Vol. 1 Chapter 25: With Money, People Will Even Sell You Love Potions

“You! Which Bounty Hunter’s Guild are you from!?”

After moving over to a place where the other 2 could not see us, Kelany’s expression changes, and her once brown eyes suddenly turned red. It was a devilish change.

However, she still managed to suppress her volume to the point which only I could hear her.

“What do you mean by bounty hunter…”

“Do you think lying will do you any good?”

A black sphere suddenly formed on top of her palm, and she waved it in front of me.


However, there was no change in the black sphere, which was something she did not predicted. She re-casted her black sphere once more, but, the black sphere once again remained the same.

Hence, she looked at me with an expression of disbelief.

“How could this be…”

However, this girl is definitely dangerous… Is that an item that has the ability to detect lies? So, I can only answer her questions ‘truthfully’? Then, I should just answer her without mentioning the key points.

And her level was the highest among us here. There’s a high chance that she’s hiding her true abilities in campus.

However, I’m not her enemy, and since we’re not enemies, it does not matter if she’s with the forces of evil, right?

“Umm… Please be at ease. I’m totally not your enemy… If I have to tell you the truth, I’m actually the same as you…”

“Hah? You?”

Since she suspected my words, the moment she looked over to her black sphere, I already thought of my lines.

“I’m also a fugitive!”

Falan’s red eyes revealed an even more shocked expression than before. However, after she took a look at her black sphere, she heaved a sigh and kept her black sphere.

“Alright, I will trust you for now. Whatever your motives are, let’s leave it aside, and we will talk later when we get back to campus. From now on, do not call me Kelany, call me Falan! Falan Kosh! Once we get back to campus, just stick with me. Later on, you just have to nod at my every word, don’t say anything unnecessary!”

“Yes… Yes, as you command.”

After stating her ground rules aggressively, she blinked a couple of times, and her eyes reverted back to her original brown. She then brought me back to her party.

Just then, her face was still having an angry expression, but she was able to change it back to a gentle look so quickly! Was this person an actor before?

“Hehe, this guy is actually a close friend of my relative, so he mixed me up with her.”

“Oh~ Is that so~”

Lanya smiled with her eyes closed. After she inspected me for a bit, she suddenly took out several bottles of weird content from her large bag.

“Although the heal earlier was free, from now on, you have to pay for it. Since you have some sort of relationship with Falan, then I will give you a 5% discount~”

Such a small discount… As expected of a swindler…

However, when I took the bottles to inspect them, I was slightly shocked.

Lanya’s HP Recovery Potion
HP recovers by 500 points when used.
Special Effects: Increase Defense by 10 points.

Lanya’s MP Recovery Potion
MP recovers by 300 points when used.
Special Effects: Movement Speed increases by 10 points.

So you’re saying all these potions are crafted by this girl? Hence, they have special effects that strengthen our attributes? And all of them are positive effects, so they are pretty good.

“The price…”

“All of them are 10 gold each. If you want potions of higher tiers, then we will have to return to the academy~”

Ah, so cheap… When compared to the Beginners’ Village, these prices are really too freaking cheap!

“20 bottles of each kind then.”

I took out 400 gold and place them in her hands. However, I’m not sure why, but she was stunned.


She swallowed down her saliva, as she looked back and forth between my face and the gold in her hands.

This continued for several times, before she speedily kept the money in her bag, and grabbed 40 bottles of potion and placed them in my hands.

“Thank you for your patronage!”

Her reaction was already making me feel weird. I looked at the 2 others beside me, and they were also looking at me with strange eyes.

“You little… You sure are rich. Leaving the dimensional storage aside, to think you have so much gold on hand as well. This isn’t good, you know~ It’s rather dangerous~”

Falan said as she approached me. She then leaned against me and whispered.

You better stay low when we’re back in the academy. I don’t care where you stole those money from, however, the people in the academy are pretty serious. Seeing that you’re so weak, be careful not to get eaten!”

“Keh… Sorry…”

Should I say that different places have different perspectives on money? Wait a minute… The people I had met were all nobles, royalties and a king, so they are all pretty rich… But since we’re talking about school… then…

“If you need anything in the future, just look for me. I will craft whatever potion that you wish for. Oh right, this is a list of my merchandise. Please feel free to browse through them. Look, there’s love potions, poisonous drugs, and even memory-erasing drugs! If you want… Ouch!”

Before she managed to complete her sentence, she was knocked in the head by someone. When Lanya turned to take a look, it was actually Yybril who had been keeping silent the entire time.

“Do remember that all these are illegal in the academy.”

“Sorry, big sis Yybril~”

Lanya cutely stuck out her tongue and said.

“Let’s go. Our mission isn’t to save this rich fool.”

After saying that, Yybril turned away.

A rich fool?

Was she referring to me?

“Let’s go. Since you’re so rich, we should help each other in the future~”

Falan mysteriously smiled, and then caught up with Yybril who was proceeding forward.

With a bitter smile, I followed after them.

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25 thoughts on “Vol. 1 Chapter 25: With Money, People Will Even Sell You Love Potions

  1. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for the new chapters!
    You know I don’t think he’s got a decent rest every since leaving the beginner village cuz it’s one thing after another for him.


    • Moissonneur66 says:

      Considering that he is a traitor responsible for crushing *his* kings dreams by accidental accessory to theft i’d say that its null and void, odds of his Fiance trying to kill him when they next meet is a distinct possibility. Besides he is now off to school where he will gain strength, a student doesn’t have any time for relationships ;P


  2. koldflame says:

    He better hope they don’t find out how much his bounty is! After all, if they are that strong, but amazed at 400 gold coins, he’d be turned in for the reward quicker than he could blink.


    • Isekai says:

      he should use her since he know her secret he could seek her protection, to help with disfarce and stuff, she is good at it and is on the run for more time.


      • Nguyen Gia Thai says:

        Bitch, please~ He’s being the scapegoat of level 5, does he even has the perceptiveness to deal with an [Evil] player? Scapegoat once might be accident , scapegoat twice can be coincidence, but if he think he can mess with such players… his SG tittle level will certainly levelup again~


    • wyzan25846 says:

      Well you can really not blame him if he is not loyal to her as their relationship isn’t build on love as they know each other only a couple of days it more on lust than love that he felt for her and to top it all he was forced by her grandfather to marry her or die, it pretty a no brainer what will he choose and finally she is not his wife yet only a fiance by forced.


      • AFlappyTeddyBird says:

        I understand that there’s no feelings involved, but it’s still not very easy to forget something like that.


  3. Isekai says:

    i think otherwordly people should have a special title actived all times to help identify each other, after dale now i’m suspecting a lot of characters, like kelany.


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