[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 31

Chapter 31: After the War

Although it wasn’t exactly complete, the nightmare that happened in Mitchell this time had finally ended due to our hard work and efforts.

The entire process simply escalated to a nonsensical scale, and thinking back, I really could not help but feel a lingering fear in my heart.

Fortunately, we managed to hold on throughout the entire ordeal, otherwise, it would have been very difficult for us to obtain victory.

Really, I wonder if it’s our fortune or misfortune.

However, the matter has already been resolved. The only thing we can do now is to help the former residents of the kingdom city of Mitchell to rebuild the city.

Of course, a large portion of the residents had already been placed temporarily at the nearby city by us. Only those who had stronger bodies stayed to help rebuild the city.

The entire reconstruction process was carried out very swiftly as well. Of course, Irlin and the Princess, these two actual Mitchell citizens, were overseeing the process as well.

While what I had to do was to simply assign their reconstruction plans to the builders. After all, with my frighteningly high friendship level with the Mitchell citizens, every day, those citizens would always look at me with very friendly eyes, which caused me to feel very guilty instead.

And everyone was very eager about the plans I assign to them as well, it was as though they were rushing to a bargain sale. And of course, I felt extremely guilty for it.

After all, I could be considered to be one of the culprits who caused the complete destruction of Mitchell kingdom city. If you people behave this way instead, I will feel terrible, you know?

Hence, I was very eager to participate in the reconstruction as well.

Of course, I have completely no idea in regards to things like construction. Hence, the only thing I could do was to use Shaping Magic to create a large amount of ice cabinets to help move the construction materials over.

And then, I would use Ice Totems to move the materials to high places.

Fortunately, the members of【Light Elemental Knight Squad】participated in the reconstruction efforts as well. Naturally, one of the reasons was due to our coordination. Because, one of the conditions for them to help with the reconstruction was to have our reconstruction efforts be credited under their name, hence, they were then very willing to help.

They’re really lazy to the bone huh.

Naturally, that’s not the only condition. The reconstruction conditions include the license to create a high-class church in the Mitchell kingdom city, as well as having the Mitchell Kingdom officially express her thanks to the Church. However, naturally, we will not be forking out money for the conditions above, so we don’t really care.

And if I were to use Princess Syli’s words, ‘Mitchell Kingdom is currently very chaotic. If we have the Church’s help to rebuild and pacify the citizens, it will stabilize the situation in the country.’

Although I have suggested to have Mitchell Kingdom and Ice Empire form an alliance as well, after all, I’m the State Magician of Ice Empire, Princess Syli seems to feel that if she were to casually build good relationships with other countries in their present state, it will give other countries the opportunities to take over them, and it’s best to stay cautious.

I don’t really understand things like politics, but since Princess Syli, an expert in politics, had said as such, there’s nothing else I can say about the subject.

Of course, the main point is still the reconstruction.

Initially, the progress was extremely slow. However, on the second day, after Ms. Mari brought over the large-scale machines constructed by【Sion’s Door】, the reconstruction speed increased by more than ten times.

On the third day, the construction of a three-floored hotel was complete, solving everyone’s tent-pitching problems.

Although the walls used were made of quick-splice reinforced places, the residents were already satisfied since they were able to once again lie on beds after a few days of outdoor life.

And currently, in the entire continent, only【Bluemoon】Corporation, which was jointly created by Lanya and Xiao Zhe, was able to send various of construction supplies to them in a single day.

Of course, the bill was all left to the Church.

Just like this, for two weeks, we stayed in the old location of Mitchell kingdom city. In the middle of it, Mitchell citizens of other cities had constantly rushed over to help, which thus increased our progress quite a bit as well.

And now, the kingdom city finally had a small part of its former look. Most of the residents had also returned to the Mitchell kingdom city to start their new life.

“Ah, I can’t do it anymore. There’s too many residents, and the demand for various products are just as much as well! I can’t catch up to this speed at all.”

Lanya laid on the table, as she said with a very anxious look.

“Hahaha, I already told you to let it go and have the subordinates do the work. Since you’re doing it alone, it’s obviously tiring for you.”

Xiao Zhe laughed as he took up the document Lanya threw onto the table earlier. Then, he passed it to someone who seemed to be a subordinate.

“That way, I will feel as though I have nothing to do at all…”

“Then, you can just head to the academy to pioneer some new tools. Regarding the matters about those merchants outside, just leave it to us professionals.”

“Professionals?” You guys are just a triad… Well, the sales are indeed looking good, and I don’t really want to bother asking what methods you guys deployed. Of course, you guys best not go overboard. My reputation in the academy have already been completely destroyed by those nobles, so you guys best not destroy my reputation outside as well. If that time were to come, there’s really no else for me to conduct my business.”

“Don’t you still have Fir, that big patron of yours? Hahaha.”

