[Disciple] Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Cat Fight When There’s Nothing to Do

After pondering for a moment, it was extremely possible. When a disciple with multiple Spirit Veins wish to raise their levels, they had to take in a balanced amount of spiritual energy corresponding to each Spirit Vein at the same time. A Dual-Spirit Veins Holder had to take in two types of spiritual energy, while a Tri-Spirit Veins Holder, naturally, had to take in three types. He was a Metal and Wood Spirit Veins Holder, yet, because of the disturbance caused by the Metal Spirit, he had only taken in metal spiritual energy, and he did not have the Wood Spirit to help him take in wood spiritual energy. If he wished to form his Nascent Soul, his only way was to wash away the useless Wood Spirit Vein.

He was the protagonist after all, he’s blessed with luck and benefits everywhere.

Recalling back then, because he hid away that Heaven Pulse Lotus, her body was filled holes made by the demonic beast, and had almost lost her life. However, in the end, she still earned from it.

As expected, she was given birth from the second wife, right? It must be, right!?

Zi Mo saw that everyone had arrived, and passed down the instructions to open the hall door, welcoming the Daoist friends from the various Sects and Clans, that were here to congratulate them, into the hall.

In but an instant, following after the resounding notification, people from various Sects and Clans walked in one after another. There were Nascent Soul-stage Elders from the various Sects, and there were also many elite disciples that were here as errand boys. All of them came forward with congratulatory gifts. First, they walked forward to the three Sovereigns to make their greetings, and then, had a small polite chat with Xiao Yi, before they were brought away by the disciples arranged by the Sect Master.

This process continued for a long time, and was completely monotonous. Zhu Yao was extremely bored watching this, and the smile on her face had already stiffened. However, as a named Elder, she had the responsibility to keep up her appearance. She could not even use the wondrous move of going for a toilet break, as, after she had set up their Foundation, she no longer had to eat, drink or head to the toilet.

After this boring ceremony had persisted for six hours, she finally understood why her master hated participating in group activities in the Sect so much.

I’m so bored! I wish for something to happen! A cat fight is fine too!

Suddenly, a bang sounded. The ground severely shook, and Zhu Yao who was bored to the point where mushrooms were about to grow on her, did not stabilize her footing, and had almost slipped.

The hell! Something really occurred!

Heavens, if you satisfy my demands so much, I will be very wilful!

This strange trembling lasted entirely for fifteen minutes before it finally stopped. Other than the Nascent Soul-stage practitioners on-site who were still sitting in their original positions, most of the other disciples were staggering from the trembling. The entire place was in chaos.

“Quiet!” A Nascent Soul-stage pressure covered the entire hall, and the people in the hall finally quietened down.

Zi Mo stood at the center, and solemnly said to the people outside. “What happened?”

“Sect Master!” A disciple hurriedly entered, his face was still filled with fear and anxiety which had yet to recede. “Due to the unknown reasons, the Great Mountain Protection Formation had suddenly collapsed.”

The Great Mountain Protection Formation was one of the strongest defenses Ancient Hill Sect possessed.

Zi Mo’s face paled, and in a flash, his figure had flew out. The faces of the various Mountain Lords present were terrible as well, as they followed after him one after another. As a named Elder, naturally, she was not an exception, and followed after everyone to the open square outside the Main Mountain.

Raising her head to look, she could see, what was originally a blue sky, suddenly shook. A layer of membrane-like thing, was being dispersed bit by bit, as though it was being slowly torn apart.

Zi Mo deeply frowned, and was both shock and furious. He called over the disciple who was protecting the formation’s core. “Who was it who dared to destroy our Ancient Hill Sect’s Great Mountain Protection Formation?”

“This disciple… doesn’t know.” The disciple bowed and replied. “Before the formation collapsed, no one had appeared in the vicinity of the formation’s core.”

“Are you sure there isn’t anyone?” Zi Mo asked.

The disciple recalled for a moment, and once again, decisively shook his head. “Other than this disciple, absolutely no one has appeared.”

