Vol. 1 Chapter 24: First Meeting with the School’s Strongest Trio

“【Double Ice Valley】! 【Ice Meteor】!”

Two rows of magic circles appeared beneath the robot, and after that, as if a blooming flower, a block of ice expanded out.

At the same time, numerous magic circles surrounded it from all sides, and then, a blue rain of bullets fell on its body.

It feels good to have my strongest skill aimed perfectly on my target… Unfortunately, it would have been better if the damage was much higher.

-324, -343 and -344…

Although the numbers looked big when added together, when compared to that thing’s HP of 8 million, it could be said to be negligible!

Why does such a monster exist! This is too despicable! The HP is too freaking high!

Also, I can only use ice magic, which is ineffective against this guy!

Just to add on, I tried to use my combination skill – Ice Knight Sword. However, it simply broke with a single slice by its chainsaw!

It broke! My strongest melee weapon, was sliced through as if it was paper!

The most shocking thing was, my earlier attack had already used up all my MP. Although my MP recovers by 1 every second, if I don’t find a place to rest for faster recovery, I could turn crazy!

Also, I could feel that my body is getting weaker by the second. If things continue like this, the first to fall would definitely be me, undoubtedly!

Ah ah, this is bad. Just what the hell is this thing? Why is it following me?

I only wanted to look for useful items in that pile of trash, and I somehow dug this thing out from the trash!

Oh robot, although I know you would like to repay the debt, but you don’t have to be that hot-blooded, right?

I don’t need a hug, so go back home already!

It is however a pity that this thing does not seem to understand me, and has been chasing me for about twenty minutes!

Just what does this thing run on? Even if it’s not running on an empty fuel, why is it not showing any sign of fatigue at all!

Oh right, is the distance between us getting shorter? Somehow, it feels like it… Unless I’m the one slowing down? Oh god! This is too scary! Heeeelp!

I don’t mind not holding onto the key, but I don’t want to be torn and scattered into a billion pieces! Being separated into multiple pieces… even if my body will crystallize and disappear, it will definitely feel terrible to look at.

No, what’s terrible is to see myself getting slashed into several parts before I die! I can already feel the pain just by imagining it!

To see my internal organs splattering onto the ground, and my fresh blood exploding out… Although I have seen and did such things in multiple games, but to have it actually happen on myself…

Can I quit this game? I don’t want to play it anymore…

However, while I was having such thoughts, the speeding robot suddenly jammed its breaks. Although I was still sprinting away, I still glanced to the back to see what was going on.

If I did not see it, it would have better. When I turned to look, that bastard actually raised all of its 8 arms, and pointed them at me.

A chain of mechanical sounds rang out, and the eight chainsaws were flying towards me at high speed.

“【Ice Castle】!”

Ka… Like I thought, nothing happened? Only 70 points of my MP was restored… It’s impossible…

“【Ice Sword Summon】!”

Taking out the sword I got from one of the men in black at the inn, I enchanted it with my Ice Sword Summon magic, and a blue magic sword appeared in my hands. I stabbed it into the ground and kneeled down, so as to hide behind the long sword.

The chainsaws grazed my skin, and even that light attack caused my HP to drop quite a bit, and after that, I lost my grip on the sword, as it was already broken by another chainsaw that flew over, and that chainsaw pierced into my body.

Undoubtedly, my HP instantly went into the red. My vision became a blur, and my body fell to the ground.

If I die like this… At the very least… my body would not be scattered about… hahaha…

From where the pain was at, the chainsaw must have made a hole in the center of my body, and was not slashed off.


That bastard seemed to be approaching me slowly, and from one of its arm joints, it pushed out a new chainsaw.

Hey hey… isn’t this a little too much? You’re not even letting my corpse go?

I immediately closed my eyes. Even if I die, I do not want to see my body getting slashed apart, as I will definitely receive a trauma from that.

However, even after closing my eyes for quite a while, I never felt the target’s attack. Suspiciously, I opened my eyes, and a green aura appeared from the heavens. After that, colors returned to my darkened vision, and I saw that my HP recovered by a third!

After the green aura, a chain of red arrows flew from above me, and all of them pierced into the robot’s body. After the bombardment of attacks, the body of the robot became red hot, and its movements became sluggish.

