[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Mana Depletion

Mador’s figure was about seven meters in height. With a bang, it immediately landed at the square in front of the royal castle, its body caused the firm stone floor of the square to shatter, and a small crater was formed.

Its mouth opened, although, clearly, it was a skull head, black miasma constantly poured out from inside, and the parts of the floor which was spat on by the black miasma actually collapsed instantly.

A black miasma that contains a corrosive ability? This guy is a hybrid of Necromancy and Dark Magic, huh.

Mador – Guide of the Abyss
LV 45

Currently, a monster no longer showed its HP in numbers, but an entire HP bar. However, it’s already pretty good to be able to see the percentage of HP a monster has left. It’s always better compared to games like Monster Hunter, where, even after you have hacked on the monster for so long, you will still not know how much HP your target has left.


I suspiciously looked at the two Priests behind me. The levels of these two people are so high, however…

It would have been good if I had not seen them for myself, but after seeing them, I became depressed. These two people were actually hiding behind Yybril, and they were constantly chanting out the incantations to restore HP.

Several rays of white light freely landed on Yybril’s body, and the brightness of these rays of light were much radiant than the ones earlier.

And the MP consumption of elementary-grade recovery magic spells are considered rather small to them. Before they could even finish their incantations, their MP would have been restored by quite a bit.

Ah whatever, let’s have them cheer us on then.

“Fir! Are you planning to use your katana, or magic?”

Yybril looked at the Bloodmoon in my hands and asked.

“That really has to depend on the situation.”

I replied very seriously.

The Mador in front of us seemed to be observing us as well, it simply watched us, and seemed as though it did not dare to make any rash moves. I wonder if it was due to its fear of the white light that was constantly pouring out of Yybril’s body.

Then, allow me to take the initiative this time!

Lightly pushing out the katana slightly from its sheath, with a Shadow Sneak, I flashed to Mador’s back, and in the instant before it could even react, I tapped on the skill hotkey.

“【Arcane – Iai Slash】!”

A red blade flashed, the red slash strike instantly landed on the cape behind Mador.

However, the attack did not even have the slightest of effect.

The red trajectory from the slash strike simply passed through, while Mador’s figure slowly distorted, and then, it disappeared in mid-air.


Before I could even finish being shocked, an attack warning appeared behind me.

How’s that possible! This thing’s speed…

“Watch out!”

A white figure flashed passed my side, and the white knight sword in her hands clashed with Mador’s sickle!

The sound of metal clashing explosively rang in my ears. I reflexively used a Charge to the side, and right after, I sent an Ice Totem to smash towards Mador!

Mador simply borrowed its large figure to jump up and dodge my attack, then, it landed on my ice totem.

However, my attack did not end there.

“【Arcane – Praise of the Ice Prison】!”

In an instant, dozens of arm-sized ice pillars criss-crossed around each other as they binded Mador entirely. It wanted to try breaking out, however, it was only able to shatter one or two pillars.

“Die! 【Super Arcane – Punishment – Tearing Cross】!”

“【Arcane – Radiant Finishing Sword】!”

Two rays of light, one red, and one white, pierced through Mador’s body. A roar was emitted out of Mador’s body, and immediately after, a black figure instantly flew up into the high skies!

“What is he…”

“He’s not dead yet! Watch out! 【Arcane – Empiric – Ice Royal Garden】!”

I roared out loudly as I pressed the ground, a gigantic ice wall instantly blocked our front!

Right after, a penetrating sound could be heard, the center of the ice wall was currently pierced into by a sickle!

This guy’s level is much higher than mine, and he’s the real deal. This destructive power is really frightening. He actually broke through my strongest defensive magic spell instantly!

And, the entire ice wall began to tremble, and the vicinity of the piercing sickle, cracks were constantly spreading, and it looked as though it was about to shatter!

Yybril and I hurriedly retreated to the back. The moment we landed, the entire ice wall instantly shattered into pieces, and the flying pieces of ice, as though they were cannonballs, smashed towards the surrounding buildings, leaving several holes in the walls of those buildings.

There were even some houses that collapsed instantly!

“Hey, hey, hey. Is this guy from the demolition office as well…?”

With less than a third of its HP left, the black cloak on Mador’s body turned into a huge amount of black miasma, and like wings, the black miasma floated behind Mador’s white skeletal body.

What’s this? A second form? A monster that appeared on the road actually carries such an ability? Could it be that this is a mini-boss?


The skull let out a huge roar, summoning out a gust of dark wind which carried countless of wind blades, and they flew straight towards us.

Crap! My MP bar is completely empty!

I hurriedly spread out my Angel’s Wing, and with the strongest Light Magic spell I had, I shot head-on towards the target!

“【Super Arcane – Praise of Light】!”

The strong light and grey wind collided head-on, an explosion that was several times stronger than earlier occurred right in front of me, and the force from impact caused me to feel as though I had been smashed by a large vehicle!

Immediately after, I felt as though my body was like a kite which had its string broken, as I was sent flying to the back. I did not know what I had smashed into, and I constantly tumbled in mid-air, and then, with a loud bang, I crashed into a wall!

“【Arcane – Angel’s Halo】!”

A ray of white light descended on me, allowing my HP to fully recover, at the same time, my Angel’s Wing had automatically retracted as well.

The usage time ended, is it…? Damn it…

I struggled out and leapt down from the wall. Looking towards Mador which was still flying in the faraway sky, I bitterly smiled.

“Things have gotten troublesome…”

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  1. GonZ555 says:

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    A ray of white light descended on me, allowing my HP to fully recover, at the same time, my Angel’s Wing had automatically retracted as well.
    The usage time ended, is it…? Damn it…

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    Nah, Fir. In Monster Hunter, after you’ve played for a long while, you develop a sense of timing of when a monster is going to go down. Questions like “How many more wyvernfires to the face can this bucko take?” and “Should I sheathe and dive?” are solved through experience. Especially the latter, which is a practice more commonly referred to as ‘triple-carting’.


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