Vol. 1 Chapter 01: This Violent Girl is Scary!

“Oh my god! So you have been using that wooden club outside the village to grind levels when you haven’t even picked your class? Unbelievable! It’s difficult even for a swordsman without any skills! To think you managed to get to level 3 with only that wooden club, unbelievable…”

I can’t take this anymore… She hasn’t stopped talking the moment we met, I wonder if she was a parrot in her previous life.

“I already told you, I never saw anything similar to that. The moment I came to this world, other than my own inventory, my status bar and level, and also others’ HP bars and levels, I saw nothing else.”

In fact, the moment I opened my eyes and saw HP bars and names above people’s heads, I thought I was dreaming.

Until I pinched myself, and confirmed I felt pain, I finally understood it was all real.

Also, the HP bar on top of my head was small, after all I was only level 1.

“And? You didn’t even accept any quests and went over to grind on wild chickens? You, just…”

“It was about… 50, was it? I sold the chicken meat I obtained by killing them, and bought about 40 HP potions. My inventory could carry 99 of the same item in a single slot, so it’s not much of a problem.”

“You sure have some perseverance…”

Like I need you to care!

In any case, the wild chickens disappeared the moment I killed them, so I did not receive any psychological trauma.

This girl with a load of rubbish to talk about was Aliyah. Like me, she suddenly appeared in this world, and she was a LV 6 Fire Dual-Swordsman.

She had been here for more than a week. After completing the Beginners’ Village’s quests, she had been wandering around the village to find a path to the next village. However, the entire area was surrounded by mountains. There were no exits at all.

While on the other hand, this is only my second day here. I took an entire half a day to understand this world, and another half a day to kill those wild chickens that endlessly spawn.

When Aliyah could not find anything, she ran back to the village and found me in a pained expression, so she came to grab some extra help.

“Over here, I’m the senior, if you don’t know anything, just speak up~”

Aliyah confidently said.

“Yes yes, senpai~”

As I said that, I rubbed her head.

Of course, she immediately slapped my hand away, and my HP actually decreased!

“Hey hey hey, don’t be so rough, my HP…”

Out of the 300 HP that I had, with a single slap, it dropped by 50! Too violent! This girl was too excessively violent!

“Hmph! It’s your own fault for wearing cloth armor. Change into light armor already.”

“I don’t have the money to buy that set. That kind of thing isn’t cheap.”

“Again, it’s your fault for only killing wild chickens~ They don’t drop any equipment~”


I stared at Aliyah in disbelief.

“So you’re telling me, by killing some monsters, they will drop equipment… like shoes?”

“Yes, just like that~”

Aliyah shrugged her arms.

“What kind of weird system is this? Or are you telling me that these monsters have such a good appetite that they even store equipment in their stomach?”

“Please, just stop.”

Aliyah’s face began to dull.

“Most of my equipment are monster drops… gross…”

“The equipment might even be their gallstones… AH!”

A heavy punch landed on my chest, and I ended up flying.

Ah, my HP bar became empty!

Seeing the value on my right corner turned to 0, I was scared to the point that my face turned green.

“Are you trying to kill me!? You murderer!”

“Don’t worry, even if your HP bar is empty, as long as you don’t receive a killing blow within 5 seconds, you won’t die. Even if you die, as long as you’re within this village, you will revive in the cathedral. So, there’s absolutely no need to worry~”

Seeing how she was so relaxed, I wondered if she did a lot of experiments to find out these rules…

However, just as she had said, after 5 seconds, my HP began to slowly recover.

“Don’t look at me like that, you know that some NPCs will enter a certain state after engaging them in certain conversations right? If you’re playing a game, where would you usually go to receive a quest?”

I pondered for a bit, and then looked at her.

“The village elder.”


Damn it, even though her attitude is like this, when she smiles, she actually looks quite cute.

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12 thoughts on “Vol. 1 Chapter 01: This Violent Girl is Scary!

  1. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for chapter 1!
    I don’t think I would wanna be around a girl like her who can just beat someone until there HP goes to 0 for being too emotional…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. blackshiv says:

    Urgh already wondering if i should continue this story. I just can’t stand story’s where the MC is weaker becomes a punching bag of a girl or where the MC remains weak compared to others for the entire story.


    • uaeoaeoeoi says:

      It’s saying that when he first arrived he was at level 1 and he later gained 2 levels killing a f**kton of chickens.


  3. AnimeLover says:

    Ahh? So she wasnt a NPC! Why are they so weak though.. They didn’t bring equipment or levels from their previous world. Hopefully they can use knowledge or cheats… I hope she’s the main heroine. I am scared that this will end polygamy


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