[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Can’t We Have a Nice and Peaceful Talk?

“You, since you have the time to record, why didn’t you teach that city guard commander a lesson?”

While walking to the castle’s dining hall with the princess, Princess Syli asked this.

I chuckled.

“Princess, are you trying to have me directly wage a war against the castle?”

“Haha~ What’s bad about that? That way, can’t we deal with all the problems with a single breath?”

“It’s indeed convenient, however, other than those Forbidden Guards, I’m more concerned about the thing the King found in the ruins.”

“Is that so? Then you might be able to get along with my father, you know?”

“That’s definitely impossible. Currently, we’re existences that mutually wish to kill each other. But, speaking of which, this Ms. Arianha beside you won’t expose our conversation, right?”

I pointed to the girl who was wearing a maid uniform in front of me, and said.

“If she really does expose us, then don’t you think it’s a little too late for you to ask about it?”

“Are you sure? As long as you say that you don’t trust her, then she won’t remember whatever that had happened earlier.”

“Geez, those words of yours sure and bloody and violent.”

“What are you talking about? I will simply give her a punch that can cause her to lose her memories.”

“Oh, really?”

“Of course, losing her memories is just a bonus, usually, I will simply knock her out until the entire incident is over.”

“Is it really fine for you to say that right in front of her?”

“Look, personally, she isn’t saying anything about it.”

That’s right, this girl called Arianha did not say a single thing, as though she was unrelated to the things we were talking about.

“Hey, Arianha, do you really not have anything you wish to say?”

“Esteemed princess.”

The maid called Arianha said without even turning her head to her.

“If you really wish for me to say something, then, your actions of killing the King are simply no different from moths being drawn into flames. With only the strengths of both of you, you’re unable to achieve it.”

“Oh, do you have an understanding towards the King’s power?”

“Although it’s only a rumor…”

Arianha stopped, turned, and looked towards us.

“But rumors say that, the King had already obtained the power of the ruins. Although I don’t know what it is, I heard a portion of the power is capable of making an enemy out of any army squad from the Eastern Continent.”

“Oh, that strong?”

I nodded, and then asked.

“Then where’s the location of the cemetery in this capital of yours?”

“Cemetery? I believe it’s to the east of the city.”

Arianha pondered for a moment before answering.

“Then that’s good enough. There’s no problems.”

“Are you frustrating about your own future grave?”

“Of course not, I’m just more concerned about solving this issue from all angles.”

“Alright, if you people want to chat, let’s leave it for later. There are still many things we have to do right now.”

Princess Syli seemed to have gotten a little impatient. After interrupting our conversation, she continued walking forward.

I shrugged, and then, hurriedly caught up.

“Father, this is Feil, the one who helped me locate my doll, that I have brought up to you about.”

“Oh, really?”

I did not expect that, after half a year, I actually met with the King of Mitchell Kingdom once again.

And this time, killing him is the reason why I’m back in this Kingdom.

He sized me up for a moment, and smiled.

“So, it’s actually a Rogue Mercenary? Interesting. If I’m not mistaken, we haven’t had any Rogues entering our castle, right?”

“Papa, those words of yours are too rude.”

Princess Syli said.

“Hahaha, I’m sorry. But, speaking of which, my good daughter, why did you bring him into the castle?”

“Because I found out that he’s very strong, so I wish to have him become my knight.”

When these words came out, the surrounding people began to discuss among themselves in low voices.

“Knight? A Rogue? An Assassin might fit the bill, but a Rogue is…”

The King, however, did not reveal that much of a shocked expression, rather, he began to mutter to himself.”

“My King!”

Suddenly, a knight wearing heavy armor stood out and roared.

“Since the Princess has said that this person’s abilities are pretty good, this subordinate here is willing to test his abilities!”

“Oh, alright, I will agree to it.”

Hey, hey, hey, you really agreed to it unhesitatingly, huh. At least, say some words like it’s too dangerous or something.

Of course, I’m referring to the fact that it’s too dangerous for the other party.

“Alright, pull out your weapon! I shall have you understand how wide the distance is between us!”

“Ah, I guess you’re right.”

I nodded, and then, pulled out my dagger.



He looked at me very furiously.

“You bastard actually dare to provoke me! I shall give you a good beating.”

“Are you sure? In a place in this castle where people eat?”


He raised the sword in his hands, and his entire body moved, as he charged towards me!

“Ah, so slow…”

I leaned to the right, and the blade brushed past my side. Then, I stabbed my dagger forward, and twisted it.


The position where his armor parts were connected to one another, instantly shattered, and his armor separated into countless pieces.

Just as he was still in shock, I turned, and looked towards the King.

“Anyone else?”

29 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 8

    • xias1 says:

      His words about “solving this issue from all angles” while asking about the graveyard means he finally intends to use his instant kill skill if needed and therefore prepares to “die” enough times to use it on the king. XD


      • flame says:

        Hmmm I guess that makes more sense.. for what ever reason when I read this chapter I read “angles” as “angels”.. I was like what does this have to do with angels?!… It makes more sense now and I don’t know why I didn’t question that X 3


    • TamaSaga says:

      I’m actually predicting that the King found some sort of Raise Dead artifact so he’s going to get the jump first to ensure that the dead are his minions.


  1. SeveringSoul says:

    Lol, everyone is just wishing he would kill the King, of course i’m one of them, but it’s always interesting to see what the author will do, besides all he is doing is building up to a massive fight to make it more epic, all the while giving more time for him to interact with the princess.


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