Vol. 1 Chapter 14: This Guy is a Chuunibyou Magician

At the edges of the capital was where Dale’s underground laboratory was. Dale and I were chatting inside.

Although I’m not one to judge others’ preferences, but, this little room that is filled with gold coins is a little too weird.

There were stools and tables made out of gold coins, and there was also a weird lighting device… Doesn’t this guy feel that it’s a little blinding?

“So you’re saying, you don’t know the reason for why we’re in this world either?”

Risking the danger of blinding my own two eyes, I squinted my eyes as I asked.

“Yes. I only know that I was a physicist in the past. Other than that, I can’t remember anything else, even my name.”

“Is that so… You’re better off than me. I’m only a student previously, so I don’t have that… creativity. I can’t believe you made that electromagnetic device that reduces speed.”

“Hahahaha, that thing…”

Dale looked at the papers filled with his rough sketches on the floor, and then continued.

“I call that the Chant Number of Super Physics!”

“Hey hey hey! You bastard, you’re actually copying that weird title system with that weird naming style of yours, right!?”


Dale shrugged.

“In any case, other people can’t see it, right?”

Did this guy work in a fraud company previously? His proficiency of copying is just…

Speaking of which, just where did this guy come from… From top to bottom, this guy has a blonde European look.

And it was that super handsome type… Oh, why! Although I can’t remember how I looked previously, so I’m not sure if I currently have the same look as before. But…

Since it’s an RPG, at least give me a handsome face! Although I do look suave, but it wouldn’t kill to be more handsome, right?

Oh well, I should get some useful information first.

“… Alright. Speaking of which, what’s with your title? That [Neutral].”

“Oh, I don’t know. I only invented some weird equipment, and sold them to countries who bidded the highest prices for them, and then it became like this.”

“No wonder. This system is very fair, you know? Even if you hide your actions, it will still automatically judge your actions and motives. Since you serve anyone, you will obviously turn neutral.”

“I see…”

“But, were you neutral since your days in the Beginners’ Village?”

“Yep, you’re right. I invented a camera and took a picture of the scandal involving a woman and her neighbor.”

This guy made a camera? Physics… I see, using a homemade photographic film?

“Hah? Even with that, you shouldn’t be…”

“Because their scandal is also something I planned.”


This guy is too dangerous, too scary. To think he would play with the feelings of NPCs.

“Well, since they were NPCs, I wanted to test their level of AI. I didn’t expect them to be that high though.”

“You’re right. There was still a certain discomfort in the Beginners’ Village, but ever since I came over here, the people here no longer have the feeling of NPCs in an RPG. But, your camera…”

“Ah, that thing…”

Dale went out of the room. After a while, he came back with a thing resembling a square box.

He threw the thing over and said.

“Inside is a magic crystal that can store energy. After absorbing enough light, I installed it into a structure of an image recorder I made, and it was then able to record images… However, you can only use it once. I will give this to you. If you see something interesting, make sure to take a picture of it.”

“Thank you…”

This thing… If I were to use it in the women’s bath, it will be of good use, wouldn’t it? Hohoho…

“So, what are you plans?”

“Plans? Obviously to wait for war to happen, so that I can grind some levels.”

“Is that so… But I feel that this questline is a little vague… What if the quests do not appear even after a few years? Should we level up a few more times and kill the king?”

Dale stunned for a moment after hearing my words, and then he let out a smile.

“Hahaha! That isn’t impossible! But when you’re at my level, you need 1,600,000 EXP to level up. If we were to grind on monsters, how long do you think it will take?”

“1.6 million…”

I began to feel light-hearted when I heard it.

The most scary part about RPGs was the grinding… Sometimes I really feel like puking from grinding the same few monsters over and over again…

“Alright, since both of us obtained the title [Envoy of War], then we will obtain double the EXP during war. Then we should be able to form a party during war, right? It will be more efficient that way.”

“You’re right! Speaking of which, what’s your class? Join my magic institute! Then we will be able to form a party at any time!”


Speaking of which, my class is “No Class”. Although I don’t know why I can still learn skills without a class of my own, but whatever.

“I’m a Magic Knight. So, I should be able to learn magic.”

“Magic Knight… Interesting! No wonder I can’t identify your class…. To think it’s something weird… By the way, what’s your elemental type? I will find some magic skill books for you. Then, you should be able to get stronger!”

“Magic skill books!”

This is wonderful! I almost forgot about it, but being able to obtain skill books is the first step! If had I remembered, I would have asked the King for some skill books! There might have been hidden skills being kept in the treasury!

Such a pity.

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  1. AnimeLover says:

    I love how these Players are having chaotic thoughts and wrecking havoc just to level up… They are OP in their own world.


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