[Disciple] Chapter 87

4th Arc begins!

Chapter 87: Hello, Zhu Yao 4.0 Has Logged In

When Zhu Yao woke up, she was a little dizzy, and felt as though the entire world was shaking. After adapting for a long time, the dizziness finally eased a little. Her mind was blank for a good while, before she managed to recover.

Recalling her death this time, it was a little too tragic. She was, after all, tortured to death by Rui Yu!

Ever since she crossed over, and even possessed this resurrection cheat, she never had anything to be afraid of. After all, she was no longer afraid of death, so what else was there to be afraid of?

However, she had forgotten that, in this cultivation world, it was easy for a person to die, and it was even easier to experience suffering which was worse than death. She never expected that a mystic art that could seal one’s soul actually existed in this world as well. She was hanged half-dead in the air, and even when her body was dead, her soul was still left in that corpse.

Those few days were like hell. Although, currently, the memories of back then were blurry, her hair would still stand from the thought of it. She herself had to admire her own incorruptible three views, as the thought of destroying the world or anything similar did not bear fruit in her mind.

If her master had not realized her abnormal state, and removed the soul-sealing curse on her body, she herself wouldn’t have known that she had already died, in that case, most likely, she would have been tortured by Xiao Yi and Rui Yu till she went insane.

Probably because the experience this time was too terrifying, she was very drowsy for a period of time. She seemed to faintly recall that after her master had removed her soul-sealing curse, Feng Yi appeared as well. And she even forced out Xiao Yi’s Metal Spirit, and his cultivation was crippled.

In that case, the bug, Xiao Yi, could be said to have been dealt with.

At that moment, Zhu Felt felt as though she was enjoying the moment of bliss after a crisis had past, and the moment she thought this way, her spirits were raised!

Zhu yao shook her head, and began to inspect her surroundings. She found out the place seemed to a wild plains. The grass and plants were flourishing extremely well, as every single weed was much taller than her.

She could faintly hear the sound of flowing water coming from in front of her. In order to have a clear look of herself, Zhu Yao could not wait to head to the waterside to take a look, hence, she leapt towards the front with all her might.

Wait a minute, why did she have to leap?

Suddenly, she had a bad premonition. Slowly, Zhu Yao turned her head around.

What entered her eyes was basically unbelievable.

No, no, no. There must have been a mistake with the way she turned her head.

Let’s turn the other way. Turning her head back to the front, she then turned her head to the back a second time…

And then, a third time…

Fourth time…

Momma’s egg! Who could explain it to her? What’s going on with that thin and long tail? Why was it covered entirely in scales? Why was it reflecting light? And it was even gold in color!


Zhu Yao really wanted to ask her cheat! She, a flowery(?) youthful girl, who was working care-freely in her apartment, could care less about being pulled into this goddamn world to die in varied patterns. In her first resurrection, she turned into an infant. She endured it, after all, she was still female.

In her second resurrection, she wasn’t even female, and every day, she was hovering between the realms of yuri and yaoi.

In her third resurrection, she wasn’t even motherf***ing human anymore, was she heading for the beastiality route now?

Heaven, even if you have a unique taste, you can’t pull me into your fetishes as well! If you have the guts, don’t you dare leave after school, dammit!

After roaring out for eight hundred times in her heart, Zhu Yao had no choice but to accept this setting where she was no longer human, and she could only stare blankly at her long tail which was covered entirely in scales. And that four eagle-like claws. Simply thinking about it, she knew she was not just a normal little animal, and was most likely a demonic beast.

And the demonic beasts of this world, were definitely monsters belonging to the Ultraman series. They were targets specialized in getting beaten up. There was even a possibility that she might accidentally get captured and be taken in as a spiritual pet, and even the type which would be enslaved for life.

Simply by thinking about it, her future was completely bleak. In this world, most probably, only a second-rate like Sesame would be so enthusiastic in becoming someone else’s pet.

Speaking of Sesame, she seemed to remember that before she resurrected, her master seemed to have kept it in her own divine sense, hence, she could not help but call out.