Zi Mo went silent for a moment. The Great Mountain Protection Formation of Ancient Hill Sect was named as the number one formation in the cultivation world, because this formation was not set by just anyone, but by that person on Jade Forest Mountain. In the current cultivation world, other than that man himself, there’s basically no one else who had the capability to forcefully break this formation, unless the formation’s core was destroyed.

But, on this very day, in front of the various Sects and Clans, Ancient Hill Sect was given a huge slap in the face. He was afraid that if the reason for this could not be found, from then on, it would turn into a joke in the cultivation world.

“Senior brother, the formation is about to collapse completely, it’s more important to protect the formation for now.” Zi Yuan took a step forward, and reminded Zi Mo who was submerged in his own fury.

Only then did Zi Mo suppressed his anger, and turned to instruct the disciples at the side. “Hurry to the Jade Forest Mountain and have your ancestral-grand master come over.”

And then, he signaled to the few Mountain Lords and Nascent Soul-stage Elders to cast and stabilize the formation, preventing it from collapsing any further.

Only when Zhu Yao took action did she understood why this formation was named as the number one formation in the cultivation world. The astronomical amount of spiritual energy needed, was basically nothing she could compare to. When she inserted her spiritual energy, it was like a drop of water in an ocean, it was completely ineffective at all. She was initially absolutely confident with her own cultivation, but instantly, she was slapped hard in the fact by cruel reality.

When she was just about to be unable to hold on any longer, the disciple who had went over to seek Yu Yan had returned, and he had a look as though he was about to cry.

“To inform Sect Master, ancestral-grand master has activated Jade Forest Mountain’s formation, this disciple wasn’t able to enter.”

“Then, what about message paper cranes?”

“The paper cranes weren’t able to enter either.”

Zhu Yao’s face instantly darkened. Just what the hell was her master doing?

Zi Mo who was initially already utterly exhausted, had became even more utterly exhausted. This ancestral-grand uncle of his was initially hard to deal with, after he had taken a disciple, he got a little better. Just when he was about to return back on track, in an instant, two of his disciples died consecutively. He was able to understand if he were to vent out some of his emotions, but why the hell did it have to be in a time like this?

Zi Mo even felt like crying right in front of him. Just when he did not know what to do, suddenly, he saw that youthful and handsome young man at the side.

Suddenly, a plan rang out in his heart.

Oh, young man who “should not be made known to the world”, the time when Ancient Hill Sect needs you has come.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt a chill down her spine, and when she turned, she coincidentally saw that strange gaze Zi Mo had.

What is this old man thinking of doing?

“I say, young man who shouldn’t be… ahem, junior brother Soi.” He almost exposed himself! Zi Mo faked out a few coughs to cover up. “I recall that you have some form of friendship with my ancestral-grand uncle. Can I trouble you to head over and request him to come over?”

“Uh…” If it was a request, then so be it. But what’s with those eyes of yours which have been constantly twitching? “It isn’t a problem for me to head over there, but I’m afraid if I were to pull my hand back now, the Great Mountain Protection Formation will…”

Zi Mo’s face darkened, and had only just reached this line of thought.

They had only managed to prevent the formation from collapsing so quickly by having this many Nascent Soul-stage practitioners insert their spiritual energy together, otherwise, the entire Ancient Hill Sect would have already fell onto the sea. If they were to pull out one of them now, it would be game over.

“This Sovereign shall take over!” A cold female voice sounded.

When Zhu Yao turned to look, behind them were the three Demigod Sovereigns, and the one who voiced out was actually Sovereign Feng Yi.

Zi Mo was startled, as though he had just recalled that the three Sovereigns were here as well, and silently wiped off his cold sweat. It was not his fault, these three people had not managed affairs for too long, even he had forgotten that they were Demigods.

“I will have to trouble the three Sovereigns.”

With the participation of the three Demigod Sovereigns, the collapsing formation instantly stabilized, however, the damage was still very large.

Feng Yi waved towards Zhu Yao, and Zhu Yao simply felt she was instantly bounced back by a ball of energy, and her spiritual power was withdrawn.

