[Disciple] Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Big Sis, Don’t Scare Me

Her doubt was cleared when she saw Xiao Yi standing alone with the rest of the Mountain Lords in the great hall. Rui Yu was not by his side, so he must have spent the extra three days to appease her.

“Master!” Seeing them entering the hall, Xiao Yi welcomed them with an excited expression. To be precise, he was welcoming Feng Yi. “It’s great that you’re fine and well.”

“Mn.” Feng Yi responded blandly, and then, brushed past him, walking over to the higher seats. At that moment, Xiao Yi’s expression turned a little ugly. A gap had opened up between them.

Zhu Yao stroked her nose, and found herself a seat as well. Having some bad thoughts in her mind, she found this scene to be really amusing.

She carefully looked at Xiao Yi’s cultivation, and as expected, it had rose by quite a bit again. Earlier, he was at the second level of Nascent Soul, but now, he’s at the peak of the second level, and it faintly looked as though he was about to break through into the third level as well. It seemed like in these ten days, he did not forget to do the thing he had to with Rui Yu.

His own master’s life and death was uncertain when she was trapped in the Desolate Ground, yet, he submerged himself in a couple’s bliss. Thinking it this way, he really deserved losing Feng Yi’s trust.

Wait a minute, why was she able to see his face clearly now? It seemed as though the word BUG on his face had lightened a little.

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment, and then, she raised her head. The hell! The exclamation mark on his head had disappeared as well!

Could it be because she released the Water Spirit, it resulted to a part of the BUG being fixed? The more Zhu Yao thought about it, the more she felt this was plausible. In her dreams, Xiao Yi obtained the three Spirits, and then, with his senses for the Five Spirits, he summoned the remaining Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit.

Currently, he only had the Metal Spirit in his hands. In other words, the Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit would never be in his hands. If she were to take the Metal Spirit off his hands as well, without his only golden finger, naturally, he would no longer be a bug. When she thought of this, Zhu Yao momentarily got excited.

“Senior-martial brother, he hooked himself with a heretic practitioner. Ever since the ancient times, good and evil has never been able to co-exist, this issue cannot be prolonged. Sect Master senior-martial brother, please handle this matter impartially.” Zi Dan spoke up with a furious expression.

Xiao Yi frowned deeply. “Senior-martial brother Zi Dan, please do not slander me. You say that I hooked myself up with a heretic practitioner, do you have evidence?”

“Evidence?” Zi Dan snorted coldly, it seemed like the anger in his heart was not light. Walking towards Zhu Yao, he said in agitation. “You want evidence? Little brother, tell them. Back then in Yucang City, was he together with that devil woman?”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao could only nod her head.

So it was because of this matter. It was no wonder she and Feng Yi was called here so hastily. Heretic practitioners and Deity practitioners had fought for so many years, and they had long been divided like water and fire. It was thus no wonder Zi Dan would be this furious till now. This time, Xiao Yi had landed himself in deep trouble.

Xiao Yi’s expression became even uglier, yet, he still rebutted with a just attitude. “Both of you are biased against Rui Yu, your words cannot be easily taken for truth. And, even if I’m together with her, it doesn’t prove that I have hooked up with a heretic practitioner, does it? Rather, you two…” He coldly looked at the two people in the eyes, his expression revealed a hint of disdain. “Don’t forget that the reason why you two are still alive was because she released you two back then in Yucang City. Not only do you two not know how to show your gratitude, you still wish to frame me?”

“You… You’re really unreasonable.” In an instant, Zi Dan was furious to the point where fumes were about to rise from his head.

Zhu Yao was even more dumbfounded by this twisted concept of his. Show Rui Yu gratitude? Did she hear him right? The one who caught them was her as well, and instead, she had to thank her? What kind of joke was that?

“Alright. Since little brother Soi’s and my words are not trustworthy, then your master’s words should be trustworthy, right!?” Zi Dan took in a deep breath. Looking towards Feng Yi who was seating at the higher seats, he said with a bow. “Senior-martial aunt, you saw that scene for yourself as well. In the underground city, wasn’t he hooking up together with that heretic practitioner?”

Zhu Yao sighed. Not only did she see it, she was even given a free ticket to watch a “There’s Only Me in Your Heart, and You’re the Only One in My Heart” movie.

Feng Yi recalled that live pornographic scene as well, and her expression instantly darkened quite a bit. Her delicate brows furrowed deeply, and only after a moment did she helplessly nod.

“Master!” Xiao Yi widened his eyes, and looked at Feng Yi with disbelieving eyes. His expression instantly sank to rock bottom, and his entire face was filled with the “how can you not understand me?” look.