The moment her word fell, she could felt as though something had flown out of her divine sense. With a bang, a demonic beast the size of a mountain had descended in front of her.


The mountain-sized demonic beast meekly let out a sound. Its two eyes looked at her, and it even cautiously took two steps back. It did not have the least bit of the haughty attitude it had before, and it was even showing a hint of respect.

Did it go crazy? Where was its domineering ‘Roar~┗|`o′|┛’ opening scene?

Zhu Yao raised her head, looking towards Sesame which was behaving a little unusual, and she felt her neck hurting a little. She could not help but give a remark. “Why did you turn so huge for?”

Sesame’s body trembled, and with a meow, it instantly shrank by dozens of times, to the point where it was about the same size as her, before it stopped. It glanced at her weakly, its black and shiny eyes were even actually showing a hint of excitement.

Zhu Yao looked at it diligently, and said in shock. “How did you become ninth-ranked?” Could it be that it was suppressing its cultivation again?

When Sesame heard this, its mood instantly plummeted, and even its voice carried a hint of grief. “I don’t know either. When I woke up in mistress’s divine sense, I realized I had fallen to the ninth rank.”

How was that possible? In her resurrection back then, its cultivation did not fall at all.

“Then, what about me?” Zhu Yao held her own claws, and sensed as her own cultivation.

“Mistress is at the Demigod-stage, demigod-stage!” Before waiting for Zhu Yao to find the answer on her own, Sesame answered it before her, and it looked a little excited.

What’s going on with this little second-rate again? Why was it much happier than her when she resurrected? It did not even seem to care about its cultivation falling either.

But, why did her cultivation suddenly improve? Back then, she could understand that she broke through to Nascent Soul after stopping the Metal Spirit, but she didn’t do anything this time though?

Could it be that her cultivation had been set to increase by an entire huge realm every single time she dies? When she dies next time, she wouldn’t immediately be able to ascend, right?

“Mistress, are you hungry? Do you want to drink some water? Do you want to eat meat? Sesame shall head around to beat up some low-ranked demonic beasts for you, alright?” Sesame’s two eyes shone as it suggested.

Something’s off. Sesame’s reaction was completely off. Although back then, it did run some errands for her, it was never this enthusiastic. Could it be that there was something wrong with this body of a demonic beast she had resurrected into?

Zhu Yao did not reply, as she decided to make clear of the situation herself. As she was still not familiar with her current body, she habitually raised herself up, used the two claws at the back to stand on the ground, circled around Sesame, and walked out of the extremely tall grass plains.

As expected, there was a small river at the back. Due to resurrection syndrome, currently, she still did not possess any spiritual energy. If she wanted to know what kind of demonic beast she was, she could look at the reflection in the water.

And after looking into the water, Zhu Yao was shocked.

Her head was big. There were two horns on her head. Horse-faced. And at the two sides, there were even two long whiskers. Something that looked like this…

Dragon! She was actually a dragon!

As a Chinese descendant, as the successor of dragons, she seemed to have recognized the animal in the water reflection at first glance.

The answer was a little thrilling. Zhu Yao was stunned for quite a while, and she still had yet to regain her senses.

“Lord?” Sesame anxiously leapt about beside her. “Lord, what happened?”

“I want some peace and quiet!” Although becoming a dragon was a rather domineering matter, but a dragon was still an animal!

“Why are you calling me lord?” Zhu Yao noticed the sudden change in its way of addressing her.

Sesame’s eyes sparkled. “You’re currently a part of the dragon race. As the leader of the beast races, naturally, you’re my lord.”

There’s such a benefit to being one of the dragon race? “Are all demonic beasts the same?”

Sesame nodded. This was a suppression in terms of the demonic beasts’ bloodlines. The dragon race belonged to the race of gods. It’s a race that was born to dominate demonic beasts, so its existence alone was enough to have thousands of beasts to submit themselves willingly. However, Sesame had lived for so many years, forget about this cultivation world, even in the Higher Realm, it had never seen the legendary dragon race.

