[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 25

Chapter 25: For Treasure Chests

When i entered the tower, the scenery in front of me suddenly flashed.

When I recovered my sight, what appeared in front of me was actually…cosmos?

“Oh my god…”

I wiped off the cold sweat on my face, and then, took another closer look.

“As expected of something from the Era of the Ancients. It’s really on a different scale.”

After looking around, we seemed to have directly entered a cosmic space. The boundless cosmos, the countless stars, and we’re even able to see a planet that looked similar to a sun.

It felt as though we’re currently walking in outer space. However, if we were to take a closer look, we will find out that actually, we’re simply standing on a glass bridge.

After pondering for a moment, I took out the Eyepiece of Truth and wore it.

The translucent glass bridge became clearer, and after taking a look around, I realized this was actually even a dungeon with stretched-out corridors!

Oh my god, are you serious?

I helplessly looked at the cooldown timer of my wing, and it seemed as though I have no choice but to walk over for now.

Let’s hope that there’s treasures in this dungeon. Otherwise, who would want to walk in this exhausting dungeon? I might as well blast it apart… However, clearly, this dungeon is the road leading to the enemy’s lair. If we were to blast it apart, we might not have any other ways to get there.

The person who designed this power must be someone who was extremely bored to death, otherwise, who would have thought of such a perverse idea?

And that person even used a material that looked almost no different from glass. What state of mind did that person have? Was his heart broken?


However, something like this did not block the rest from moving forward. They crazily ran along a single route in the dungeon, and then, when they encountered an intersection, they split up into two groups and continued running. Only when they reached a dead end, did they turn back.

This efficiency is simply too terrifying. It’s a pity that in the games back then, everyone had to form a small party. Otherwise, according to the total number of people in some RPGs, I believe that clearing this dungeon shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s really a pity…

However, looking from this angle, it’s possible to analyze the routes from the glass bridge to a certain extent. It can be seen that it’s a dead end over there, why are they running over there?

Just when I was thinking as such, suddenly, rays of light came descending from the sky! And those are not the only things shocking me. Because at the places where the rays of light descended, monsters actually appeared!

And what’s even more frightening was, at the ends of a few dead ends, treasure chests appeared!

Me and my little companions were dumbfounded.

“Big brother, what are those? Why did chests appear at those places?”

Hearing Oyado’s question, I could feel my face darken.

How am I supposed to answer that? Rewards for venturing in a dungeon?

“Oyado, now, let me tell you the essential rule of venturing dungeons.”

“The essential rule of venturing dungeons?”

Oyado curiously tilted her head.

“And that is, no matter what they are, if they can be opened, open them all.”

“Why is that?”

“Because there will be good items inside.”


Oyado thoughtfully held her chin.

“I understand, big brother!”

“In other words, we have to gather up the items in all those chests, right!? Leave it to me, master!”

Purewhite and Oyado rushed out at the same time. However, in the places where I can see with my naked eyes, Bai Yueguang and the rest had already opened quite a few chests!

Damn it, how can these bastards be so shameless!? At least leave some for me!

As I thought as such in my heart, with a Shadow Sneak, I rushed to the furthest chest that I could see, and then, opened it up.

You’re rewarded with 1,000 Gold!

The hell!

You actually gave me gold!

Skills and gold are things I do not lack the most. Although since it’s free, obviously, I will take it without any reservations. However, what’s the use of giving me gold in a time like this?

I can’t use them as bullets like Mikoto, you know.

Sighing, I silently kept the gold, and then, sprinted to the next treasure chest.

“Forbidden access…”

A level 30 monster that looked like a robot rushed towards me. Raising the large sword in its hands, it was trying to block my path.

I slowed down for a slight moment, and an ice totem blasted it flying.

With that measly amount of EXP of yours, I had rather have the 1,000 gold. Instead of wasting my MP on you, I rather spend my time opening chests.

Hence, with the hard work of the entire group, this entire dungeon was swept clean by us in less than ten minutes.

Panting hard, the bunch of us rushed to the door that led to the next stage. Bai Yueguang, who was at the very front, slashed at the door, however, it did not budge in the slightest.

“I already told you it can’t be destroyed…”

I smiled helplessly, and then, pressed on the button next to the door.

“Shuaaa.” The door opened, however, the dungeon behind us released a crackling sound, as it fell into the endless cosmos, along with those monsters which had yet to be killed.

I could not help but gulp down my saliva.


“It’s fortunate that we’re all here.”

Ms. Mari nodded to herself, and then, looked towards everyone.

“Alright, next stage!”

After entering the door, we were once again stunned.

This time, it was actually an endless open space. The floor was completely covered with stone tiles, and the end could not be seen from the surroundings at all.

While the door behind us disappeared after all of us passed through it.


The moment a black figure appeared, all of us charged over like the wind!

“Hey, hey ,hey! You guys…”

That black figure look at us alarmingly, as he began to prepare a spell in his hands.

“Usually, bosses have tons of things to say. However, I hate useless chit-chat. 【Super Arcane – Punishment – Tearing Cross】!”

With a flash of red light, all of our skills were shot towards the enemy at the same time!

38 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 25

  1. John Maverick says:

    Maybe, just maybe… try to do the tipical boss dramatic welcome to the guy go blow a dungeon to hell, and his party, is not de best of the ideas.

    Good luck with all that overkill flying at your face nameless boss. Let hope you survive to see a good fight 😛

    Thanks for the trasnlation Scrya.


    • yu3kino says:

      He probably only get the chance to look at the person in the front then all he see are tons of flashy arcane skill flying at him, so yeah, cut him some slack.


  2. bob says:

    It would be funny if he wasn’t a boss but a character that gave them a clue to an almost impossible puzzle in the room that it’s next to impossible to do otherwise.


    • yu3kino says:

      That probably not gonna make it better for the boss. Just imagine yourself talking while there are ten mini nuke pointing at you waiting to be launch when you finish your speech.


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