Feng Yi did not bother looking at him, and instantly turned her head away.

Xiao Yi’s face was instantly ashen.

Although he saw that Xiao Yi had suffered a setback, Zhu Yao still felt rather refreshed. However, in the end, he would not be sentenced to death. If he was really judged as someone who had hooked up with an heretic practitioner, most likely, he would no longer have a footing in the deity cultivation world. Although he was quite a playboy, and would always open his legs whenever he see beautiful women, generally, he could not be said to be too nasty of a person. Adding that in Yucang City, he had once saved her before, so to speak.

“Xiao Yi, did you really hook yourself up with that heretic practitioner?” Zi Mo’s expression sank as well. This matter was too grave, although he was the disciple of a Sovereign, for the sake of the Ancient Hill Sect, he could not afford to be soft.

“Umm… I think there’s some sort of a misunderstanding.” Zhu Yao stood up, stopped Zi Mo, and cleared her throat. “Actually, when we were at Yucang City, the three of us were captured by that heretic practitioner. And she was a Demigod-stage practitioner.”

The moment these words fell, the great hall was momentarily in an uproar. Heretic practitioners had never been easy to deal with, and all of them had their own methods at their disposal. However, the reason why the deity sects had been able to suppress them for so many years, was exactly because of the Demigod-stage practitioners in the deity sects. And although heretic practitioners, through relying on their heretic practices, could cultivate faster than the disciples of deity sects, none of them were able to reach the peak. However, currently, a Demigod-stage practitioner appeared, which everyone could not help but exclaim about. To the deity sects, this was definitely a big threat.

“Back then, the three of us were unable to defeat her, and we almost disco- uh… I mean, we almost died in her hands.” Zhu Yao continued. “In the end, Xiao Yi, with his quick wits, bewitched that female practitioner, and thus, was able to save all of us.”

“But he clearly, with that woman…” Zi Dan was still furious, and wanted to speak up.

Zhu Yao tugged him. “Senior-martial brother, back then, heretic practitioners were everywhere. I believe junior-martial brother Xiao had no other options as well, so he had to put an act that entire time. If he had really betrayed the sect, why would he return, and walk himself into a trap?”

Zi Dan frowned and thought for a moment, and then, he no longer argued.

“Hence, junior-martial brother Xiao was only putting up an act, to fool that heretic practitioner.” Zhu Yao looked towards Xiao Yi who was in the center. “Isn’t that right?”

“Yes!” Xiao Yi gritted his teeth, before blurting out an answer a moment later.

Zi Mo frowned deeply. He kind of felt that this incident was not as simple as this. After pondering for a moment, he said. “Junior-martial brother Xiao, since you have already returned, it means that you have completely broke off from that female practitioner. You should not have continued discussing about the matter of that heretic practitioner, which even caused junior-martial brother Zi Dan to misunderstand.”

Xiao Yi simply lowered his head, and did not reply, as though he was silently agreeing to his words.

“Since the truth is clear, then there’s no need for us to investigate it any further.” Zi Mo continued. “However, to prevent all circumstances, even more so to prevent that heretic practitioner from taking the opportunity to seek revenge, junior-martial brother Xiao will not be allowed to head down the mountain for two hundred years.”

This was the best way to deal with the situation. First, he had given face to Sovereign Feng Yi, and second, he could prevent any implications of him being with the heretic practitioner.

“Do you have any objections?”

Xiao Yi was silent for a moment, before he hugged his fist and replied. “I shall comply with the Sect Master’s orders!” Raising his head, his eyes, however, moved to Zhu Yao who was behind him. At that moment, his gaze turned cold, a hint of hatred flashed past his eyes.

Zhu Yao’s heart shook! The hell, what’s the meaning of this expression of his? She saved his life, you know? Hey? Why did her hatred parameter rise every single time she saves him?

With Zi Mo’s order, he announced that the meeting was adjourned.

In this happy and satisfactory ending, Zhu Yao was the only one who felt terrible.

Feng Yi was the first one to leave. When she passed by Zhu Yao, she cast a grateful glance at her, and only then did Zhu Yao found some comfort.

As expected, there were still understanding people in this world.


Probably because Zhu Yao had saved Xiao Yi, Feng Yi, the mountain-top flower of Ancient Hill Sect, had recently warmed up to her. Since they were both at the Beast-Taming Mountain, they were quite near each other. Feng Yi would occasionally come down to converse with her. Coincidentally, little wimp had entered the rebellious phase, and it was unknown what the old man Zi Mo was thinking, every bunch of documents pertaining to the Ancient hill Sect were pushed to her. She was extremely busy, and when Feng Yi came, she could finally find an excuse, to pat her own buttocks and disregard them.

