Vol. 1 Chapter 02: Of Course, You Still Need to Complete Quests in an RPG

The village elder’s house looked stylish from the outside, but since there were no special signs placed outside, I didn’t take much notice of it.

However, when I opened the door, the furniture inside gave me a surprise.

To think there would be someone that place their house furniture in this manner… Was this really the village elder’s house or was it a guild hall?

“Don’t just daze at the door, idiot! This is only an NPC’s house, there’s no need to wait for people to get the door before you enter, is there?”

“Hey hey, that’s completely not the problem here! How is this the village elder’s house!? This looks totally like a guild hall!”

Aliyah was not bothered by it at all, rather, she gave me a ‘you sure are bothersome’ look.

What, because she stayed here for so long, she had already adapted to this weird world?

“What is it that you two need from an old man like me?”

Just then, a white bearded old man, that looked exactly like how a typical village elder should, walked out with a walking stick from a room behind us.

Other than the name ‘Western’ and the LV 1 label above his head, there were no sense of discomfort.

“Receive quest!”

Aliyah, impolitely, said out loud.

“Aliyah, shouldn’t you be more polite when speaking to an old man?”

“That’s why I say you’re stupid! How does this look like a real human being to you!”

She was right, the moment Aliyah said ‘Receive quest’, the old man’s body stiffened up and stood still. A white speech bubble then appeared above his head, just like with the grocery store owner earlier.

A series of quests were showed, where the top few were marked with crosses. Looks like these were already completed.

This… Even though I did not want to admit it, my desire to drop a tsukkomi is overflowing.

I must resist, this is not a place to randomly blurt out a straight comment…

Aliyah picked out some quests from the list, and then walked over to me and flung me over.

Yes, she did not pull me over, but instead, she grabbed onto my hand and threw me over to the village elder.

The numbers ‘-78’ appeared before my eyes, and I angrily stared at Aliyah. However, she only gestured me to hurry up, ignoring the expression on my eyes.

This girl… her personality is so screwed up.

When I looked over to the quest list again, the previous completed quests underwent a change. Earlier they were crossed out, but I could select them again. However, they were only LV 1 ~ 3 quests.

When I chose all 3 of them, the rest of the quests greyed out.

“Did you see that? This is this world’s weird quest system. You can only accept quests that are below your level, and the amount of quests you can accept is limited by the value of your level. Since you’re LV 3, you can only accept 3 quests at most.”

Aliyah haughtily said as she raised up her chest, and then grabbed onto me as she headed to the door.

“Hey hey, what are you doing!”

“I’m bringing you to where you can complete the quests! These quests are renewed in only 7 days, the faster you complete them, the better right?”

“Are we just going to leave without saying anything?”

“Do you think NPCs will care!?”

The moment I moved 3 meters away from the village elder, the speech bubble above the elder disappeared.

“See you later!~”

When I left the house, I said this to the elder.

The elder smiled as he nodded, I guess he heard it.

“Wait, even if we grind levels like this, there’s no point. Weren’t we supposed to find a way to leave this place?”

“Ah, even without you reminding me, I know that. However, I don’t have any hints for leaving this place at all~”

Aliyah let go of me, and turned to look at me.

“I checked all the houses here, and I found nothing useful. This place is surrounded by steep mountains, and there’s no way to dig into them and climb all the way up. What else can I do?”

“Have you tried completing all the quests?”

“Yeah, I’m only left with 2 incomplete quests. That’s why I’m telling you to hurry up, so we can leave this place together!”

“Is that so…”

Seeing how she was so desperate, and how she was tired of explaining, I could only nod my head and followed her outside the village.

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