[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Open Sesame

Although all of us rushed hastily towards the bottom of the tower, that damn tower was more troublesome than we expected.

Although it’s said that this thing could fire off every ten minutes, that’s just the cooldown for it’s unique skill. Other than that, this thing can still relentlessly shoot out small rays of grey light.

Even though it’s attack power isn’t that great, if we don’t defend against it, the damage dealt to us will still be considerable.

Using the ice shield on my right hand to block one of the rays, I accelerated to the front, and then, charged to the back of one of the half-collapsed buildings.

Bai Yueguang, who was beside me, used Quick Steps, and wildly charged out from the top of a small alley. And then, he ran to the bottom of the tower, swinging the tachi in his hands.

A white slash instantly sliced at the bottom of the tower, blowing up a cloud of dust.

However, after the cloud of dust dispersed, there wasn’t even a single scar on the tower’s surface, nor was there even a trace of the attack landing on it.

Oh my god. Even Iai Slash isn’t able to cause damage to it. Isn’t this a little too frightening?

While, at the same time, a ray of light descended straight from above. Bai Yueguang tumbled to the back, and that ray of light struck the floor. A giant half-meter depth crater appeared at the position where Bai Yueguang was standing at earlier.

“Are you kidding me!? Being hit by that is no joke at all!”

Bai Yueguang roared out, as he charged towards the nearest cover.

“If not for the attack warning, I would have been disintegrated by now!”

“Thank the attack warnings then.”

I chuckled at the side.

“【Arcane – Ice Magic Cannon】!”

Ms. Mari charged out from the roof of a building at the other side, after leaping high up in the air, two blue balls of light were shot out from the tips of the two guns in her hands!

The two balls of light directly shot at the ray emission ports at the lowest level, however, a moment later, the sealing ice blocks instantly shattered into pieces. A ray of grey light, in turn, shot back at Ms. Mari.

However, Ms. Mari used the momentum from her shots to avoid the incoming ray of light, and then, she once again landed on the ground.

“This sure is troublesome. If that doesn’t stop it either, I really can’t think of any other way.”

“Big brother!”

Oyado’s figure appeared at the same time her voice sounded.

Other than the brick-sized opening near the place where the tower is shooting from, there’s no other openings.

“Is that so…”

I frustratingly scratched my head.

“What about you guys? Have you guys thought of any plans to bring this thing down?”

As I said that, I pointed to the sky, and then, an ice wall tilted 45 degrees appeared above my head. At the same time, a ray of light flashed, and the grey-colored beam directly struck onto the ice wall above me. Then, it brushed past the ice wall, and was deflected away.

Ice itself is smooth, just like a mirror. And if the angle is right, light-ray attacks can be deflected out.

And, even if it’s not a light ray, as long as the angle is right, it can still be deflected out.

“Even if we’re able to slightly stop a part of its attacks, in another less than three minutes, it’s large attack will come again. Our individual defenses aren’t able to block that at all!”

Tai Shixi roared out, the halberd in her hands continued to dance, striking continuously at the body of the tower.

However, the tower did not suffer even the slightest bit of damage.

“Just what material is this thing made of? Even if it’s a high-grade alchemic material, at the very least, it should have still suffered some damage! If this thing can’t be damaged, how are we going to break through?”

I suddenly felt my head aching.

“Could it be that this thing is an indestructible object?”

“That’s impossible, right? We have fought for such a long time, yet, we have never encountered anything that’s indestructible…”

“No, no, no. You guys are too naive!”

Suddenly, the toad of the Dungeon of Death leapt out.

“That’s not indestructible at all! It’s just that its recovery speed is faster than the speed your naked eyes can follow!”


All of us looked at it with very terrifying expressions.

“You idiot! Why didn’t you tell us earlier!?”

Ms. Mari instantly grabbed it, and then, smashed it onto the ground.

“Since you knew about it, then you should have said it! And, how are we supposed to disable it? There must be a way to disable it, right?”

“The way to disable it… Umm…”

“Could it be that you’re still thinking of talking terms with us?”

Tai Shixi’s halberd instantly landed on the frog’s body.

“I didn’t have a proper animal experimentation lesson in my secondary school days. I never managed to see things like a frog’s egg at all. Seems like I will get a chance to see one today.”

“Aaaaah, I’m a toad, not a frog! Don’t kill me! Because the tower is receiving energy from the underground ruins, if you want to attack it, you have to at least disconnect the link between the tower and the underground ruins. However, if you want to do that, you have to enter the underground ruins… It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! Don’t poke me! I’m not the one who designed the way to disable it, I’m only answering your questions… Don’t be agitated! I know! There’s another way to attack it, and that’s from its interior. However, the switch to enter the place randomly relocates itself in the bottom part of the tower! I don’t know its exact location either!”

Seeing the toad’s pitiful look, I grabbed it, and then placed it in Oyado’s hands.

“Is that so… In other words, there’s still a back door in this tower…”

After pondering for a moment, I looked towards the surrounding people.

“Then we can only take a gamble. I have a way to find the switch, however, before that, I need to spend about ten seconds right under the tower. You guys have to slightly attract its attention nearby, can you guys do it?”

“No problem. I can hardly resist pulling that bastard out of there any longer.”

Tai Shixi laughed.

“Ok, let’s go!”

Right at this moment, a very intense attack warning rang. We turned to look in the direction of the tower. At the center of the tower, a gigantic cannon protruded out, and then, a grey light flashed, a huge light beam shot out towards the far distance.

‘Dale! Retreat!’

‘I don’t need you to tell me that. It’s just a small matter.’

Dale replied confidently.

‘I love to play bullet-hell games, you know.’

‘Alright, then that’s fine.’

I nodded satisfyingly.

“Alright, let’s deal with the problem on our end then!”

I looked towards the direction of the tower.

“Move out!”

“Let’s go!”

We moved out as a group, and we sprinted towards the direction of the tower from different angles.

While the cannons on the tower began to fire at the same time as well, as rays of light were shot out one after another!

I charged to the bottom of the tower in one go, and then, began to circle around the bottom of the tower.

In a few seconds, the rays of light will still fire at me. However, but something of this level isn’t considered much.

Time flowed too slowly. After an unknown length of time, a button that could be pressed into appeared in the cracks on the left wall!

【Famous Detective】 【Insightful Person】

Dual Activation!

Seeing this hint, I looked at it with a satisfied smile. Then, I pressed on the button on the wall!


The bricks on the tower sank in, and then, a large door immediately opened!

“Aah! Charge!”

The few shadows beside me were faster than me, as they charged right in, leaving clouds of dust behind them.

I helplessly looked at them, and then, silently followed after them as well. However, I placed a block of ice at the entrance to jam it.

Come, it’s time to settle our scores.

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  1. John Maverick says:

    Why would someone put a switch that moves randomly on the base of an impregnable tower? To make it less impregnable? Better use a key or something -o-

    No that Fir has problem with that 😛

    Thanks for the translation.


    • felipe says:

      probably because to redirect the attack it would need to receive a direct hit and even if the ice wall redirect the attack the wall still receives damage so its unlikely that it would resist a direct hit


  2. DMR says:

    Poor Toad… gonna be Oyado’s lunch… until she moves on to desert-onii-san 😛

    Thanks for the chapter XD


    Other than the brick-sized opening near the place where the tower is shooting from, there’s no other openings.

    That sentence needs to be in quotes 😛


  3. BASHingFULL says:

    Umm… There’s no chapter 25… I’m sorry, I don’t know where to say this… I tried to read chapter 25 but nothing came up, though chapter 26 seems fine. Can someone please fix it?


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