Vol. 1 Chapter 04: Why did I Encounter a Robbery the Moment I Went Outside?

After a flash of light, I arrived at a rather spacious space.

Surrounding me was a dimly lit city, and the moonlight shone directly at me.

“Just what is this place?”

A floating screen appeared before my eyes, and on it was some weird information.

Identification complete.

Name: Lin Fir
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Mitchell Kingdom Citizen
No Residence
No Class

Item(s) Received: Proof of Citizenship

As you have not selected a class, issue of weapon failed. System will automatically reimburse you with a Dimensional Storage Ring.

Item(s) Received: Dimensional Storage Ring

Current Data:
LV 7 No Class
No Magic Learnt
No Skills Learnt

Current EXP: 123/6400

Titles: [Kind] [Whatever Goes] [Scapegoat]

Scapegoat EXP Limit: 0/1000

Other than the last line, everything else was still fine.

What’s this Scapegoat EXP Limit about?

I clicked on the button above, and another screen opened.

The amount of points received from evil deeds to turn Evil will be intercepted, and converted into EXP immediately, with a maximum of 1000 points being intercepted. For example, destroying a building will increase Crime points by 300, the points will be converted and you will receive 300 EXP. However, if killing a person gives you 3000 Crime points, you will immediately gain points that will bring you closer to the Evil alignment.

I see, so it’s like a shield from doing evil deeds…

But killing a person gives so many Evil Deed points… Just how did the world come up with this set of values…? Also, the system seems to know exactly what happens in this world. It’s impossible to lie or fake results at all…

And I feel that I’m always being watched. It sure gives people a feeling of mild discomfort.

However, because of this, it’s a rather fair system.

After surveying the area, I equipped the ring.

The ring instantly became a tattoo that enveloped my hand. Interesting, like this, it’s impossible for people to steal it.

I placed my proof of citizenship inside, and I tried withdrawing 1 gold by tapping on it, and it immediately appeared on my hand.

How convenient!

You are now free to move about in this world. Your actions will affect the development of the world. Take note, the Tutorial System will be removed. The Explanatory System will continue to work as before.

After that, the screen disappeared.

Was it telling me it will stop watching me? I wonder if the world system actually heard me…

Oh well, we could think about this later, I had to think of what to do next.

No matter how I see it, it was night. In most RPG worlds, there were no day and night settings. It seemed this world was definitely different.

After walking around the city, I saw a board at a corner of the city square.

After taking a look, there were many different notes and maps stuck onto it.

After picking out a map, the map details suddenly enlarged, and then minimized at the corner of my right eye.

How convenient…

Then, I inspected the notes on the board.

“Deal with the monsters outside the city, find the missing item, escort a merchant, hmm… and these have time limits as well. So to say, I can’t pick up all the quests at once, finish them altogether and hand them over for rewards together? Only the monetary rewards were stated, and nothing else. The biggest reward for quests in most RPGs is clearly EXP though… sigh…”

However, other than using the dagger that I got from a monster, I have no other methods of fighting. If I were to meet an opponent stronger than me, it will definitely become a problem.

First is the matter of my class. Where the hell do I pick my class? Also, skills. Whenever I saw Aliyah use hers, I was a little envious.

Though, since it’s currently night time, usually there will be no people around, right?

I slowly walked over to a direction where there were lights. As I walked along the road, I inspected my surroundings.

Given the style and design of the buildings, they are modelled after the 17th century western buildings of the real world.

Is the world set in a western culture? My name’s not a problem, and the clothes were given to me in the first place, so there’s no problem there either. No, if the texture was a little more comfortable, it would have been better.

After walking for a bit, I realised my destination was an inn, and I could hear some slight noises coming from inside.

I opened the door, and was surprised by what was happening inside.

A man dressed in black was strangling an old man, and the two other men in black were tying up the rest.

No matter how I see it, this was a robbery. NPC stealing from an NPC, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


“Sorry, I entered the wrong building.”

Without a second thought, I turned and walked out.