The earlier attack was very effective, as the HP of the robot dropped from more than 7 million to about a million. Although its remaining HP was still quite big, it definitely received a huge blow.

“Disappear! 【Slash of the Sinful White Lotus】!”

A white sword slash blitzed past me, and a second later, that robot was already split into 2, and collapsed onto the ground.

Cleaning Robot – Prototype by the Cleaning Department (Third Model) defeated.
Defeated by a non-party member.
EXP Received: 1,000
Money Received: 0
Item(s) Received: Robot’s Soul Core

The amount of items I got were not much, however…

“So cool…”

This skill which slashes apart an enemy with a single strike is my favourite type of skill. To be able to see such a skill being used at such a close distance is seriously too cool! If I can use it myself, it will definitely feel so much better!

The person who unleashed this skill seemed to have heard me, and turned to look at me. After clicking her tongue, she leaned against the nearby wall.

She had short white hair, and wore a fully-suited armor that shone with a brilliant white light, and it revealed a hint of dignity. Her expressionless face was like a shining crystal, and she gave an icy beauty vibe.

“Hey~ Kid, if you were to fall for Big Sis Yybril you will definitely meet a bad end~”

After hearing a voice, I finally realised there were 2 other people standing beside me.

One of them was short, and had long yellow twintails. She was even carrying a bag that was several times bigger than herself. I had never seen the green apparel she was wearing before, although it did look like a combination of a gown and body tights. I seriously wonder how did the designer came up with such a design.

Just like the icy beauty, this girl had a face full of smiles, and I had the feeling of pinching her cheeks. However, I was not a lolicon, if not I would have definitely done it.

The other girl was a teen with pink hair, and was holding onto a staff. Even though she was smiling, she did not say anything. Her robe was red, and the style was similar to Dale’s.

Yybril Saint
Light Holy Knight LV 26[Holy] [Sincere] [Saint Church Disciple] [Gray Magical Academy Student] [One of the Academy’s Strongest Trio]

Lanya Fournight
Wind Alchemist LV 23 [Kind] [Swindler] [Item Merchant] [Gray Magical Academy Student] [One of the Academy’s Strongest Trio]

Kelany Momiji
Fire Magician/Necromancer LV 30 [Evil] [Concealed] [Dead Hand] [Killer of 10 Thousand] [Fugitive] [Gray Magical Academy Student] [One of the Academy’s Strongest Trio]

When I inspected the names above their head, I was shocked. To think they are the strongest in their magical academy!

That Holy Knight must be the tank, right? There’s also a magician that deals the damage, and an alchemist that supports. This is a proper party to grind dungeons!

However… that was not the biggest problem. Disciple of the Saint Church… Item Merchant… and her swindling behaviour, everything about them was revealed. And what’s with that last girl! Necromancy? Evil? Concealed? Dead Hand? Fugitive? Killer of 10 thousand? Just what are all these!? Are you sure you’re a student!?

Do all girls with pink hair have dark personalities? This girl is also smiling at me, and I’m getting a very dangerous vibe here!

“Thank you Ms. Yybril, Ms. Lanya, and Ms. Kelany for saving me…”

In any case, I should express my thanks first.

“Oh? To think you that know our names~ However, this girl over here isn’t Kelany. She’s Falan~”

Lanya said as she pointed at Kelany.

“Ah… I’m sorry, I got her name mixed up with someone else. Hahahaha…”

However, things did not seem to end by simply saying I got her name wrong, as Kelany quickly approached beside me, and pulled me over to the sides.

“Excuse me~”

Her face was still brimming with smiles.

“Why don’t we chat for a bit?”

However, why do I feel that I’m in danger?

No, I should say I’m definitely in danger…

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25 thoughts on “Vol. 1 Chapter 24: First Meeting with the School’s Strongest Trio

      • karami92 says:

        Bit late for that, I think. Looks like she doesn’t particularly like the fact that he knew her real identity, and said it in front of her friends.


  1. naknuknik says:

    btw beside lanya what is written in russian is translated as four nights. so absically her name is “Lanya-the four nights” or simply “Lanya-four nights”


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    Thanks for the chapter. Just found this like yesterday.
    Why??? Why does he keep saying people’s names before having been introduced like it’s normal?


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