Vol. 1 Chapter 05: Why Not Just Eat Whatever that is Already Served?

“And so, since all our bodyguards died, can you… no, will you protect us while we travel to the kingdom?”

When I was eating my breakfast, this guy called Klaus came over to discuss this issue with me.

Just to add on, after I saved them last night, the inn owner decided to waive the fees for lodging and food. So, I am currently trying out the food of this world, and I must say the food is quite good.

“But, even if I were to accept, in truth… there’s no real need for me to do it, is there?”

After finishing up my meal, I look at Klaus in the eye.

He flinches for a moment, and then glimpse an eye at the inn owner. Taking the hint, the inn owner left immediately.

“You… can actually see through my actual strength? Even though compared to you…”

“But you’re much stronger than your other 2 companions, aren’t you?”

“You’re right. Come to think of it, I have never seen you in the Mitchell Kingdom before. Just who are you…”

“That’s because I had always been staying in my village.”

That’s right, I came from the Beginner’s Village.

“Is that so… Then I assume you should be participating in the kingdom’s test to prove your abilities?”

Is this guy suspecting me? is this country so small that you could remember the names and faces of everyone? Seriously?

“I prefer the free life I currently have… Speaking of which, may I ask what’s your current situation like? To think there are people that wish you to kidnap you… Well, since you’re hiring me to protect you, I should at least be aware of the danger involved, right?”

He hesitates for a moment before speaking up.

“We’re currently transporting a very important item to the capital, though I can’t reveal what it is. Even though we decreased the number of guards to prevent being easily identified, we…”

“I understand, then we should head out immediately. If we are to flee at full speed, our pursuers will have a hard time finding us.”

“I have been waiting for you to say that.”

They are using a sort of a land dragon to pull a carriage, and there are two others beside it… Am I supposed to ride it?

I had never rode a horse before, let alone a dragon… Spare me from this, please…

But seeing how serious they were, I could only force a smile as I sat on it.

Unlocked Skill: Riding
Current LV: 1
Proficiency: 0/10
Proficiency will increase by traveling on a mount. Proficiency will increase by 1 every 1km traveled.

So you could learn skills like this as well… Oh whatever.

After forcing my way up, it feels like my entire body is floating. The feeling is actually quite terrible… However, I could only keep my calm. If not, I could just hold the leash tightly and wait for my Riding skill to level up.

“Let’s go, if we go at full speed, we can reach the capital in 3 days.”

After saying that, the dragon carriage begins to move. Riding on the other dragon is the girl named Irlin. She glances over to me, before catching up with the carriage.

F… Fine, I just have to endure until the trip ends.

In any case, she looked weird. She had red hair, and wore a golden mask that covered her mouth.

However, the person that designed the armor for these female knights must have been a gentleman. There’s inner lining in the armor, but the armor felt like it was meant to display the body features of the girl wearing it. Especially around the chest area… Hey, is the breastplate meant to show the size of the girl’s chest or is it used to actually protect her? To think this kind of legendary equipment that only appeared in fantasy and myths is actually the standard for female knight armor in this world… such bliss!

Luckily, when I was riding the dragon, I have an ashen face, or else it would have exposed my inner thoughts.

After we left the city gates, we had been speeding through the road, as if I was riding on a roller coaster.

Please, I had never even rode a motorcycle before, this is really just too insane for me!

“Hey, are you a swordsman or a warrior? I saw your punch yesterday, it was amazing!”

The girl with the busty armor actually started talking me, she must be quite bored.

“Umm, Miss Irlin, I have a name, and it’s called Lin Fir.”

“Oh? How did you know my name? Have we met before?”

Crap… I could directly see her name above her head, so I accidentally said it out.

“Who knows… and to answer your question, I don’t even know what class I am. I had only been doing random training.”

“No Class… and you’re actually this strong?”

She was actually quite surprised, as she unsheathed her sword and slashed it at me. However… the slashing speed is so slow! Is this because of the difference in levels? To think the path of the strike is so obvious!

Even though getting damaged would not amount to anything much, in the end, I pulled out my dagger and blocked her attack. She took a slight rebound, and she almost fell off her dragon, but she managed to steadied herself. She seemed to be a skilled rider.

“So fast! You’re indeed strong! You… umm… Fir!”

“Thank you for remembering my name… speaking of which, it seems that you’re a knight.”

“Yes, I’m a Sword Knight.”

Irlin haughtily said. Yes, if she keep it that way, the effect from the breastplate would be better! If I am able to meet the designer behind this armor, I would like to have a nice, long chat with him about life.

It seems like Ice and Irlin are only figureheads, and hence they’re not strong. If some trouble were to actually happen, Klaus will step in… such convenience.


To think they would actually invite me to protect them just like that… are they actually putting their trust in me, or do they have some other purpose?

Oh whatever, there’s no point thinking about it. Rather, I should be thinking of how to control this weird creature, else I would really fall off…

“Once we reach the capital, you should join the Knight Corps. You will definitely become a wonderful knight! A talent like yours should not be wasted!”

I don’t know why, but she suddenly gave such an invite. Unless this girl is one of those hot-blooded and athletic types? In that case, does she think it through before she speaks?

