[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Death Tribute

The surrounding scenery shattered into pieces like glass. In a few seconds, the entire valley had completely disappeared, reverting to its former scenery.

But… The situation was not as terrible as I expected. The surrounding people were lying disorderly on the ground, their HPs were still maintained at about half of their maximum amount. It seemed like, they did not fall due to an attack, but because of the illusion.

This guy’s mental strength is really strong huh, he’s actually able to simultaneously hold up so many illusions at the same time.

“Yo, bastard!”

I faced Henry as I said this, a spear of light had already been grabbed in my hands.


Henry who turned his head after hearing my call, was pierced by the spear of light upfront!

“Aaaaaah! This is…”

“Your favourite Light Magic. It’s really unfortunate. If it was Yybril who had given you a few upfront blows, most probably, you won’t be able to be this arrogant, right? It’s really a pity. At Yybril’s current level, it’s still rather difficult for her to break through your Necro Barrier. But I’m different.”

Looking at Yybril who was lying on the ground, I stretched out my left hand, and a sword of light extended in my hand.

“My current level is about the same as yours~”

“You bastard… How is this possible? Clearly, you have grown two bone wings, yet, you’re still able to wield our most hated Light Magic!”

“Oh, you’re talking about these?”

I waved my hands at the two bone wings behind me, and then, my Angel’s wing was spread open on the other side as well.

The three wings simultaneously flapped for a moment, and in front of me, I don’t know what kind of Henry was making as he was seeing this.

That’s really natural. After all, he’s currently wearing a mask. Even though I want to know what’s his current expression, I’m unable to do it.

“You… Just what kind of thing are you?”

“That’s really rude. How can you ask someone if he’s a thing or not? I’m not a thing.”


“Don’t mind it. It’s just some chatter from my homeland.”

I helplessly shrugged.

“Alright. Let us talk then. Do you wish for the problem to be solved by a single Light Magic spell of mine, or do you wish to surrender?”

“You… Don’t forget! I still have the power from this entire tower supporting me! Do you really think you’re able to beat me just like that!?”

“Alright, then you can try. 【Super Arcane – Light Tribute】!”

A strong ray of light descended. Henry’s gigantic body took two consecutive steps back, and his HP fell by a big amount.

“You’re indeed pretty strong… But, watch closely!”

A strong light was emitted out from Henry’s body. Slowly, his HP actually began to slowly increase!

The hell, this boss can use potions. This is illogical! Director, this is different from the script!

And, this guy actually flapped his wings and flew up, then, his entire body made a dive, and he came charging straight for me.

Damn it!

With an 【Accelerate】, I flew towards the sky to dodge his attack. A spear of light once again gathered in my hand, and I threw it towards his body!

However, Henry actually spun 360 degrees in the air, and the spear of light instantly bypassed his waist!

And then, after turning around, with his body facing mine, he let out an angry roar. Countless of skeletons flew out from the grey fog in his mouth, as they flew towards me one after another like cannonballs!

Damn it. Did this guy realize that necromancy was effective, and immediately went for the physical attack approach?

And this density… It’s too frightening. The skeletons can literally be said to have filled the entire sky!

Are you bullying me because I have never played bullet-hell games before?

After dodging dozens of skeletons consecutively, I was forced to pull out Bloodmoon.

“【Arcane – Wild Dance】!”

Right after I tapped on the skill, my hands quickly began to dance.

Countless of sword waves revolved around me, slicing all of the incoming skeletons into bits and pieces!

【Ice Totem】!

A gigantic ice pillar instantly appeared behind me, and at the same time, a ball of light flashed from behind the ice totem!

I have no choice, because the light source in this space comes from the top. In other words, our shadows are only these small bits below our bodies.

But my 【Shadow Sneak】 cannot be used without any shadows, hence I can only create a shadow by myself!

When the light flashed, the shadow of the ice totem enveloped me, and it even extended to Henry who was in front of me!

【Shadow Sneak】!

My figure flashed, and I immediately landed at Henry’s back.

“You bastard…”

Grey fog gathered in the palm of his hand at high speed, and a short blade appeared in his hand. Then, he hacked it towards me.

“【Arcane – Godsaint Halo】!”

White rings of light enveloped me, and when his sword came slashing down, it instantly broke into two!

And, his body was emitting out white smoke under my halo as well.

“Then take a look at this!”

As he roared out, he flew towards a much higher place, and as he flew, his body began to constantly spiral.

Is he trying to use centrifugal force to throw me off?

Are you kidding me? I’m not here to especially become a parasite on your body.

I’m simply here to stick a present onto you~

I opened up my wings with a smile and flew away from his body. Then, with a charge, I immediately descended towards the ground.

“Die~ You bastard!”

As I said that, I pressed on the button in my hand.

Such a waste. Even though I didn’t make that many bombs, I won’t feel at ease if I don’t set all of them down.

Using the Space Separation Hidden Weapon Set-Up Ability, I threw the bombs directly into his body.


Should be enough, right?

Colorful fireworks were unleashed in the sky, and the brilliance of various colors turned into strips of light as they descended from the sky.

I smiled as I looked at this beautiful scene, and nodded my head satisfyingly.

Henry’s body was finally unable to withstand this attack of mine, and his entire body emitted out black smoke as he fell.

The sound of a heavy object crashing on the ground followed after, and the bones and scraps of his body scattered everywhere on the ground.

“You… You’re unable… to defeat me, I still have…”

Henry struggled to stretch out his hand, however, nothing happened at all.

“Wh… Why…”

He looked at himself in disbelief.

“Why… am I… unable to absorb any energy?”

“Because you spoke too much. Look at your surroundings, my companions have already disappeared quite a while ago.”

That’s right, earlier, before I attacked Henry, I had already used an Illusion Dispel Potion on everyone except Yybril.

The reason why I didn’t use it on Yybril, was because I didn’t want her to see my bone wings.

And mainly, I only wanted to wake Dale and Ms. Mari up. Because they are the only ones who have knowledge on magic leylines.

And the task they had to settle was… forcefully interfere from a long-distance with the lighthouse of Godsaint Empire, and set it to detach from the Ruins of the Ancients.

And now, they, who have already lost the power of the ruins, are unable to restore their energy.

“I’m sorry. If you wish to conquer a world in your next lifetime, at the very least, find a companion with a right mind, see you~”

I looked at Henry, and then, stretched out my hand towards the sky.

“【Arcane – Light Tribute】!”

A strong ray of light descended, and Henry, whose body was still emitting out black smoke, was instantly vaporized within the white light.

“Alright, King. You’re the only one left!”

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  1. Sicill says:

    “”I don’t know what kind of Henry was making as he was seeing this.””
    Missing either ‘face’, ‘expression’ or something similar in “of Henry”

    “”And the task they had to settle was… forcefully interfere from a long-distance with the lighthouse of Divinesaint Empire””
    Before in ch 23 you had called it the “”Ancient Godsaint Empire””

    Thanks for the chapter.


  2. RezaStillAlive says:

    Such a waste. Even though I didn’t make that many bombs, I won’t feel at ease if I don’t set all of them down.

    as expected from our terrorist MC XD


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