[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Undead Atrium

“What? You’re kidding me, right?”

Hearing Ms. Mari’s words, I was shocked to the point where I had almost spat out my breakfast.

“Aliyah said she’s heading to grind levels herself, while over at the Prince’s side, that clown had already started the war?”

“That’s right, even though Yybril said the priests in-charge of investigation are arriving soon.”

“No, no, no. I don’t care about that clown Prince at all. What’s going on with Aliyah running off by herself? What happened to the leveling together that we agreed on!?”

“I believe that I have never heard you say something like that before.”


Alright, it seems like I indeed did not say it before.

“But, why did she run off by herself without even a least bit of foreshadowing leading to it?”

I asked strangely.

“Wasn’t she still smiling and grinning yesterday?”

“Haah, you exteme blockhead, it’s exactly because she’s still smiling and grinning that’s strange. Usually, when she sees you, she will begin to throw retorts at you. She’s acting strange exactly because she did not say anything at all, alright?”


“There’s no saving you. Haah. I’m not going to talk to you regarding this matter anymore. Let’s first deal with the problem on this end. According to Yybril’s reply, the priests in-charge of investigation should be arriving in one or two hours. However, the Prince has already directly put the other half of the Knight Squad under house arrest with his own knights, and then, the Princess has been forced to move the Court Magicians she have under her control as well. Otherwise, they are basically unable to defeat the King’s soldiers.”

“Is it because of the Forbidden Guards? Impossible, they’re unable to beat them.”


“Because those Forbidden Guards are people who completely do not know the meaning of fear.”

As though to coordinate with my words, rays of gorgeous, multi-colored light, shone over from the direction of the castle. I hurriedly walked towards the window, and looked towards the direction of the castle.

In the skies above the castle, multi-colored magic formations were appearing one after another, completely enveloping the entire sky above the castle. And on the other side, sounds of door bashing could be heard from the direction of the castle’s front gate.

Just as Ms. Mari had said, the battle to seize the royal political power had begun!

“We’re in trouble. The initial plan of having the Church to appear and help us exterminate a portion of the King’s influence has been thrown down the drain. Did that clown Prince eat the wrong medicine? I clearly told him that those Forbidden Guards are not humans, yet he still…”

Suddenly, I understood the Prince’s actions.

“I see. Had he already treated me as someone who belongs to the Princess’s faction? Hence, he thought of taking the initiative, and thought that this way, he will be able to obtain a bigger authority? Haah. Really. Desire for authority harms people, huh.”

“When you don’t hold an office, you don’t consider the policies, after all.”

Ms. Mari said with a smile.

“Is that so? I think I’m actually just lazy to bother.”

I shrugged.

“Then we have no choice but to go head-on. Although I don’t know how much EXP those battle dolls will give, it’s better than nothing. Let’s go, everyone.”

“Let’s finish our breakfast first.”

Bai Yueguang said while eating his cold noodles.

“In any case, no matter if we head there earlier or later, those people will still have to fight, right? Since they didn’t listen to our warnings, they have to pay a certain amount of price.”

“That’s true…”

But, looking at those multi-colored magic formations blooming above the castle as though fireworks were being set off, I feel something was a little strange.

Even if that King is an idiot, he won’t initiate a direct battle against them, furthermore, that King is a very sly bastard. Although he’s very much a clown, someone who is capable of breaking into the ruins can’t be that simple.

“Ms. Mari, can you help me ask Aliyah when she will be coming back?”

“She said that if you leave now, you might still be able to find her.”

Ha? What is that supposed to mean?

“Which direction did she go?”

“She said that you should know because you are proficient in deduction.”

“What kind of joke is she making at a time like this……”

“Hehe, she said that she was just kidding. She will naturally return when she wants to.”


Before I could even finish worrying, I suddenly realised that the constant sounds of magic spells being cast and the knocking of the door had slowly faded away. Furthermore, the entire city had started to quiet down!

“Hey hey hey, I have a feeling that there is going to be a change in BGM!”

I quickly unsheathed my demonic blade 【Bloodmoon】, before walking towards the window.

“You’re still going to use that weapon? Are you able to control it?”

Bai Yueguang looked at the tachi in my hands and asked.

“Because I don’t have any other weapons I’m proficient in. Also, even if I go berserk, you still have that other blade with you, right?”

“Don’t place your hopes on others, damn it!”

“Let’s not talk about this for now. Our troubles aren’t just limited to this.”


When I reached the window, my brows began to furrow.

“Our enemy seems to have decided to take a gamble.”

The castle in front of us was currently slowly emitting out grey mist, and instantly, like a tidal wave, it began to spread throughout the entire city!”


“Save me!”

“What…. What is this!?”

Constant screams spread throughout the city, and not even a while later, the mist reached our side as well!

“Kuh! Could this be…”

I could sense my bone wing was having the impulse to be released!

At the same time, an extremely abnormal desire to destroy was released from the depths of my heart!

“【Undead Atrium】? That guy Henry, just what is he…”

Immediately after, the floor began to shake, and with a loud bang, in the direction of the castle, a tower that protruded above the clouds was erected!

“Did someone accidentally activate the Abyss difficulty?”

I turned to the few people behind me and asked.

Everyone began to shake their heads. This could only mean one thing. That bastard King has activated the ruins!

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  1. Bobenstein says:

    If the prince is still alive in this I hope he kills him on principle and the princess is alive to take over. She seems to be the only descent one of the royalty group.

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  2. DMR says:

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    And World-chan should make it that quests could give exp. higher than it is right now… there shouldn’t be a limit like that… harder stuff should give more exp.

    And Fir should beat the prince for ruining his plans….


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    Did… did Aliyah just hold a grudge?

    Fir, you also have Ice Sword Summon. The upcoming battle would even be one of the more poetic times to use it.


  5. AnimeLover says:

    This guy Fir is very insensitive with people feelings. But Aliyah is just as Childish for not taking the Initiative. If she can pull it off and get a major boost EXP then it might be a wise decision. She’s been falling behind and no one Grinds level anymore.


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