Vol. 1 Chapter 06: Even After Entering the City, Difficulties Still Lie Ahead

“I will accept the dowry then!”

“Is that so? Since you promised, I think Irlin wouldn’t mind as well, right? Hahahaha…”

When Klaus heard my answer, he seemed to be very happy, as he kept his smile till he return to his dragon.

Crap! Why do I feel like I was duped!

My crisis alarm suddenly activated, and I quickly looked over to Irlin… Uh? Where did she go? She actually hid her entire body at the back of her land dragon, was she actually a very shy girl?

“Irlin, umm…”

“Th- Th- Th- That! Even if we’re engaged, we can only do that sort of thing after marriage, okay?”

“Hey hey, you’re jumping over several steps here! At least look at me when you’re talking to me!”

Hearing that, Irlin raised her head out a little.

Even though her actions are so cute… Wait, although her body figure is good, she’s actually wearing a mask. Unless…

She actually looks weird?

Even though her eyes give the feeling that she is definitely a beauty! No way, absolutely no way!

However, since she’s wearing a mask, it means that she does not want to show her face to anybody. It will be a little bold if I were to ask her directly…

Alright, I will trust my many years of experience of judging girls, and this girl’s eyes tell me that she’s definitely a beauty!

“Okay, let’s leave the complicated questions for later. For matters regarding our marriage, even if we leave them for after we complete this quest, it will not be too late right?”

“Ah, yes… sorry.”

This girl is actually as meek as a kitten… Is she really a knight?

Relationship established with Irlin Wood.

Relationship: Fiancee

Information Updated. The House of Wood is one of Mitchell Kingdom’s five most influential families. They wield the country’s Knight Squadron and Wood Magician Squadron.
Relationship Effects: Affinity with Wood Magic +10%

This is actually a very particular relationship system… Interesting.

I wonder how many ‘Fiancee’ slots are there… Wait, what am I thinking?

Also, I can actually scroll this information window down…

Aliyah – Friend

To think there’s something like this as well… so the Friend System also helps to record this information down? Really… The system sure is gracious.

“Right… We have to hurry and catch up to them, let’s go.”

“You’re right… But… The land dragon you were riding died…”


She’s right, my land dragon was frozen to death earlier… This is actually troublesome…

“Um… You can share mine.”

After saying that, she moved herself forward, hinting me that I could sit behind her.

I swallowed my saliva, and slowly walked over.

Oh my god, this scenario is progressing too fast! God! To think you would bestow me such a wonderful moment! This is actually my first time approaching a girl so close!

After climbing up to the back of the land dragon, I could feel the air around me change!

Although I could not feel her body due to her armor, however, a girl’s scent alone could cause my heart to beat wildly.

I could almost faint from this bliss!

“Umm… Your position isn’t uncomfortable, right?”

Irlin softly asked, as she seemed to be very careful with the way she acts.

What kind of cute little creature is this? Is she really a knight? She’s almost like a little kitten.

“You don’t have to worry. The land dragon’s back is actually quite spacious and comfortable.”

“Then, let’s go!”

All of a sudden, the huge burst of speed caused the wind to push me backwards. Subconsciously, I immediately hugged her waist.


She trembled for a bit, and turned to look at me. However she held back and did not say anything.

I have no choice… If I don’t grab onto something, with this speed, I will definitely fall off!

However, I did not know why, Irlin actually made the land dragon run faster.

This is bad…

Are you trying to let this dragon fly!?

We managed to reach the next city in the evening. It was called Randall City.

Don’t ask why I knew the name of the place, as it’s name was floating above the city gate, okay?

Compared to the previous city, this place feels more like a stronghold. Not only is it surrounded by walls of about 20 meters tall, the murderous aura emitted by the city guards at the gate was also very scary.

However, why is there a need for such high walls? Unless there are monsters that big? Isn’t that very frightening? Even if that monster’s level is low, it will be able to kill many people with a single stomp, won’t it?

Hopefully there are no monsters like that…

Oh right, how was I able to detect the guards’ murderous aura? Weird… Oh whatever, let’s not be bothered by it.

