Vol. 1 Chapter 18: Why Did This Change from a Comedy to an Action Series?

Although I have played several games, and have been chased by monsters several times in games, however, most of these scenarios only happen in horror games. Also, as long as I grasp the technique and rules, even if the opponent is scarily strong, it will still not be able to beat me.

At least, in my case.

However, dodging in an RPG… this is a first for me. And it is in a situation where I do not even know which direction the enemy will pop out from!

Although I do not dare to turn and look back, however, the sound of walls crashing down that is getting louder feels very realistic, and it feels like if I were to stop running for a moment, I will definitely be eaten by that thing!

If it was a regular RPG, then being attacked by a monster won’t pose much of a problem, but this RPG is totally different! When I was fighting the wolves in the Beginners’ Village, I had already understood this fact. If we were to be attacked in this world, we will still get injured, and feel pain! The wolves then created a huge freaking bite wound on my body!

Even though our wounds and injuries will immediately heal when we drink our potions, but if this monster was to bite us with its giant mouth, our bodies will definitely tear into two! We will definitely die instantly! Even if your level is high, it probably won’t make a difference, right!?

“Dale! Can’t you cast any magic to slow this bastard down!? If we continue like this, it will definitely catch up!”

“Even if you ask, there’s nothing I can do! This guy keeps tunneling in between walls, it’s impossible to aim! Without being able to aim properly, my magic won’t be able to hit at all!”

“Can’t you try predicting its movements!?”

“Predict? How am I supposed to do that?”

I helplessly shook my head. I started counting the time it takes for the Soft Soil Worm to tunnel through a wall and reveal itself in the open in my heart.

One… Two… Three…

Every three seconds? Alright!

When I counted to two, without even turning my head, I extended my hand to the back.

【Ice Castle】!

A circular wall of ice was erected on the passage behind us, and at the same time, the Soft Soil Worm came out from the wall at the side and crashed right into the ice wall.


I strongly pulled Dale over, and he turned his head to see the situation behind us.

After pausing momentarily, a large ball of lightning formed on his hand, and he threw it as if it was a baseball.

A blinding light appeared once again, and I was forced to close my eyes. The next time I opened them, other than the screen showing my EXP and rewards, there was nothing left in the passage behind us.

LV 10 Soft Soil Worm defeated.
Party EXP Received: 4,000
Money Received: 0
Item(s) Received : 2x Shattering Teeth

This is such a gracious system. It directly tells me my opponent has already been defeated.

Well, I don’t really have a choice. Unless I have to go forward and stab any corpse I see so as to confirm it’s death? This isn’t Dead Sp*ce, you know? Wouldn’t it be scary if they were just faking their deaths?

When we confirmed our immediate danger was gone, we both took a deep breath.

“So… how did you exterminate them when you alone?”

“Obviously, I ran, and stopped to attack. After attacking, I ran again.”

“You think this is guerrilla warfare?”

“No, I believe this is tunnel warfare.”

Looking at Dale’s serious gaze, I couldn’t think of a tsukkomi. I could only stare silently at him.

“Don’t look at me with those worshipping eyes, I’m not that incredible~”

Dale calmly stated.

“Lend me your hood for a second.”


“I feel like puking.”

Dale’s eyes became white from shock.

“Is there a need to use my hood? It’s so spacious here, unless you’re afraid that you will actually get fined?”

“No, it’s because I’m hygienic.”

“Alright, let’s stop with the useless chat. We should think of a way to find the correct route. If this route is wrong, then this means we have to retrace our steps and find the correct route to the next floor. Geez, why did the passages have to change…”

“Are you sure it’s not because you’re bad with directions?”

“There isn’t even any branches or forks, it does not have to do with my sense of direction, right?”

“Fine. It’s probably because we formed a party, and the dungeon’s difficulty increased, right? That’s why we’re in this situation… but…”

I looked back at the passage.

“It might not be the case either.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Can’t you feel it?”

I closed my eyes and pointed to the back.

Dale was silent for a while, and then he asked again.

“Feel what? A presence of a weakling?”

“Wind! There’s wind blowing over from that side!”

I angrily shouted, and pointed to the direction the wind was coming from.

“When there’s wind, it means there’s an exit! At the very least, there will be a place that connects to the exit! Let’s go!”

After saying all that, I proceeded in that direction.

Dale pinched his nose, and helplessly said.

“Alright… But how did you get that [Whatever Goes] title…? You’re obviously as cautious as a fox… Unless you were actually a fox in your previous life?”

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15 thoughts on “Vol. 1 Chapter 18: Why Did This Change from a Comedy to an Action Series?

      • Life says:

        YES! I CAN REPLY NOW!! It’s because of my dark history of my teen years. You know, when a demon gets sealed in your right arm or when the ultimate power gets locked in your heterochromatic right eye? Yeah, lol, it wasn’t that bad, but I thought Life was better than Death which is what I sported originally. It was a casual change, but I liked it and stuck with it. This is a pic I got from the manga “Shinigami-sama to 4-nin no Kanojo”. They had GREAT reactions and when I first saw it, I just thought it would look great as an avatar. Unfortunately, I comment a lot so others started taking it too. The only copycat I acknowledge is Death (contrary to popular belief, I’m not the owner of that account[s]!)

        TL;DR 1: Chuunibiyo history 2: It looked nice?


  1. soneka says:

    Just use TK on the corpses in dead space, if you can’t pull, they are alive, you don’t even need to come near them to know if they are faking 😉


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