“Do what you need to do!” Feng Yi coldly spoke up, and she did not even turn her head to look at Zhu Yao at all, her face was filled with immense pride.

Zhu Yao rubbed her nose, and she planned on hurrying to the Jade Forest Mountain to haul her master here.

However, suddenly, a change occurred. A few dozens of steps away, in the vicinity of the formation’s core which was still rather calm earlier, a black fog suddenly emitted out. The fog was especially dense, yet, it did not disperse in all directions, rather, it slowly gathered and took shape. It actually turned into a gigantic demonic beast, and there were actually several dozens of them.

The constant roars instantly resounded through the clouds.

“They’re sixth-ranked demonic beasts!” The place had instantly sank into chaos.

“Disciples of Ancient Hill Sect, follow me to battle.” Xiao Yi, who was the only one who did not take action to maintain the formation, shouted loudly. Releasing his pressure, the place had finally managed to calm down. Casually summoning his own sword, he swung it and slashed towards the nearest demonic beast.

Zhu Yao’s legs instantly stopped as well. Summoning her spiritual swords, she activated a sword formation and threw it at a demonic beast which was currently rushing towards where the people were maintaining the formation. This demonic beast, however, was especially strange. With just a single slash, it actually reverted back into a mass of black fog.

When she looked around, none of the other demonic beasts that fell turned into fog. What the hell was this demonic beast? And these demonic beasts, seemed to have found its target as well, as they crazily attacked towards the few people who could not move due to them maintaining the formation.

And among the few people that were around them, only she was the nearest, and her cultivation level was the highest as well. Although, to her, a sixth-ranked demonic beast was nothing to be afraid of, she was unable to hold herself against a large number of them. Clenching her teeth, Zhu Yao could only summon Sesame over.

“Sesame, clear the field!”

~~ Rooooar ~ ┗|`o′|┛

The moment Sesame appeared, it instantly sat a demonic beast to death with its butt, and with a sweep of its tail, it blew another one away. Then, it complacently looked towards her in the eye.


Meow your sister. Be a proper beast, what are learning to cry out like a cat for?

Although Sesame was suppressing his cultivation, and looked like a ninth-ranked demonic beast, however, after all, it was an eleventh-rank demonic beast. Fighting sixth-ranked demonic beasts was like chopping vegetables to it. With its participation, the entire scene instantly made a reversal, and they had finally managed to protect those people who could not move.

Zhu Yao instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

Yet, suddenly, she heard a strange laughter coming from behind. She suddenly had a very bad premonition.

“Hahahahaha, I have finally found the opportunity…”

When Zhu Yao turned to look, the demonic beast which she had slashed to death, turned into a black fog and was beginning to gather. It actually gathered into a shape of a man, and had coincidentally stopped right behind Feng Yi.


Zhu Yao was unable to warn her in time, and that man had already took action. With a palm filled with a dense black aura, he had already struck towards Feng Yi.

Feng Yi instantly spat out a mouthful of blood, and before she could even retaliate, she had already collapsed.

All of these happened in an instant, basically no one had the time to react. Before Zhu Yao could even turn her body around, Feng Yi had already collapsed.

“Master!” Xiao Yi roared out out of panic, and wanted to rush over. However, he was heavily stopped by the demonic beasts.

That man, however, did not allow Feng Yi to fall onto the ground. Rather, extremely gently, he held her body, and carefully embraced her in his arms. Using his face which was filled with black scar marks, he buried into her bosom, and gently muttered out a few words. Just like how he appeared, along with Feng Yi, they turned into wisps of black fog, and disappeared without a trace.

The man’s voice was very soft, however, it was loud enough for all of the Nascent Soul-stage practitioners to clearly hear.

What he said was: “I have finally obtained you.”

Instantly, in Zhu Yao mind’s, a word popped out. Fanboy?

Following after the man’s disappearance, the demonic beasts that suddenly appeared, just like how they appeared, began to turn into masses of black fog and disappeared as well. And, they were even environmentally friendly, as even all the corpses of the dead demonic beasts were brought away as well. Everything had disappeared cleanly, and without a trace.

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