When Feng Yi came to look for her, she was currently giving a lesson to the new little turnips who had just entered. Zi Mo’s explanation was, these were the future of the sect, as an elder, she had the responsibility to supervise them.

Momma’s egg, it’s not like she was taking in any disciples, the hell she needed to supervise them for?

Looking at these bunch of naive little turnips circling around her, and because she had to maintain her reputation, she could not hit them and could not scold them, it was very terrifying, alright?

“Elder, elder, what’s your name?” Number one turnip asked.

“Elder, elder, you can fly, so is your name flyman?” Number two turnip asked.

“But, my father said that those that can fly, are called birds though?” Number three turnip asked.

“Then, is your name birdman?” Number four turnip asked.


Zhu Yao squatted down, pulled the bunch of curious little turnips, and sighed. With a heavy tone, she explained. “Little buddies, this elder’s name, is not flyman, and not birdman either. I’m called Superman!”

That’s right, I’m the Superman tasked to save the world.

“Oh!” The little turnips had a sudden realization, and the place was filled sighs of admiration.


A light laughter came from afar, the mountain-top flower had came here to converse with her again. Zhu Yao finally had an excuse to dodge this affair. After casually picking out a disciple, she handed the bunch of little turnips over, and then, pulling along Feng Yi, she ran away.

Little kids or whatever, were too terrifying.

“How can you trick those little children?” Feng Yi sat down on the stone chair in the courtyard.

“How can you say that I tricked them?” Zhu Yao poured herself a cup of tea, and explained with a serious expression. “I’m giving them a very important lesson, ‘loose lips will sink ships’… Really!”

Feng Yi shook her head, however, she did not continue to argue. After taking the cup of tea from him, she expressed her thanks.

Zhu Yao: “…” It wasn’t for you, though.

Alright, she felt embarrassed taking it back, hence, she could only pour herself another cup.

Feng Yi seemed to have something to say. While glancing at him for a couple of times, she kept biting her lips. “Soi Sauz…”


“What… What do you think of me?” Feng Yi suddenly asked.

“What?” Zhu Yao gave an air-headed answer.

Feng Yi, however, lowered her head. Lightly glancing at him from the corner of her eyes, as though she had something that she could not bring herself to say, her face began to redden bit by bit.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you so strange today?”

After conversing with her for so many days, Zhu Yao had already treated her as a good girl friend. This was still the first time she had seen her with such an expression.

“Are you willing… to form a practitioner-pair with me?”


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  1. exqalph03 says:

    ha~! Although that’s a really tempting offer, unfortunately, the one that got the offer would surely not accept it! Huh~! What a waste!! Really what a waste! If all comes to nothing, then Feng Yi should just rape him! Woohoo~!

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

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    • Waht says:

      I sometimes find it odd that in certain stories, the narrative brings up certain opportunities that you just know the MC will never want to accept — yet, the narrative keeps presenting these opportunities, over and over again.
      (Like, say, an MC has a girlfriend. Then, the story keeps presenting more and more girls, as if a harem is even possible — even though the MC clearly is not swinging that way).

      It’s very frustrating when we see opportunities flare up within the story, yet we feel like they will never happen. The author is just teasing the audience, it can get very annoying.
      That being said, I trust this author to not “mindlessly tease us”, and instead somehow turn this awkward situation into a humorous one.

      Nobody here really expects them to form a couple, that much is clear. But for the very least, I hope that the story will deal with it appropriately, without giving us redundant mixed signs.

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      • exqalph03 says:

        Yup! I’ve also thought about that, well, it’s already quite obvious that it will be humorous, that’s what I’m expecting when I finished reading the chapter, really, good girl friends, haha~ XD!


  2. crazyboy1200 says:

    that was so obvious! XD

    I’m wondering how she is gonna start her relationship with? Too CURIOUS! Who is gonna be her love interest?

    But still, that Xiao Yi though, a dumb MC alright.

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    • The Devourer says:

      Zhu yao said she wants to get the metal spirit from xiao, cause in her dreams when Xiao got the metal, water, and wood spirits he sumo new the fire and earth’s spirits without having to look for them, so since the water spirit is now in the depths of the ocean, wood spirit in zhu yao ‘ s conscience, if she takes away the metal spirit away from xiao, her mission will be 100% complete….but if xiao keeps the metal spirit and when he ascends he will take the metal spirit with him which still cause disaster anyways, in other words xiao isn’t allowed to have any spirits in his possession, that’s why zhu yao helped him stay in deity cultivation to make it easier for her to take away the metal spirit

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  3. FernwehDesu says:

    Too bad though~ As if the Master is going to let Feng Yi take his little-precious-stupid-disciple-who-always-gets-herself-killed away… Impossible!