After the guards looked at the people in the carriage, they let us pass immediately. Although they were looking over to my direction with a strange expression, they did not say anything.

Of course, no matter how, sharing a horse with a female knight definitely looked weird, and I was hugging her waist as well.

The street onlookers’ eyes were also very unsettling. Luckily I already released my hands from Irlin’s waist, else I will be even more embarrassed.

“Alright, we will be staying here tonight. You two seem to be getting along quite well.”

Klaus looked at us as he laughed. This bastard definitely have some strange motives. How could he just give his granddaughter away just like that… Unless it really is just to keep the secret of a single book…


The guards I saw earlier were mostly LV 3, and most of the citizens were LV 1. Unless my level is already considered quite high?

No, based on the standards of various games, the players will only meet low-leveled enemies at the start, and their levels will increase later on. I guess that is the current situation.

“What are you looking at?”

Irlin’s voice brought me out of my thoughts, and then I realised I’m the only one left on the land dragon.

I immediately got off and replied.

“This is my first time seeing a city like this, that’s why I’m a little surprised.”

“First time? Looks like the place you lived in is definitely very far away. Randall is a very famous trade center. There are almost no one in the Mitchell Kingdom that never visited this place before… But, don’t worry. Since we still have some time, I will bring you around later!”

Irlin excitedly said, as she looked very happy. This girl… She gives the feeling that she never had any friends before… Is she…

Ah ah, I have a very bad premonition, but…

A girl with such a cute personality like hers… how could she be…

Argh, this is such a frustrating matter! However, a girl with a good personality like hers, even if there’s anything weird on her face, there’s no problem right?

“Um? Fir… What are you thinking about?”

“Ah, that… nothing. Right, I will count on you then.”

“Leave it to me! Let’s go now then! Grandfather will deal with the matter here, so let’s go shopping for a bit!”


The security in this city should be better than the earlier city, right? If that’s so, I don’t have to worry about any kidnappings or attacks.


The guards here are all so low-leveled… Is there really no problem?

Also, I still have not seen the item that they’re transporting, unless it’s that book?

No way, that’s not impossible. If that’s the case, they aren’t really being cautious at all.
Unless it’s another skill book?

However, being able to learn a skill like that so easily was already not bad.

I opened the skill window. Ice Sword Summon was already 1/10. It uses 50 MP for each use. It feels like the skill will level up after I use the skill a few more times. However, even if I want to, I should not do it in the wide open, and do it when I’m alone.

However I realised I was still a “No Class”. Just why is this so?

“Even though Aliyah said I could only learn skills when I pick my class… How did I learn this skill…”

“Um, what did you say?”

Irlin was still in a good mood. No matter the reason, to girls, shopping must be a very happy thing for them.

I can’t just talk to her about my frustration. I can’t just ask her “If I don’t have a class, can I still learn skills?” What a joke. I mean, after all, their learning methods totally differ from people like me.

“Nothing. Ah, right, is there anything special you’re looking for?”

Speaking of which, even if I was able to see multiple cities like this in games, being able to experience one myself is a different feeling altogether.

The noise of the crowd, the sound of metals clashing at the blacksmiths, and the scent coming from the food stalls, are all very new to me.

“I don’t really have anything I want to buy, as there are better stores in the kingdom. However, since this is your first time here, so if you want to look for anything, feel free to ask me and I will bring you to the store. There should not be any big changes since the last time I’m here.”

Since Irlin already stated as such, I won’t decline.

“Speaking of which, is there a place where I can learn skills?”

“Learn skills?”

Hearing that, she gave a confused look.

Crap, I said something I shouldn’t at the spur of the moment. How could she understand things like ‘learning skills’.

“Sorry, I’m referring to places where I could buy books like the one you had.”

“Oh, so you wanted some skill books. That… Ordinarily, there’s no such places.”

“Haha… Is that so…”

Well… This is also within predictions. Or else that old guy would not talk about that book so seriously.

“However, the library might have some.”



Irlin pointed at the tower beside the castle. It looked similar to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

“I think that place should have the books you’re looking for.”


Why was it that out of all the libraries I’ve seen, none of them looked normal at all…

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