[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 22

Chapter 22: I Have Bombs, And I’m Proud of That

With a swirl of the katana in my hands, and then, with a pierce into the wall, the sharp blade instantly pierced into the wall in front of my eyes, piercing straight into the skeleton soldier that was still approaching slowly behind the wall. ‘Ka.’ The spine of the level 30 skeleton soldier was pierced right through. The body of the skeleton soldier shook, and its HP bar instantly emptied.

The weakness of a regular skeleton soldier is its spine which is exposed by the gap in the armor. Usually, when it goes into combat, the skeleton soldier will hide this weakness.

Hence, one must directly strike it before the target enters the state of combat. In other words, one must pierce into the position about 0.4 meters below its name, from behind a wall.

Fortunately, the shapes and figures of these skeleton soldiers are about the same. The only difference are their levels, and this fact made it rather convenient for me.

What’s unfortunate is, the highest level of these skeleton soldiers is only 35, which to me, is only worth 5,000 to 7,000 EXP.

“I never expected you to be this incredible. You’re actually able to manage such precise estimations.”

Yybril, by the side, said with admiration.

“So-so, I guess. It’s all thanks to Purewhite for letting me know their positions.”

That’s right, with Purewhite’s markers, all of the undeads in the castle had already been marked.

Of course, other than the overly large number of enemies which really irritates people with agoraphobia, there’s no other problems.”

“Oyado, have you not found their positions yet?”

“I’m sorry…”

Oyado slowly revealed herself beside me.

“I can’t seem to sense anyone’s presence in the castle, it’s feels like… those guards have all turned into undeads.”

“Oh my god… if the Prince and Princess have both turned into undeads as well, then we might as well directly blast the castle apart, killing all these undeads in one go.”

I helplessly said.

“We can’t do that. Didn’t Oyado say it? ‘Seem’. In other words, there’s still living people here.”

“I know, I know…”


I was only saying what’s on my mind… If I were to really blast apart a dungeon while venturing it, how boring would it be then…

Actually it might be a really good idea! Let’s try it out next time!

“Purewhite, how long does your Onmyouji spell last?”

“As long as I don’t take any damage, I’m able to continue maintaining it.”

Purewhite, who was raising a formation in her hands, replied with a smile.

“Then that’s good… Let’s go. Let us continue walking to the great hall.”

Fortunately, I have been here once before, so I’m rather familiar with the structure of this place. However, with Yybril by my side, I can’t directly sweep away all of the items in every room. But, I’m a little disappointed that there’s not a single treasure chest.

“Big brother!”

“I know…”

At the corner right in front, a skeleton knight was currently walking over slowly.

I slightly smiled, and then, with a swing of my hand, an ice flower instantly exploded beneath its feet!

Taking the opportunity of the instant when the skeletal horse was being frozen by the released ice flower, I charged right over with an Accelerate. After swapping the weapon【Bloodmoon】that was in my hands for the greatsword 【Ghostbreak】, using the speed to charge right up into the high skies, with a twist of my body, I swung the blade directly towards its neck! A tearing sound came, and the greatsword instantly stabbed into the wall. Its head flew off, and its body paused in mid-air, before descending downwards.


Stepping on the wall, I pulled out the greatsword, and then, I kept it.

“Your battle style… sure is weird. However, only you can do something like this, I guess. Because, regular people isn’t able to simultaneously wield Magic and Arcane skills.”

“Well… Since I’m able to use them, I should use them well.”

I laughed.

“Let’s go over here. I remember that the direction of the great hall is this way.”

The place was completely different from how it looked when I came yesterday. From its initial magnificent and sparkling look, the entire castle changed into a morgue filled with the deep aura of death.

Other than the constant roars coming from the monsters, there’s nothing else that could be heard.

‘Fir, we have already evacuated all of the citizens in the city. And, we have already saved Irlin from the tower at the castle as well.’

‘Is that so?’

After receiving the message Bai Yueguang sent, I smiled.

Originally, I should have brought Irlin out of the tower first. However, when I recalled that I have already given her items to protect herself, I felt that it’s still best that I exterminate the hidden danger first.’

‘However, there’s a very serious problem.’

‘Un? Is Irlin injured?’

‘That’s not it. The problem is… The princess and her guard were wrapped into dumplings, and were thrown to where Irlin was.’


They were captured and thrown there?

‘Are you sure that’s the princess? The Prince and Princess, other than their clothes and ornaments, basically look the same, you know.’

‘Hey hey hey… You’re asking me to confirm it?’

‘You idiot! Call Hei Luoli and Tai Shixi over!’

‘Oh, you’re right!’

‘ ‘Oh, you’re right’, my ass! Hurry up, if it’s the Princess, then that’s one matter. However, if it’s the Prince, then that’s another matter altogether!’

‘What and what?’

After waiting for about half a minute, Bai Yueguang’s message came.

‘It’s indeed… the Princess.’

‘Oh, thanks for the hard work.’

I looked at my own MP bar, and then, stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing that I have stopped, Yybril asked strangely.