The guy threw the old man aside and rushed towards me with his huge body. The guy’s name turned deep red instantly.

I immediately turned my body, his sword flew across my face. That attack scared the hell out of me.

“Who are you guys! Why are you randomly killing people or whatever!”

“There’s no point in talking!”

My opponent’s sword flashed, and multiple hits came flying at me.

After continuously moving back, I managed to avoid some hits. However, the amount of attacks were too many, and the rest of the hits landed on my chest.

A sharp pain ran across my body, and although I don’t know how a sword piercing through me would feel like, this is still painful!


The guy leaked out a gasp, and looked at me with an expression of disbelief.

As I was wondering why he was doing that, I saw my chest and I understood.

There were no blood stains!

I looked over to my HP bar, and what stated there was 689/700.

Eh? I only received 11 damage?

Even though it hurt like hell? Why did I receive such small amount of damage?

Unless my opponent… is fodder?

I raised my head and looked at the man in black, there’s a 4 on the left of his name.

LV 4? If he was the same as I was at LV 4, his strength should only be 80. If we add the sword, it will only be slightly more than 100.

Dexterity should also be 80, but to demonstrate speed that was similar to mine, his equipment should probably give about 500 points of Dexterity?

Then, why was his weapon’s damage so low?

“Hehe, thank you for enlightening me.”

I punched straight into his face, and his entire body actually flew.

At LV 7, without any equipment, my strength is actually 640, for this kind of guy…
When I looked at him again, his HP bar became empty instantly, and he fell to the ground.

1-Hit KO
EXP Received: 600
Money Received: 40 Gold
Item(s) Received: Sword (Poor Quality), Gale Ring, Poison Dagger.

As your opponent was hostile, your attack did not accumulate any Evil Deed points.

Received: 20 Bodyguard Points

Title Received: [1-Hit Sure Kill]
Current LV: 1
EXP: 1/10
After executing a 1-Hit Kill, your Strength will increase by 10% for your next attack.

This is actually… quite interesting.

The remaining two looked at each other, and then looked over to me, and after that, ran out of the scene.

I walked into the inn, released the people in ropes, and carried the inn owner up.

“Sorry for intruding so late, do you have a room that I can rent?”

Title Received: [Bodyguard]
Current LV: 1
EXP: 4/10
Title will increase in level by saving people. When guarding people, Defense will increase by 10%.

Why did I have a feeling this title is like a game’s achievement system… oh whatever, I don’t really need to mind it.

“Umm… Of course there is, that, our best room is on the 2nd floor, ah, wait, this…”

The inn owner looked over to the few others that I saved earlier.

“It’s fine, don’t mind us. After all, this person is our savior, so, we could give our room…”

“There’s no need, I can make do with any room.”

I smiled and said.


The people that I saved were happy with my reply. Looking at their clothes and titles, I understood they were a kind of nobility, so things like status and hierarchy should be taken to mind.

Klaus Wood – [Earl]
Ice Wood – [Viscount]
Irlin Wood – [Knight]

Among them was a girl named Irlin, LV 3. Just why did she become a knight… weird… Why are all the levels of these people so low…

However, one of their levels gave me a shock.

The guy named Klaus, although he looked like a regular noble, he was actually LV 12.

A person like this… why was he…

And his HP looked normal, so if he was to intervene earlier, those 3 men in black would have… Oh whatever, I should stop minding such things. If there’s any problems, we could always talk tomorrow.

“Then I will be going.”

After saying that, I took the key from the inn owner, and went upstairs.

“Umm… Your room is on the first floor, sir.”

The inn owner then said that.

“Ah, is that so, sorry.”

As I gave a small laugh, I speedily retreated to my room. Of course, I immediately locked the door.

Sigh, to think I actually embarrassed myself at the last moment…

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  1. AnimeLover says:

    Lol so funny. The Japanese feeling…how I miss this feeling. Rarely do Lns get updated these days. Pure Wuxias. I know this is Chinese too. But the Japanese feeling really makes me yearn for more Japanese Novels. Really refreshing


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