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    Everyone’s talking about the bug or rebounds… and here I sit, wondering who will put the soysauce six feet under…

    I like to imagine that at the end of the storym all the characters meet up one final time where it is revealed that Zhu Yao reincarnated all this time and who she was during each incarntion.

    Also, does anyone have any idea what her next incarnation will be? My guess is a mystical beast who ends up as Feng Yi’s partner. That, and I would like to see Zhu Yao and Sesame interacting. I wonder how Yu Yan would react when his one and only disciple becomes a mystical beast…

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  5. bakaleaf (@bakaleaf) says:

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    but MC has mix feeling after all in the past MC love’s BL….

    hahaha such is the most dangerous choice MC ever had since arriving at that world

    Where the hell is MC’s master when MC needed him lol


    • aiskaiz says:

      Omg, can you imagine it?! Poor little wimp, after he worked so hard to confess as woman literally descends from the mountain and one-ups his proposal! He’s gonna think that ZY’s orientation has changed after being in a male body for so long~

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  6. dgcast16 says:

    Me imagining what will happen next;

    “Are you willing… to form a practitioner-pair with me?”

    *Dunuduun*skip *duuuun*heartbeat*duun*

    Enters little wimp………overhears…the……conversation!!
    Wimp_”What!….wh_what did you just say?! No!, you can’t have her, she’s mine !”

    Zhu yao_”…..”

    Whose your momma egg! I, Zhu yao, am not a possession.

    Hey! Hey you hear me? Zhu Yao’s heart shook as she was obviously being ignored.

    The hell, what’s the meaning this, they were definitely talking about me so shouldn’t they ask the

    person in question before deciding on anything ?!

    . …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..etc.


  7. Perdien says:

    That’s a heavy blow for my heart.
    Feng Yi proposed..
    How can I keep my head insane after imagining nonstop? Sigh..
    Zhu Yao definitely ladykiller…..


  8. dgcast16 says:

    Me imagining what will happen next;

    “Are you willing… to form a practitioner-pair with me?”

    Enter master Yu Yan….overhears….conversation….WA-wait-what!!!???

    Yu yan omniously glares with killing intent at demi god feng yi, who in

    turn has a puzzled look plastered on her face.

    Yu yan swiftly turns to look at zhu yao, picking her up in an embrace, he kidnaps her out of there.

    And in no time arrived in peak of mountain . zhu yao still being carried by master Yu yan,

    Decides it’s about high time she hightailed it out of there.she tries pushing away from him

    but to no avail.

    Feeling uncomfortable under the scrutinizing gaze of her master, zhu yao, limply lies in view of his gaze full

    of ice cold and infuriated dagger of eyes.

    Finally Yu yan speaks ” what where you thinking !!,…….did you not know that I ………..****

    *(choice of excuse,explanation, or Yu yan notice. His feelings of love or possession, etc.*


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  9. Justine says:

    Poor Zhu Yao… ever since she reincarnated into a guy, everything she do for the sake of Xiao Yi is just giving her more hate and when she was a girl, he was thankful like for like a milisecond…. Such an ungrateful guy !


    • Namorax says:

      Well, the bug is a parody of ever xianxia character that exists… those people are used to get everything, and everyone who take something away from them is presented as the current villain for a story arc. If this was written from the bug’s POV, Soi Sauce would be described as a sneaky weasel who “poisoned” Feng Yi’s heart to make her turn away from him. And since the *ahem* MC can’t allow anyone to “hurt” those the *ahem* MC considers friends/family/loved ones, every xianxia trope demands that the bug starts another trainings-montage in order to become powerful enough to kill the “villain” and “rescue” Feng Yi. Or at the very least get revenge in some kind of way…

      If Soi Sauce was a woman, the tropes thst govern this genre would have the possibility to hsve Soi Sauce become someone who helps the *ahem* MC. Either by giving him a power-up or love…


  10. Elementalcobalt says:

    So you heard it here, next time she dies itll be 200 years before she resurrects, just in time for xiaos punishment to end and the other guy to break into the nascent realm.


  11. bellcross13 says:

    Am i the only one who find it extremely annoying as to how she keeps on saving that BUG’s ass without her realising that her job would be finish if he just die? I mean come on.


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