Vol. 1 Chapter 26: Automatic Tracking is Still the Best

“Oh? You got lost and found yourself here?”

I was able to open up with Lanya faster than the other 2, and not long after, we began to chat.

Of course, we were able to be this close that quickly was because this girl was eyeing my fortune. However, this didn’t bother me, after all, it would be wise to have a better knowledge of them.

“Yes. I entered from Mitchell Kingdom’s capital, and I lost my way for quite a long time, before reaching here.”

“Mitchell? Isn’t that a small country in the south? A few hours ago, there were even news that their king wanted to start a world war. That country’s king is really stupid. How could he randomly start a war? And based on their military strength, there’s a 80% chance that they will be destroyed by another country in only a few hours. What do you think, Fir?”

“You… You’re right.”

Right, when I introduced myself to them, I changed my name to Carter Fir. As the name ‘Fir’ seems to be a rather common name, there wouldn’t be any problems if I keep using it.

After all, I am currently still a fugitive, it wouldn’t be wise to reveal my real name just like that.

“Then, for what purpose did you three come here for? And… Just what is this place?”

“We’re currently in some prehistoric ruins.”

Lanya took out a round compass, and after she opened it, the needle seemed to be pointing into a particular direction. Is this an actual compass? Somehow, there’s something wrong with it…

“This is a needle that points toward a particular item. By recording the signature of an item, we will be able to search for items that have similar signatures. The reason we’re here today was… to create our own Society. However, because we do not have the required number of people, we could only apply with the help of our principal. However, for the principal to approve of this, he tasked us to complete this weird mission.”

“So, simply speaking, this is a guiding device, right?”

“To a certain extent, yes. As this thing only points to a single direction, if we were to walk to a dead end, then there’s nothing else we can do~”

“Is that so…”

As I thought, it was this kind of set-up… After all, it’s not possible to have automatic tracking like in some games…

“However, we’re lucky that this floor is only made of rubble, so there’s no problem.”

“This floor…? Unless you girls are not sure which floor the item is being kept at…?”

“Well, about that…”

Lanya looked at the two beside her, and helplessly shook her head.

“Because we are not sure which floor the item is being kept at, we can only search floor by floor.”

Are you kidding me? These girls sure are energetic… However, it’s if like that… the usage of potions… No, this party don’t really need to use potions at all.

After all, they have a level 30 monster in their ranks…

Just when I was about to turn to look at Falan, our eyes actually locked onto each other.

However, she immediately turned the other way. I had no idea what’s she thinking about. But, as she was faking her smile while keeping her eyes closed, no matter how I saw it, she was looking down on me.

After all, I was only level 11, and I was not even half as strong as their weakest link. How could I compare myself with them?

“However, I think I have a way to confirm which floor it’s being held at.”


After hearing my words, all of them stopped walking. Since, to them, at this instance, this conversion topic was very important to them.

“You sure?”

Although I’m not sure why, the one who asked this was surprisingly Yybril.

“Yes. If this needle points towards the target… then, why don’t we do this?”

After saying that, I took the compass off Lanya’s hands, and held it up vertically.

The needle shook for a moment, before slowly pointing upwards.

“It seems like it’s in the floor above us.”

I said with a shrug.

“And I already told you girls that it was behind that wall! But neither of you believed me! Geez!”

Yybril turned and shouted at the other two.

The girl who had been keeping silent suddenly freaked out, and truthfully, it felt a little scary. And an instant after that, she realized she lost her composure. After coughing a few times, she continued.

“In… In any case, we should return to the floor above us. This floor is too horrible, it’s impossible to see anything clearly!”

With that said, she began walking forward alone.

After glancing at each other, we followed after her.

“Speaking of which… Which floor are we currently in?”

“This floor?”

Lanya tilted her head as she began to think.

“It’s most likely the fifth floor~”

“Fifth floor, is it…?”

So I dropped directly from the 2nd floor to the 5th floor, no wonder the monsters here are so scary. However, another reason may be that there’s a huge confusion in the underground dungeon, and I was shifted into another place. After all, this dungeon is a little too weird.

“When we return to the campus, I will let you take a look at my laboratory. There are several items there that you can’t normally buy outside~”

“You mean the section of our Society’s Activity Room that you forcefully remodeled for your own personal use, right?”

Falan calmly dropped a tsukkomi.

“Hahaha, please don’t mind it~”

“How can I not mind about it!”

Wrinkles began to show on Falan’s forehead.

“If my magic potions were to suddenly disappear, I will be seriously troubled!”

“Ah… those… I accidentally took them by accident, please don’t mind about it…”

“It’s impossible… to not mind about it…”

The relationship between these two seems to be quite good. From how they react, they seem to argue often like this.

An academy, huh…

Somehow, I feel that this word seems to be a little far away for me.

Memories of my school are a little hazy. Although I could somehow remember that I was a student, but for some reasons, I have a feeling that I don’t really have any impressions of my life as a student.

And this feeling is slowly growing larger. The memories of my former world are slowly drifting away. Other than knowledge, the things I remember are becoming less and less.

I have a feeling that I might lose all the memories of my former world one day. And if such a thing were to actually happen, I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad.

Just when I was thinking about this, we already reached the staircase leading to the upper floor.

“It’s here. My memory isn’t wrong.”

Yybril said that as she quickly climbed up the stairs.

“Oh, why are you girls not going up?”

Seeing the two that were not moving, I curiously asked.

“About that…”

Falan tilted her head.

“Our undergarments will be seen, so you should head up first…”

Before she finished, with a loud boom, Yybril fell beside me.

Seeing her stiff expression, I felt that it was best not to say anything.

And she immediately walked towards me, took a deep breath, and tried to calmly converse with me.

“So, will you go up on your own, or do I have to throw you up?”

“I… I think it’s best that I climb the stairs on my own.”

After that, I started running up the stairs. I had never climbed stairs that fast in my entire life.

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