But right now, there was actually one right in front of it! And she was even alive!

Although she was just a young dragon, and her cultivation was only at the human’s Demigod-stage. However, since it had inherited the bloodline of ancient times, Sesame could not help but wish to prostrate under her feet, and pledge its allegiance to her.

I wish… I really wish… to hug mistress’s thigh, what to do?

Even with Sesame’s explanation, Zhu Yao was still very confused. In her eyes, no matter if you’re a dragon or a beast, they were both little monsters destined to be beaten.

Also, in her current state, how was she going to return to Ancient Hill Sect?

Just when Zhu Yao was troubled over this, suddenly, she saw a white figure currently flying over from the horizon. In but a moment, he had landed in front of her, carrying a gust of wind, which had almost blown her away.

Such a big… master!

Yu Yan was a little stunned as he looked at the ground as well. That thin and long little creature, if not for that aura from the imprint, and Sesame which was standing beside it, he really wouldn’t dare to acknowledge it.


“Your sister!”

Before he could say that stupid name, Zhu Yao hurriedly interrupted with a roar.

“As I thought.”

Yu Yan frowned, and sighed.

As I thought? What’s with that? Do you dare to change your method of identifying your relative, hey?

As though he had accepted his fate, Yu Yan squatted down. Reaching out a palm, he signaled her to climb onto it.

Zhu Yao habitually kept her front claws. With a push, she stood right up, and she even tried to straighten her entire body. Using her back claws, she walked onto his palm step by step. This strange posture had even caused Yu Yan to be startled for a moment.

After climbing up, Zhu Yao then realized that her entire body was actually even smaller than her master’s palm.

So earlier, it was not Sesame which had turned huge, rather, she was the one who was pitifully small.

Suddenly, she recalled the time when Xiao Yi was forming his Azoth Core. The illusory dragon that appeared in the sky, although it was just a phantom, its might and domineering aura were still seemingly boundless. But why was it that, when it came to her, she actually turned into such a small worm?

Yu Yan did not hesitate, and once again, brought her back to Jade Forest Mountain.

He placed Zhu Yao on the stone table in the courtyard, and inspected her from head to toe. He, however, was not interested in her cultivation which had suddenly surged, instead, he asked. “Are you able to take up a human form?”

Zhu Yao shook her head. Although she currently had the cultivation of a Demigod, and could be considered a tenth-ranked demonic beast, there was no spiritual energy in her body. Forget about transforming, she could not even turn bigger. When the time comes, she wouldn’t be accidentally stepped to death by people, right?

Yu Yan inspected her for a long time, yet, he still did not know what to do with her? He had made various preparations for his disciple’s resurrection, and had believed that no matter what she turned into, he could accept it no matter what kind of human she turned into.

Who would have known she basically wasn’t even human?

Yu Yan was deeply saddened. Since their races were different, he was unable to determine the situation of her body either. If it was the same as before, where she was stuck in a state between a broken Azoth Core and breaking through into Nascent Soul, how could he go about solving that now?

Just while he was considering how he could inspect his disciple’s body, a demonic beast’s cawing could be heard from the direction of the Main Mountain, and its sound was mournful and sad.

Zhu Yao seemed to have been infected by that sound as well, as her heart sank for a moment.

“What’s that sound? What happened over there?” Zhu Yao curiously asked.

Yu Yan’s expression sank. Turning his head, he looked at his own disciple with a pensive mood, as though he was hesitating about something. After a moment, he spoke up. “That’s Zi Mo’s spiritual beast, it’s emitting out a life passing cry from the Main Mountain. Zi Mo is currently mourning over the loss of his personal succeeding disciple.”

Zhu Yao was startled, and asked. “Ah? Have Sect Master Zi Mo ever taken in a personal succeeding disciple? Why didn’t I know about that? What’s his name?”



