Vol. 1 Chapter 27: If I Have Nothing to Offer, I Need to Work

Geez, I didn’t even think of it, yet those two actually realized it, and thus I lost a very beautiful view as a result.

Oh well, those two girls have great reaction speeds, and I’m not entirely sure whether it’s good or troublesome.

“This floor seems to be rather normal.”

After surveying the supposed fourth floor, there were brick walls, rusted candle holders, and a cracked floor. Very good, at the very least, this seems to give vibes of a regular dungeon. If some random and weird stuff were to appear again, then I will seriously have no idea how I would respond to it anymore.

“I agree~ The floor below felt like a different dimension. Although there may be treasures lying around, it would be best to quickly complete the principal’s mission~ After all, we have been down here for 3 days.”

Lanya said as she took a look at the weird robe she was wearing.

This girl is obviously a loli, and yet she still wears such a tight robe. She’s completely exposing her own body figure. I’m not a lolicon, but whenever I see her figure, I get a feeling of wanting to protect her.

“Nene, if you give me a good price, I won’t wash this piece of clothing, and I will sell it to you immediately~”

After regaining my senses, this girl actually appeared in front of me with a weird grin.

“There’s no need. I don’t have such hobbies.”

“Oh oh? Is that so? Even though you were obviously staring at my body~”

“I was only curious…”


Yybril, who was standing beside me, called out.


I have a feeling that it will be useless even if I tried to explain to her. Sighing, I looked over to Falan.

Currently, it’s still best to address her as Falan, even though it feels a bit awkward. After all, I can see her real name ‘Kelany’ above her head.

And her surname ‘Momiji’ sounds weird as well. Even if I want to know about her, I can only investigate about her later.

Suddenly, behind the wall that was in front of us, a red name appeared.

Matching Red-Heart Devil LV 20 9,000,000/9,000,000

Hey hey! What’s with that illogical amount of HP? Why does it have 1 million more HP than a LV 25 robot!?

“There’s a monster, called Matching Red-Heart Devil, that’s going to appear from there.”

“Oh? A Red-Heart Devil? Where?”

“From that direction, behind the wall.”

“【Red Lotus – Red Energy Blast】”

Falan raised out one of her hands, and red light particles began to gather there. Immediately after that, a red magic circle expanded from her fingertips, and numerous red petals fluttered out from the magic circle. Like a storm, the petals flew towards the wall.

The wall in front of us was instantly shredded into pieces, and the numerous petals pierced into the monster.

The monster’s HP instantly plummeted down to a half. At the same time, a white light was slowly oozing out from Yybril’s body.

“【White Emperor – 1 Inch Radius】!!”

I could only hear a sword being drawn from its scabbard, and the shredded wall in front of us, as if drawing a line on it, was split horizontally. And the monster behind the wall… was eliminated just like that.

Matching Red Heart Devil defeated.
Party EXP Received: 6,000
Item(s) Received: Cursed Heart

Cursed Heart (Consumable)
Permanently increases Maximum HP by 1,000 point.
One-time use only.
Side Effect: Usage of HP recovery potions will be disabled for 24 hours.

This is a rather mystical item. It looks rather useful. As long as I eat them in a safe environment, my maximum HP will increase steadily.

The moment the devil collapsed, one of the girls instantly rushed over.

“Hahaha, haha, what do we have this time~”

Undoubtedly, it was Lanya.

Passing through the collapsed wall, I arrived beside the corpse of the Red Heart Devil. After looking at its appearance, I realized the origin of it’s name.

A red body shaped like a heart… Just how did the monster grow to become like this…?

“You did well.”

Yybril walked over from the back.

“This bastard is pretty troublesome. If it spots us first, it will grow shields around its body, and it will engage us in a direct brawl. Although its strength is not that high, it will attack relentlessly once it targets you. And its shields are able to negate both magical and physical damage, it would have been a long-drawn fight if not for you.”

“I see…”

No wonder, and I thought that this heart-shaped monster did not have any defensive features. To think it will only activate when it meets an enemy…


How does this thing move? After all, it’s just a heart, and it does not have any limbs.

Oh, of course, because the thing that Yybril sliced was not part of its physical appearance.

However, if that’s the case, was this thing actually flying? Where does it get the energy from? Magic? If it’s magic, just what kind of flying structure does it have that the monster can equip it?

If I were to be able to replicate the structure, wouldn’t it be interesting? Then I wouldn’t need to walk, as I can just fly to wherever I want! And it’s totally better than riding a horse or a dragon!

And then, Lanya’s complaints interrupted my wishful thoughts.

“Oh? I can understand why there are no shields, since, after all, it did not get to summon them~ But why is its core missing?”


“Yeah, it’s a heart-shaped item. Even though it was here before…”

Heart-shaped? Is she talking about the Cursed Heart? I looked at the item in my inventory. As I expected, it was heart-shaped.

“Maybe some of them do not have the cores?”

“Oh? Even though we managed to eliminate it…”

Lanya unhappily looked at the corpse that was lying on the ground.

“Well~ Nevermind.”

However, in an instant, she reverted back to her usual self.

“After all, compared to this, I found something more interesting~”

“Oh? What’s that?”

“That’s you~ Somehow, you were able to see it even though it was behind the wall~”


She was right… If I did not see its name, I would definitely not know a monster was there.

“And you knew the exact name of the monster… Just how exactly did you determine it?”

“Well… I don’t really know how to explain. Let’s just say it was my gut feeling. My gut feeling~”

“Gut feeling… what a subtle way to describe it.”

Although Lanya put it that way, I could only nod my head.

“As long as it’s useful. Lanya, pass the guiding device to him. From now on, he will lead, and he will tell us when an enemy will appear.”


“After all, you aren’t contributing enough, right? If you act as our recce, then it will be enough.”


I’m being completely regarded as a tool, this is bad… Oh well, so, this is what they call ‘water paddling’, right?
(t/n: water paddling: if someone gives you a certain workload, you will complete that amount of workload)

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21 thoughts on “Vol. 1 Chapter 27: If I Have Nothing to Offer, I Need to Work

      • Isekai says:

        no, i don’t hink she is, like he got a drop and the core dissapeared, but before when there was just the 3 girls the core remained, meaning that she didn’t get drops like he do, she could fake it true, but how would she know with part to fake? since it also seems like all the ones they defeated had a core and she would have to fake it for far too many times, and if she didn’t fake they also wouldn’t know it had it, it is too much counterproductive making it unlikely. that is why i think she isn’t like him and dale, there are other things but mainly it is it.


      • Nguyen Gia Thai says:

        It is possible to fake it though it’s troublesome. You just need to volunteer to search for one enemy’s drop and nonchalantly present it to the others.

        Though auto-receive loot is too overbalanced for a game.


  1. Isekai says:

    Now we confirmed that Kelany isn’t from the otherworld like him, since she couldn’t see the monster in advance, and before the “core” didn’t disappear for them like now. Thanks for the chapter.


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