Vol. 1 Chapter 09: A Magician Sure is Convenient

I will keep Irlin’s name as it is for now. Will open a poll when I get back home, using a phone to do this is too inefficient~

Dale Lester LV 15 Lightning Magician [Neutral] [Blinding Lightning User] [Magic Researcher] [???] [???] 

What’s with this scary guy’s level? He’s actually LV 15! Just how long have you stayed a virgin! And those [???] titles… Unless I can’t see them because of our difference in levels?

“Oh~ Isn’t it Magician Dale? It seems you caught the two little mice.”

When the mastermind heard the commotion, he came walking over. Kjell Farr LV 9, an interesting name.

As I thought, I can’t adapt to the current situation fast enough. Even though I thought of several plans earlier, but since there’s actually someone so powerful in the enemy ranks, we’re currently in a crisis!

And what is this magic? Telekinesis? Isn’t this guy supposed to be a lightning magician? This feel similar to those tentacles, where he can do anything he wants to the target, when he renders his target immobile by suspending them in the air.

This is a skill that many virgins have fantasized about! However, I’m having mixed feelings as I’m currently the person being used on.

“Swirling Slash!”

In the air, Irlin pulled out her sword, and after rotating from her skill, she managed to break out of his control.

Looks like this magic isn’t as strong as I thought.

Ice Sword Summon!

After grabbing my formless magical sword, my entire body felt more sturdy. When I moved a little, I was able to escape from the control as well.

“Oh~ A sword made from magic, interesting. Even if you’re the Wood household’s bodyguard, you should not have the right to learn this skill, right? Who are you?”

The magician called Dale wasn’t the least surprised when we managed to break out from his magic, rather, he became very interested as he looked towards me.

“I heard that it’s been a long time since anyone was able to learn these knight magics. After all, you had to have both the vitality of a knight and the ability to manipulate mana. Thus, many people either gave up or slowly tried to learn the skill…”

“Yes yes, since you can’t have both a fish’s fin and and a bear’s paw right?”

“Can’t have both a fish’s fin and and a bear’s paw? That sounds rather profound! It seems that not only do you have strength and magic, you’re rather knowledgeable as well!”

As he stared at me in interest, he walked over to me.

Hey hey, you’re not actually a member of the FFF Inq**sition are you? You’re trying to burn me when I finally managed to meet a girl?

“Interesting. Looks like your goal is to protect Irlin, isn’t it? As long as you promise to be my assistant, and join my research, I won’t mind letting this cute little girl go.”

“Dale! Isn’t that…”

Kjell wanted to say something, but he flew to the air for a bit before smacking onto the ground.

“We had an agreement. If you could find something that peaks my interest, the Wood’s household skill books for example, I will be able to find a way to make those skills more convenient and efficient. However, in front of me is a person that can use the skill itself. Thus I can just skip the analysis phase.”

This is a good chance. This guy’s actions are decisive and firm, and he does not look like he’s lying to us. However, if he is actually acting, then he could definitely win an Oscar.

Even though Irlin was wielding her sword, she was trembling in fear.

Although I don’t know whether she had experienced this kind of situation before… However, since she’s a girl, in times like this, a guy should be the one stepping in to protect her.

“Fine, I will go with you. However, you must first send Irlin to the capital, then you can do whatever you want!”

With this distance and range, it’s impossible for me to beat a magician that is twice my level.

However, if I can bring him to our side, then there will be a way out.

After all, I can’t judge who is righteous among them. However, protecting a girl is a something of the highest priority to all men, right?

“Fir… No… A magician’s experiment is said to be very scary…”

Irlin grabbed onto my hand, and repeatedly shook her head.

“Don’t say it like that~ I’m only researching magic, not performing human experimentation. Even if I do it occasionally, usually, it doesn’t result to death~”

Dale said with a smile.


“It’s alright, don’t worry. As long as you’re safe.”

I turned to look at Dale.

“I promised, what are you waiting for?”

“Hahaha, I’m liking you more and more, boy. You’re more interesting than those cowardly nobles. The capital is a place that I must go as well, after all, it’s where my laboratory is… Hahaha.”

“Dale, the goods could be on one of them… You…”

“You should know by now, I’m a very busy person.”

With a flick of his hands, the three of us immediately flew to the sky.

We left the city at a very fast speed, as the large fire at the inn looked like a speck of fire in a few seconds.

“Alright, this is the first time I’m bringing someone else on my flight.”

Following that, the scenery below us became a blur, as we quickly flew to our destination.

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18 thoughts on “Vol. 1 Chapter 09: A Magician Sure is Convenient

  1. pepperisk says:

    Thanks for the chapter. Still can’t make heads or tails of this though. Is there going to be a status window showing MC’s stats compared to a normal person’s stats?


  2. Shinra says:

    Lol, FFF from baka to test? Although this is chinese novel, it seems the author is an otaku rather than wuxia lover like zhan long.


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