[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Mission Impossible

“Hahahahaha! As I thought, things have gotten interesting. Hahaha!”

An explosion sounding in the castle late in night is not something to joke about. Not even ten minutes have passed, and everyone in the castle was alerted. Even that joke King had rushed over.

Of course, the weight of my words was not heavy enough, hence, the task of explaining the situation was handed over to Arianha. After listening to Arianha’s explanation, the King began laugh madly out of extreme happiness.

“As expected, the suggestion that I proposed was very interesting. It’s only been a few hours, yet, such a thing actually happened in the castle. Great, very interesting. But, this is too dangerous as well. If this were to go on, how are we going to preserve the reputation of our imperial family? Henry! How goes the investigation?”

Henry who had been hiding in the dark corner slowly walked over. This guy was the person who gave me the gold reward back then. Fortunately, I had immediately cashed in the gift card for gold before I left back then, otherwise, after the incident, I would have definitely been unable to use it.

And, in the past, I was unable to see through the truth regarding his situation. However, currently, I’m even able to clearly see where he’s hiding.

Henry Falter
LV 13 Necromancer
[Evil] [Mad] [Necromancy Researcher] [Mass Murderer] [Fugitive] [State Intelligence Department Head]

Although I’m still unable to see his facial appearance, I’m currently able to see his situation very clearly.

Should I set up a magic grenade infused with a light magic spell in his room? I think it will have no problem in killing him instantly. However, this will trigger another problem at the same time. And that is, just how many books regarding Necromancy does this guy have?

Interesting, Although I’m able to use Necromancy, I completely do not have any related theoretical books. While this guy is a researcher. Could this also be a choice of Steins;Gate?

And currently, he was informing the King of his investigation results.

“To report to your majesty, it has already been clearly investigated. The person who set the bomb in the castle was Hulse, who had lost to Mr. Feil earlier…”

“Sentence him to death.”


“To actually dare to casually place bombs in my castle. Then you should have the resolve to be killed off, right?”


The knees of the knight Hulse, who had been standing at the side, turned weak and knelt onto the ground when he heard this.

“Your majesty, have mercy, I simply…”

“If you don’t wish for your entire family to be sentenced to death, then you had best shut up and die obediently!”

Following the King’s angry roar, a black figure leapt to the back of the knight Hulse, and with a stretch of his hand, he sliced onto his neck with a dagger. The knight Hulse let out groaning sounds as he used his hands to hold onto his neck which splurging out fresh blood, and fell to the ground.

What a pitiful guy, if you didn’t seek death, death wouldn’t have come to you…

“Alright, this is what happens if you dare to cause destruction in my royal castle. However, I think that it isn’t suitable for you continue living in this royal castle any longer, so, you shall head over to live in the royal hotel outside the castle then. Three days shouldn’t be that long to you, right?”

“Un, thank you, your majesty.”

After hearing that, I said and bowed. Of course, I naturally have another reason for immediately agreeing to his proposal. Firstly, I have already found out the truth of the Forbidden Guards. Secondly, it’s best for the relationship between me and these two things, finding out what the object is in ruins underneath the castle, and visiting Henry’s laboratory, to be as small as possible. If I’m outside the castle, it’s basically the best alibi I can have.

Hence, very timidly, I followed behind this Sir Henry, as we both walked towards the hotel near the castle…

I kind of feel that this expression is a little weird, but since this guy is about to die, I no longer minded about it.

Why do I have to kill him? Isn’t the reason simple? That’s obviously because he’s an evil Necromancer. To a just youth like me who specializes in light magic spells, why wouldn’t I kill him?

“Alright, please have a good rest in this hotel. When it’s the right time tomorrow, I shall dispatch someone to inform you.”

“Alright, Sir Henry.”

Although I don’t know if my actions were awkward, I felt that the bowing posture I imitated should be pretty good.

After taking the key from the attendant, I hurriedly stepped onto the highest floor of the hotel, and entered the room with the highest grade.

“As expected of the hotel designated by the imperial family, the style is completely different.”

The furniture in the room were like treasures found in the treasury, shining and sparkling. However, I understood that they were just special effects created by using magic crystals. In other words, they’re simply things without any value.


Since I’m already here, it’s not right to not enjoy it well~

I picked up the menu on the table, and then, pressed on the service notification button.

Not even a minute later, the attendant that gave me the key earlier appeared in my room.

“Sir, is there anything you need?”

I drew a circle on the menu.

“Please bring out… one of each of these dishes outside this circle.”

——————————The attendant cries in the toilet, and tells his boss that he wants a pay for overtime ——————————

I naturally have my own reasons for calling so many dishes. After all, each of the dishes I wanted all carried an unique buff, and the effects would appear right after eating a little of them.

。Of course, I did not waste the remainders as well, as, after calling out the frog and have him eat his fill, I threw him back into the ring. In any case, this guy is a dungeon, and back then, it did not eat anything at all, so, I allowed him to eat and feel the importance of good food.

But, the reason why I’m doing this was not because I’m trying to hide something, rather… there’s another guest tonight.

After eating the snacks on the table for a long time, I finally could not help but speak out, while facing outside the window.

“Arianha, if there’s something you need, say it then. You will catch a cold for standing outside for too long.”


Hearing my words, the body of Arianha outside the window trembled, and then, she flipped into the room.

“As I thought, you’re not an average person.”

“Aren’t you the same? Are you here to refrain me from interrupting you from exacting your vengeance, or are you here to join us, Arianha Li?”

“I see, it seems like my path of vengeance can only stop here.”

Arianha sighed, and unceremoniously sat down.

“You’re actually eating this much by yourself? Are you a monster?”

“Does it really matter? You wish to kill the entire Mitchell imperial family, you’re the real monster here, right?”

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  1. jacobpaige says:

    Well, that will make it hard to trust her as an ally.

    Its nice to see that Fir is still fighting for justice. Killing evil necromancers and confiscating their wicked paraphernalia and heretical texts. For the Greater Good!

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  2. GonZ555 says:

    Fir, meatbun bet that the ones you circled are the veggie sections, meatbun is right, right?
    *sneaks to fir’s hotel room* yep! No veggies in sight~ this is paradise~! *jumps to the pile of food* nomnomnom..!

    Thank you for the chapter Scrya-sama~


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