problem.”

“It seems like a personal grudge. Looks like we’re really similar. According to what Princess had said, you’re childhood friends with that girl in the tower… Alright, it’s not something I can’t understand. But aren’t you going to end all the future implications that might surface after you kill the king?”

“You sure want to kill as much as you can, huh. We can talk about that later. If I find that there’s a need to kill him, he will follow to footsteps of his father. Alright, currently, we can be said to have mutually understood each other. Although I don’t know if the Princess knows that you’re here, when you return later, help me convey a message.”

“Oh, what message?”

“Those Forbidden Guards are not human, rather, they’re battle dolls that can be easily bought. I wonder if this is a piece of good news, or bad news.”

“It’s probably bad news.”

Arianha laughed, and then, finally, stood up from the table.

“Thank you for your snacks and tea. While I’m at it, let me tell you this. The people that are in-charge of monitoring you nearby will be unconscious for about another two hours. Because, the next shift will only arrive two hours later.”

“Then, I really have to thank you for that.”

“Then, good night.”

After saying that, Arianha flipped out of the window, and disappeared in the dark night.

I looked at the table, only a bit of the snacks were left, and the teapot had long been empty. I helplessly shook my head.

“Let’s find Henry for a drink then.”

——————— Henry: I’m just a temporary worker who had only appeared twice in the story, please let me go ———————

As a Necromancer, Henry was the most blatantly exposed one that I had seen so far. Look at Falan, she keeps to such a low profile when she does her job. However, look at Henry. Not only did he construct a magic tower, he had even placed a skull sculpture at the top of it.

Are you kidding me?

And the people from the Church actually did not send a crusade after him. Just how much money does he hand them every year?

However, this is also why I was able to find the magic tower so easily. And after finding it’s location, finding Henry has become a very simple task as well.

In the night, shadows were everyone. With a single flash, I had already arrived at the entrance of his tower. And, the lock on his door was even more simple. With just a single press on the lockpicking skill, the door opened itself.

“Oh, this guy… should become a collector.”

The moment I entered, I was frightened by that the dazzling amount of Necromancy Spell books and the necromancy tools that were emitting a black aura.

I silently nodded, and stroked my ring.

Time to start packing.

And at the in the forest at the other side of Mitchell Kingdom, a huge tree was suddenly pressed down. A moment later, a huge figure slowly revealed itself.

An airship which had a huge ‘NEET’ written on it, slowly opened its door, and a group of people walked out of it.

“This place sure is nostalgic. This time, let’s make a huge ruckus.”

Walking at the very front, was Dale who was filled with smiles.

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