“Because a little problem has surfaced.”

I instantly took out the bunch of black boxes that I have prepared earlier in my ring, and then, threw all of them onto the ground.

“What problem?”

“Ah, because one of our allies is facing a little problem, so, we have to slightly change our plan. Alright, all of you, come here.”

After saying that, I grabbed onto Purewhite and Yybril, and then, allowed Oyado to jump onto Purewhite.

“I shall give this a name then. Ultimate Time Arcane – Flash Movement!”

In a flash, we arrived outside Mitchell Kingdom city, the place where we first entered the city.

“Eh, you people…”

Bai Yueguang nearby looked at us shockingly.

“Why are you people out here?”

“Thanks to your intel, I thought of a much simpler method of dealing with the problem.”

“And… What’s that?”

I smiled, and then, pressed on the button on the mechanism in my hands.


A ray of red light surged into the skies, immediately after, a mushroom cloud rose!

“【Arcane – Ice Castle】!”

With a wave of Ms. Mari’s hand, an ice wall appeared in front of all the members, blocking the incoming force blast.

“You… What the hell did you do!”


I shrugged.

“I bombed the dungeon, to grind some EXP.”

Battle Concluded

11x Abyssal Guide – Mador
25x Weaponized Skeleton Soldier
15x Crazed Dark Knight
29x Spirits
Total EXP Gained: 247,000
You leveled up!
Current LV: 48

Your party members leveled up!
Dale’s LV: 39
Tai Shuxi’s LV: 44
Bai Yueguang’s LV: 45
Oyado’s LV: 32
Hei Luoli’s LV: 37
Yybril’s LV: 41
Mari’s LV: 47

Title [Terrorist] leveled up!
Current LV: 4

And at this moment, everyone silently looked towards me. Bai Yueguang silently walked over, and patted on my shoulders.

“May I ask, how did you make those C4 of yours?”

58 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 22

    • Waht says:

      ….C4 ain’t that strong, Yunfei.
      But yeah…The magic of bombs. Hm.
      Thinking about it, in a fantasy world — the capability to blow things up gloriously goes up exponentially.

      The most simple bomb I can think of is to create a large magic capacitor, overload it, and wait for it to explode in a magnificent mana-meltdown. =3=
      Ah, terrorism in fantasy~

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  1. cdalgorta says:

    lmaoooooooooooo!!! He said “Let’s try it out next time!” and bombs everything the next minute xD
    Also, It took me a while to realize(xD) but normal “NPCs” “level up” by getting stronger slowly over the years, but by getting into a “party” with a “player” they seem to be able to level up as well… just like Yybril just now…
    And I thought that if you didn’t do the final attack then you would only get like 5-20% of the EXP from being in the same party… but based on the levels at the end of the chapter… they seem to have gotten like 80-85% 😀 wtf? xD

    Thank you so much for the chapter 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. Hakurei06 says:

    C4 is a composition of RDX and some specific plasticizers.
    To make RDX, you combine ammonia and methanol, then evaporate out the unreacted reactants, leaving Methenamine.
    Mix with nitric acid in an ice bath to form rdx, and happy exploding.

    Disclaimer: follow instructions above at ones own risk. Hakurei06 is not responsible for any damages, injuries,or loss of life as a result of this post.

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    • Hakurei06 says:

      As far as availability goes, it may be difficult to acquire formaldehyde in large quantities, but in principle, it should be possible to produce it by oxidising Methanol using silver as a catalyst. Methanol can be bought relatively easily for the intended purpose of making biodiesel, but finding or making a catalytic reactor is beyond me.

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    • Hakurei06 says:

      CORRECTION: Synthesis of Methenamine involves the reacting of ammonia and [Formaldehyde], not ammonia and methanol.

      As noted, methanol can be used as a precursor to formaldehyde.

      And, while not recommended in bulk, seeing as it’s both on Anti-Terrorist and Drug Enforcement (there’s a reason meth labs go boom, this is just one of them) watchlists, Methenamine is sold, pure, in the form of smokeless fuel tablets as Hexamine. Personally, my favorite brand is Esbit.


  3. John Maverick says:

    Painstakingly grinding for hours or days in the dungeon defeating tons of monster to gain some levels or blow the whole dungeon to hell with explosives and recive all the Exp in seconds? It seems being a terrorist pays

    The first thing I think when all in the party level up is poor Aliyah loosing all that exp. She musn’t leave the hare… ejem.. party.

    Thanks for the trasnlation Scry

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  4. JcGonz24 says:


    I wonder what’ll happen if a Skyrim-like openworld mmo was capable of something like this, just imagine how the players would grind. lol

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    • xias1 says:

      Well, read the kill list.
      The king is not dead yet.
      So the dungeon hasn´t been cleared of all enemies yet.
      Fir “only” destroyed the dungeons but didn´t clear it completely and as such he didn´t get auto-collect for those items / rewards.
      He still needs to deal with the king and probably his most trusted guards.

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