[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Bashing My Most Beloved Together

Lights of various colors from every direction flew towards Henry. With just a wave of his hand, a grey and gloomy wall appeared before him, and the various skills struck that wall at the same time. After a loud-sounding bang, his figure once again revealed itself from within the smoke.

That’s really saddening, huh. Even after so many skills struck him, not even 10% of his HP was taken away. Were all the attacks blocked by his defensive magic spell?

“You people are not bad, to actually be able to deal damage to this body of mine, which is filled with the divine power of the Ancients.”

He stretched out his hand and waved it, causing the surrounding smoke to disperse.

After taking a closer look, this guy’s structure is actually really similar to a death god, huh. White and sinister-looking mask, black cloak, and a figure of three meters in height… Is this guy trying to imitate the Abyssal Guide?

And if I remember correctly, you should only be a meter and sixty centimeters tall, right? To actually double your height in an instant, are you kidding me?

But your name and titles are all very clearly revealed above your head, you know. Even if you don’t admit it, the truth is placed right there, Henry.

“The Ancient Godsaint Empire’s lighthouse is actually being used as a source for necromancy by you, those Ancient ones will definitely be sad.”

“Oh? You actually know the origin of this tower? Interesting, work with me then! With all of your strength combined with this tower, we will be able to take control of the world!”

“I see, you and that old bastard are the same. Both of you dream of taking control of the world, huh…”

I helplessly shook my head.

Why take over the world? Won’t the management of it be very tiring?

In any case, I have completely no interest in this sort of matters. But, since there’s someone here trying to destroy this new world where I can casually play around in, I can’t just sit around and do nothing…


They even kidnapped my friend, all to obtain her power or something. I have enough of these sorts of scenarios!

“Hahaha, as long as I have this power, taking control of the world basically isn’t a dream at all.”

“Is that so? I don’t think that way though. After all, this tower is fixed here, and you people are basically unable to bring it out.”

“Then that shows your idiocy. Obviously, we have ways to allow it to leave. As long as we need it to leave, it will be able to fly! There’s nothing it can’t take control of!”

“Is that so? Could it be that there’s a control room as well?”

“That’s of course. We have spent a couple of months on solving the puzzles of these ruins, after all!”

“Then that’s good… But now, since we barged all the way here, if we don’t eliminate you, we will feel really sorry for ourselves.”

“Did this guy really hear what I said…”

“Fir! Why are you still blabbering with this bastard for? Let’s just kill him already!”

Bai Yueguang at the side was already getting impatient, as he consecutively slashed about in the air with the tachi in his hands.

“That’s right. This guy is nothing more than… just experience.”

Ms. Mari agreed as well.

“And he complies with the rule of bosses spouting a huge amount of nonsense.”

Tai Shixi swung the long halberd in her hands.

“So, I will be going up first!”

After saying that, with her feet pushing the ground, she charged right towards him!

“Geez, wait for me~”

With a pull of the bowstring in her Hei Luoli’s hands, three green specks of light flew towards Henry.

“Alright, then as the first step to taking control of the world, I shall exterminate you people!”

With a wave of his hand, the three green specks of light were slapped away.

“I really want to see what kind of capabilities you ants possess!”

“Then you better open up your eyes wide!”

In a flash, Bai Yueguang’s figure appeared behind him.

“I want to see if your recovery speed is the same as those walls outside! 【Arcane – One Character – Disorder】!”

Several distorted slashes came flying towards Henry from different directions. He once again raised out his hands, however, the several slashes simply circled past his hands from different angles, and then, instantly slashed towards his neck!

Although it’s not really clear by looking at it from far away, when the slashes went through his neck, they did indeed cause his HP to move a little.

This defensive strength and HP can never be fake. Although he has a core of a level 15, he has a shell of a level 50, is that it?

But we have only depleted about 10% of his HP, this sure is terrible…

“But, if a boss’s HP were to deplete so quickly, then it won’t be fun at all! 【Arcane – Ice Totem – Expand】!”

Before he could even comprehend what my words meant, his body had already been smashed into the sky.

“What are you people…”

“We like it better when you’re suspended in air!”

I slightly smiled, and then, I cast out my next magic spell with all of my remaining MP!

“【Arcane – Legendary – Ice Dragon Summon】!”

This time, the ice dragon no longer flew about wildly in the air. It simply charged out of the magic formation, and then, tightly locked Henry with its body!

“You… This… is impossible! How are you able to use super advanced spells!? This isn’t something you can…”

“It’s something I can use?”

“No, this spell is basically unable to be learnt from just anywhere… Just which great mage did you learn this spell from!?”

“That’s not something you should be concerned with… And, don’t you think it’s best that you pay more attention to yourself?”


Just when he paused for a moment, a blue light had already enveloped him.

“【Arcane – Ice Coffin】!”

Ms. Mari was standing thirty meters to his left, and the two guns in her hands were like flash lights, as they shot out blue rays of light.

This caused my ice dragon and Henry to completely turn into a huge ice pole!

“【Arcane – Iai – Skybreak】!”

“【Arcane – Lightning Halberd – Rhythm – Mark】!”

Two lights instantly struck onto the ice pole from two sides. The ice pole leaked out a crackling sound, and two to three pieces of ice block instantly descended, falling down onto the ground. At the same time, Henry’s HP was reduced!

“【Penetration Arrow】! Fire!”

Immediately after, a ray of blue light instantly pierced the center of one of the ice blocks. The light slowly dissipated, and hidden within the glow of light, was an arrow.

But this arrow… was connected by a silver thread behind it.

“Alright, alright. Everyone, stand further back. It’s Physics class now~”

At the other end of the silver thread, was a metal box which height was close to Dale himself, while Dale was standing beside the box, and in his hand, was a lever.

“Alright, please enjoy, the output of 100 lightning magic crystals at the same time!”

After saying that, he pulled the lever.

Lightning sparks and blue light, instantly brightened up the entire space…

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  1. bakaleaf (@bakaleaf) says:

    Don’t underestimate the GAMERS!

    Nothing beats the glory of getting the last hit! (For Bonus XP and Loots)
    So the boss should just STFU! and wait until its HP became zero!

    I bet this is what all of them are thinking lol

    And for the Boss…

    WTF!? can’t you guys at least use normal skill instead of using ultimate skill so early!
    JUSTICE! The Enemy Boss needs Justice!

    A certain Demon Lord was watching and can’t help but said out loud..
    “Now you Boss Enemies understand why I remain hidden in the Abyss..”
    -Demon Lord Piccolo

    Thanks for the chapter


  2. LittleLordLamb says:

    Same as above comment, link to ch 25 seems down ill wait ’till it is repaired before reading further. On an aside, its truely good to see u back. :~)


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