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    • Anon says:

      I think you guys are misunderstanding what happened. If you guys remember wang xuzhi was just an inner sect disciple (chapter 81) and not necessarily the suceeding disciple. On a the other hand, senior apprentice soi sauz had all the sects work pushed on him/her and was given a relatively large role in the sect. This combined with the fact that he/she had a higher cultivation (nascient/Insic instead of azoth paragon) and died later than wang xuzhi makes him/her the more probable candidate (also the fact that she had no idea of her position in the sect helps).

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      • Countrymage says:

        No he got brought into the Sect Leaders home and family, and called a chamber disciple, he might have been made succeeding after Xiao Yi was elevated…
        Also Soi Sauz was an elder of the Beast Taming Mountain.


      • Namorax says:

        That requires her to be reincarnated immediately… and I don’t know how likely that is, considering that the other reincarnations had a few centuries between them.

        I assume that this is the “recently” born bug, aka Zi Mo’s child.
        It was mentioned that since he and his wife were planning to train their child personally.

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    • yuzu9 says:

      been a phantom reader for a long time now, feeling really tiresome to comment on the things (since there’re so much, plus I’m too lazy to pick) so I’d let others take the honour ~
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      • yuzu9 says:

        Umm… sorry to barge in again. I just found a BUG,

        【“This is a blood contract!” Yu Yan rolled down her sleeves, and explained. “As long as this contract exists, if you’re injured, the same injury will be applied on the body of the contracted. This is a contract for mutual death with demonic beasts.”

        “So, if I’m injured, it will be injured as well. Then if it’s injured, will I…”


        In other words, it’s an one-sided suppression?

        “Then if I were to die?” She recalled something.

        “Naturally, it will die as well.” Yu Yan calmly replied.】

        Sooo… why didn’t it die?


      • bluebugsstory says:

        Because her master redid the seal. It wasn’t that easy to read and the mind of the reader were on the 2 torturer. But he grapped out to her hand and well, unsealed the seal and put him/her in her/him (oh god) ‘s divine sense


  1. Allstarall says:

    Perfect. A dragon! 🐉🐲 She is a dragon. A dragon. A dragon. Hother fu**ing dragon. A baby at that. A baby dragon. Ba-by Dra-gon. She a demigod too. A damned Demi-God. Yep. She’s a baby Demi-God dragon.

    Now say that out loud with a happy sarcastic tone. I did.

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    • Allstarall says:

      I want to add more emojis… And as you can see, I love her. I ❤ baby/child characters, that are op. Plus she's a dragon. I love animals, and if they are mythical, that's even the best! I ❤ non-human MC's.

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    A DRAGON!! I didn’t expect a dragon, I thought of demonic beast for next incarnation but didn’t expect a dragon. and even erase her memories of little wimp, is this due to the emergency response measure? Well, thanks for the chapter!!

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  4. Scrya says:

    Just to clear up, it seems the author didn’t mention it in the earlier chapters. The personal succeeding disciple mentioned here is Xuzhi. He’s both an inner chamber disciple and personal succeeding disciple of Zi Mo. So, yes, her memory of him was wiped.

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    • miaumiauyeen says:

      I read ahead due to wanting to know what happened. It’s getting nicer n nicer. 很多小萝卜!<33333
      Thanks for translating this. Really love the humor and feels~~~


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    Thank you very much Scrya for starting Arc 4! I’ll be waiting again in the shadows for more chapters and binge read the finished Arc later ❤ I feel this dragon reincarnation will be quite a comedic act ahaha♥

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      with sesame’s reaction, for a moment there I wondered if she’d become a female tiger or the like, lol, but then I remembered the scaled tail… so… scaled Kitty? xD but dragon surpasses all, nonetheless!!! and I love dragons!!

      this chapter was perfect to aliviate the bitterness of the previous ones. however… don’t let the memory wiping be truth, please!! (๑•́₋•̩̥̀๑)

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    thanks for the chapter,
    poor little wimp, originally he was abandoned by his wife and now he was forgotten by his dearest person, but the demonic beast incarnation was almost expected


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    I thought the system will give her bigger breasts.. Or more OPness.. But.. But.. Why… TT TT

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    But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a lips. *wink wink*


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