After saying that, these two swindlers looked towards me.

“Oh, speaking of which, you’re right.”

I nodded, and then, took out a 700,000 Gold exchange card. After that, I handed it to Lanya.

“100 Quick MP Recovery Potions, when can you hand the goods over?”


Xiao Zhe immediately spit out the tea he drank.

“Oh Great Lanya! Let’s mass-produce the things you’re selling! 700,000 Gold for just 100 bottles? This is simply too crazy!”

“Do you think the materials are cheap? This potion that costs 7,000 Gold has to be made using 6,500 Gold worth of materials, and it takes a long time to process as well.”

Lanya still kept to her lazy posture, however, she still accepted my card.

“There’s 15 bottles here which you can hold onto for now. I will slowly make the remaining ones.”

“That’s fine.”

I smiled as I stuffed the potions into my ring.

“Then you guys can continue with your discussion. I will head to the city to take a look.”

“Have a safe trip~”

The two of them waved at me. I bitterly smiled, and then, left the airship.

Of course, this was the airship owned by 【Bluemoon】Corporation, and it was even a cargo airship that they bought directly from 【Sion’s Door】. Although it did not possess as many weapons as our airship, it has a huge cargo capacity, with no decrease in speed as its main selling point.

It was entirely blue in color, and there was even a silver moon printed on it. This guy sure has a pretty good artistic sense.

Of course, I don’t wish to comment on Dale’s taste. That guy directly painted our airship entirely in silver, with【neet】written on it. And it was even named as the【Second Element】.

But I think it’s alright like this. If he had a reference diagram, he might have spent more time on the airship, and the painting wouldn’t have been so simple by then.

Well… I don’t really mind anyway.

“Isn’t this Mr. Fir? Do you want to have some fried potato?”

“Eh~ Look at Mr. Fir, do you think he really has the time to eat your steaming hot potato? It’s still best for you to come over and have our fried chicken fillet.”

“I have fresh orange juice over here, do you want to have some as well?”

When I passed by the commercial district, the store owners at both sides of the street, which had their businesses recovered, came to greet me one after another.

I don’t know if it’s because my friendship level with them was too high, or if it’s because the Princess had introduced as someone who had helped solve the kingdom city’s crisis during her reconstruction speech before, basically none of the people currently living in Mitchell kingdom city do not know me…

I really don’t know if this is a good or bad thing…

“You people are too courteous, I have already ate my lunch… But I will accept the orange juice then… I don’t need that much, just a cup will do. Even if you people were to give me ten cups, I can’t carry them all… Hey, hey ,hey. I’m not telling you people to store them in bottles!”

If they were to know that I will become their State Minister in the future, I wonder what kind of expressions they will have. Although I’m not officially posted yet, when the earlier quest was completed, this notification came.

Main Quest: Vengeance [Completed]
Have either Princess Syli or Prince Deli become the King of Mitchell Kingdom. [Completed]
Quest Reward: 10,000 EXP, 5,000 Gold
Received: Name of State Minister of Mitchell Kingdom
Title Unlocked: [State Minister of Mitchell Kingdom]
Friendship level with the citizens of Mitchell Kingdom increased.

And finally, after carrying a huge amount of dishes and beverages, I arrived at the royal family’s temporary castle – the Mitchell’s Dream.

Different from our airship, this had already exceeded the understanding of a mere airship. Using Ms. Mari’s terms, this was not an airship, but a【Fortress Battleship】.

【Empire Styled Fortress Battleship – Attempted Model】, this was the name Ms. Mari gave it, and it was also a prototype made by【Sion’s Door】. The Mitchell royal family, which had lost everything other than the Gold stored in【Bell’s Bank】, they had nothing
Hence, Princess Syli bought this Fortress Battleship for 10 million Gold. To a royal family, a place to stay in was much useful than a huge pile of money.

Speaking of which, the name Bell’s Bank was something I heard from Xiao Zhe. In the past, I still did not know which organization created these credit cards. Now that I know, I became very interested in it.

Because the one who made this organization was evidently someone like us, who had came from another world.

But as for the concrete details, I have to think about them in the future. Currently, I have to head over to Princess Syli and find out the reconstruction progress. If the reconstruction can be completed earlier, then we will be able to leave earlier too.

I recall that we’re supposed to be still on a vacation at the Eastern Continent, and looking at the time, our vacation should be ending pretty soon.

Although there’s a couple of problems at Skybreak City as well, currently, I’m more worried about the Academy War.

I don’t really have the desire to obtain victory in the Academy War, however… currently, we have no battle potential in the academy at all. Our points should be completely depleted by now, right?

Just when I was daydreaming, I had already arrived at the entrance of 【Mitchell’s Dream】. I greeted the guards at the entrance, and then, stepped into the battleship.

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