Vol. 1 Chapter 28: Even Though It’s Just an RPG World

“Is this thing anything special? Why did we have to come all the way here to retrieve this thing?”

Following the guiding device, we managed to retrieve the quest item.

However, it did not look useful in any way.

“Just what is this thing…”

I pointed to the irregular-shaped item that Yybril was holding.

“The Ninety Nine Trials.” Yybril answered.

“I will explain. When our principal founded the academy, he placed thirty-three unique items in each of the three underground dungeons below the academy. These items cannot be forged, and their sole purpose is to test the academy’s students. Fourteen of these items have been retrieved since the founding of the academy. This is the fifteenth.”

“I see.”

What a troublesome principal… Is his brain damaged?

“Also, every guiding device leads to only one of the ninety-nine items~”

“Do you mind letting me take a look?”

Yybril looked at me, and then placed the weird object onto my hand.

The Twenty-Secondth of the Ninety Nine Trials
Quest Item
One-of-a-kind Item
Cannot be destroyed
Restricted to people related to Gray Magical Academy

Geez, it really was a boring quest item.

After returning the item to Yybril, I continued to ask.

“Then what are we going to do next? Are we going to walk back the way you girls came from?”

“That’s unnecessary. Lanya, we’re returning.”


As Lanya gave a smile, she put down her bag, and took out something similar to that of a land mine.

After finding a rather spacious space, she placed it to down and stepped on it.

A silver magic circle suddenly covered our entire area, and I had to quickly close my eyes because of the piercing light.

When I reopened my eyes, I was no longer in the dark underground dungeon, but in front of many bookshelves filled with weird ancient-looking books. There were also many papers with weird symbols, bottles and tubes with many different colored liquids.

“We have safely arrived, yay~”

Lanya did a ‘V’ sign with her hands, and she threw her bag onto the floor before rushing over to the door at the side.

“I will be taking a bath~ Don’t peek~”

“Wait a moment, I want to take one as well…”

Yybril said as she followed after Lanya.

However, Falan simply raised her staff, and knocked it on her clothes. A red magic circle swept her from her head to her feet, and the dust and dirt on her were removed.

Such a convenient magic…

“Do you find it a pity that you don’t get to peek on me?”

“What… Not really…”

“As a fugitive, you need to properly admit the wrongdoings that you might have done!”

Falan pointed at me as she righteously said.

Hey hey! Why did you say weird things like that with such righteousness!? Aren’t you a fugitive as well!?

“Even if I’m a murderer, there are times where I definitely must not hide my own achievements!”

“Don’t regard your crime of killing people as an achievement! Apologise to the dead!”

“Tch~ So boring~ Looks like you’re not a murderer!”

“You’re the murderer! Your entire family are murderers!”

“Oh? How do you know about that?”


Alright, it seems that this girl is truly a high-class offender… No, by looking at her [Killer of 10 Thousand] title, I should have already realized it. This girl is a very frightening existence.

However, why do I feel that her personality is on the weird side… She totally feels like an optimistic activist!

“In any case, let’s talk somewhere else.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go to the library.”

She nodded, and headed out.

As I walked along the streets, I kept getting a feeling that I was being stared at… But that was rather natural, as they were all wearing something similar to an uniform.

While I’m wearing normal clothes…

Eh, that’s not right. I’m pretty sure Lanya was wearing different clothes… And isn’t Falan wearing a pink robe as well?


What’s with all the weird stares? The onlookers seemed to reveal an understanding expression when they realized I was with Falan… Unless the 3 of them are actually some weird representatives for the school?

“Don’t mind them. In this school, as long as you have the ability, no one will question what you’re doing. Although you don’t really have it right now.”


She was right. From my inspection earlier, most of the students were around level 10. There are also some level 20 and above who occasionally pass us by.

And it was rather easy to distinguish them. Those who wear green uniforms are usually around level 10 and those who wear red are usually around level 20. There’s also some that wear white uniforms who are level 25, and from afar, one of them could be seen hurrying somewhere else in the floor below us.

Wait a minute… Are the levels of these trio too high that there aren’t any suitable uniform for them?

“Stop looking around, we’re almost there.”

“I’m only looking, what’s the big deal? Geez… Oh, this is a rather tall building, but why do all libraries have to be built with a tower-like structure?”

As I expected, the library here was a tower as well.

The only difference was that this tower was slightly bigger.

The people who designed these definitely have large holes in their brain.

“Hurry up, we have much to discuss.”

Falan said as she quickly entered the library’s large entrance.

“Are you sure… Even though it’s just an RPG world…”

I sighed, and hurriedly followed after her.

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