“Ah, is that so? If I have the chance…”

“Oh right, here, this is for you. I simply can’t understand it, so there’s no point in me holding onto it. Maybe, you’re able to understand it. If you actually can, then our battle strength would rise.”

After that, she throws over a book to me, and I have to risk falling over to catch that book. My heart almost jumped out. Don’t do something so dangerous!

Luckily, my Riding skill leveled quite a bit, and adding my 640+500 Dexterity, else I would have definitely fell off!

With one hand tightly gripping the leash, I opened the book with the other.

“High-Class Ice Elemental Sword Skill Book?”

A blue flash happened, and next to my name was an additional blue circle.

Skill Unlocked: Ice Sword Summon
Current LV: 1
Proficiency: 0/10
Next Level: Unlocks the Ice Shield Summon Skill.

What is this? Is this a Knight skill or a Magic skill?

I read ‘Ice Sword Summon’ in my mind, and I could feel a chill in my hand. A shining blue sword of about 2 meters appeared in my hand.

Looking at the skill description…

Ice Sword Summon
+300 Damage
10% chance of freezing the target.
Duration: 5 minutes.

Awesome! When I saw Aliyah use a skill before, I thought it was not realistic. However, after actually using a skill myself, this is actually pretty cool!


It seemed Klaus saw the situation behind him, and immediately jumped off the carriage. The dragon I was riding, after hearing the command, stopped as well.

Klaus looked at the sword in my hand, and had a surprised expression.

“You… How do you know this magic? Unless you’re a Magic Knight?”

“Magic Knight? What is that? I only just learnt this skill from this book…”

After saying that, I handed over the book to him.

“The Ice Enchantment Book? Irlin… why did you…”

“Grandfather, I seriously can’t understand it! I thought since he was stronger than me, he should be able to read it, so I lent it to him. But, look! He’s actually really incredible! He learnt it in one go!”

“Learnt it in one go…?”

He looked at me sternly, and then looked over to my sword again.

“Fir, do you mind if I do a test?”

“A test?”

“Yes. Don’t worry, you just have to hold that sword.”

Crap, I should not have revealed that I could use after learning it just like that! I’m basically asking for trouble!

Title [Whatever Goes] leveled up!
Current LV: 2
Resistance increased by 10 points.

Hey hey, don’t just drop a tsukkomi on me like that, system! You’re definitely doing this on purpose! I did not even offend you!

Klaus muttered a few words, and a light blue long sword also appeared in his hand. However, his sword… looks a little more aggressive?

He immediately rushed to me, and I used my fastest speed to raise my sword to block it, and a blue flash exploded between us!

I immediately flew off the dragon, and forcefully rotated my body, else I would have landed on my back.

“It hurts…”

I slowly got up, however I saw that my ice sword disappeared.

And the dragon that I rode earlier transformed into an ice sculpture!

What is this? Is that old guy trying to kill me?

“It seems that it was indeed my household’s ice sword.”

Klaus muttered to himself.

“Oi! Were you trying to kill me? You bastard!”

“Kill you…? It’s not that I can’t, you know?”

Bastard, this guy is actually threatening me. However, this was the truth. Every level, basic damage and dexterity both increases exponentially. If he wants to kill me, with the 10000+ damage and dexterity he has, unless I have a legendary equipment, he could kill me immediately, right?

“Alright, fine… So what if I learnt this magic?”

“So what…? Do you know how many people wish to learn the skills of a Magic Knight? Including this book, my household has 3 books of different elemental Magic Knight skills. A guy like you actually learnt one of it just like that! What do you think?”

Hey, are you joking me? A weird magic like this is actually rare? Although it looks cool, it’s not actually strong in any way right?

“So you’re saying… I’m actually very lucky?”

“Being lucky is an understatement! Usually, if such a thing happened, you would have been immediately exterminated. It’s not a good thing for such a skill to be imparted to outsiders!”

“What are you implying? If you could only learn the skill from that book, then…”

“Hmph! If you could learn it so easily, it means it will be easy for you to replicate the book, right? Wouldn’t it spread easily then?”

I’m definitely not in the wrong here. I did not even see the contents of the book… The skill was automatically learnt…

“Fine, then what are you planning? It seems like you don’t intend to kill me…”

“Tch, if there were more people in my household that could learn this skill, I would have immediately killed you!”

Oh, so you’re saying this skill is actually hard to learn? Hahaha, then I seriously am lucky. Ahahahaha!

I controlled the laughter inside me, and asked.

“Then, if I may ask…”

“Hmph! Other than this girl’s cousin, there’s no one else that learnt this skill!”

Klaus said as he pointed at Irlin.

“That is… actually quite a terrible situation…”

Alright, I feel that keeping silent will be safer.

“So, you currently have two choices. Either you marry Irlin, or you will be taken in as my god-son! Choose!”

“Hey, wait, these two choices look like it’s actually quite unreasonable for me, aren’t they?”

Saying that, I looked at Irlin beside me. Other than her mask, she was actually bushing red to the point of emitting steam, as she tried to hide behind the land dragon.

“Tch! The fault lies with that girl over there! That book was actually meant to be that girl’s dowry! I gave her the permission to read it, to find out whether she had the aptitude to learn it, but I never imagined that it would have been passed to you.”


So you’re saying her dowry actually landed in my hands…

Should I accept it…?

Why not?

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