Vol. 1 Chapter 07: A World Which Only a Neet Will Understand

“There’s really nothing good around here. That’s about it then. You guys, send them over to this address at the capital, is that clear?”

Yes, Miss Wood! Definitely!”

Seems like this girl was rather famous here, as the storekeeper did not dare to even look her in the eye.
Also, didn’t she say she wouldn’t buy anything earlier!? What’s with the mountain of items outside!

However, this was because she bought 3 of the same of whatever she wanted. I don’t understand why though.

“Ah, right, take this.”

After saying that, she picked out a Knight Sword from the shelf.

“The dagger you have is too weak, you should use something that is more seemly.”

“This… The price…”

1500 gold… Oh god! I only have about 900 gold on me, how can I afford this?

“What are you talking about! Of course I’m giving this to you! If not, how are you going to protect me!?”

“Ah… Ahahaha, you’re right…”

Holding onto the weapon, it was not as heavy as I imagined. It was probably because my level was high enough to wield it.

The sword was about a meter length, and although I don’t know the material used, it looked fairly sharp.
Opening the inventory window, the sword’s stats appeared.

Knight Sword (Fine Quality)

Required LV: 6
Strength: +550
When under a speed boost, +10% Chance of Penetrating Defense.
Durability: 0/300

A standard Knight’s equipment. Can be used during horseback and on-field fights.
Can be remade into a sword of a higher level.
Can be enchanted

Oh, weapon with high grades have descriptions as well, this is rather convenient.

In any case, getting an equipment for free is not bad.

“Let’s go to the library then!”

Irlin looked very happy as she hopped merrily in the library’s direction.

“Sigh~ Being a rich person’s bodyguard sure have it’s benefits. Getting an expensive equipment for free just like that~ Boy, that sword is worth half a year of my salary, you know.”

The shopkeeper said as he wrapped the load of items she bought.

“Haha… Is that so…”

No doubt he thought I was her bodyguard… But actually, he’s right that I’m benefitting a lot. After all, I did accidentally become her fiance.

Though this can also be a good thing, as I don’t have to be worry about my status around her.

Speaking of which, I can’t believe there’s express delivery in this era. So convenient. How much does the shipping cost?

“Fir, stop looking! There will be plenty of better stuffs at the capital! Then I will allow you to look as long as you want!”

“Alright, I’m coming.”

“After catching up to Irlin, we both walked on the orderly stone slabs in the direction of the weird building.

The surroundings slowly became quieter, as the only people left on the streets are the ones living nearby. The tower was built entirely on stone slabs, I wonder how they managed to keep the tower steady.

As we approach the tower, it’s style seemed to change. The exterior of the stone slabbed tower began to smoothen out. However, they were not purposefully polished, rather, it was corroded by something.

That tower…

“Just what are you looking at? If you’re surprised by something like this, I don’t think you will even be able to stand when you reach the capital.”

“Alright, let’s hurry. I’m very interested in learning.”

“Is that so? If you were to learn everything the library has to offer, you will probably become a monster, won’t you?”

“I guess so…”

Even if I managed to learn some new skills this time, I won’t use them openly. Or else I will definitely be treated as a monster.
Without warning, A red warning signal appeared at the corner of my eye, its direction was from the right of my back.

After seeing such a signal several times while playing games for many years, I immediately pulled out my dagger and turned to block. The sound of metals clashing rang as the attack came from the predicted direction. Although my block was a success, I could feel my arm almost breaking from the impact.

“Interesting. To think you were able to withstand my surprise attack… It seems you’re different than the previous bodyguards.”

After he saw that his attack was blocked, he speedily retreated a few steps, before going back to a stance.

Yalisaer LV 6 Berserker [Evil] [Oppressive] [Suppressor]

Ah, the system sure is gracious. Even though it only provided the enemy’s name and class, the information provided is better than nothing.

Also, the enemy has a build similar to that of a muscle building champion. Including the spiked mace that was larger than my thigh in his hands, he definitely looked like a dangerous individual.

Please, I’m not gay!

“Who are you?”

“Hah? I am the great Yalisaer! Randall City’s strongest man!”

As he introduced himself, he spun the metal mace above his head a few times. He sure looked rather energetic.

“I heard you defeated my 3 subordinates, and one of them was forced to stay in bed for several months. Looks like you have some ability.”

“Ah, those three…”

It seems this guy is the boss of the three guys from earlier. No wonder his level is higher than the average fodder.

Also, this guy also has a class and a title, he seems to be a little decent in battle.

No no, even though he was an exhibitionist, he only has robes as his armor. However, his defense seems to be high from looking at the thick muscles he possesses.

Speaking of which, isn’t he a Berserker?

Aliyah told me before. Her Dual-Swordsman class provides a bonus to Strength and HP. For a Berserker… He must have a bonus to Strength, Defense, HP or Resistance. Leaving the hidden Resistance attribute aside, since he was not wearing any notable equipment, he must be confident in his Strength and Defense.

Tch! After being single for so long in exchange for the experience I gained from playing games, a homosexual like you will not shock me at all. As long as I do a careful analysis, I can even clear the most difficult of RPGs easily!

However, I should not jump to conclusions, after all I don’t have any guides or reference materials. I can only rely on my previous experiences to judge.

But, if I were to let him attack me once and see the amount of damage dealt… No, it’s too dangerous. If he is actually quite strong, I might even be killed in an instant. His painful attack earlier did almost broke my arms.

“Hey, what are you actually transporting? To think a weird person like this would appear as well…”

I asked Irlin who was behind me.

“I’m not too sure myself… Grandpa said it was something important, and told us to accompany him…”

“Damn, and you didn’t bring a single bodyguard along!”

“Actually, we started off with a total of 10 people, however…”

“10 people!?”

God, so they already had several losses before?

“Boy, take my advice and leave. There will definitely be no one that knows what’s going to happen tonight, hahahaha!”


Hearing his declaration, I immediately pulled the Knight Sword out.

“Leave this place? Are you kidding me?”

“Oh? What are you…?”

He was surprised by my reaction.

“You’re telling me to abandon a girl and run? What a joke! I have lived for so long, and this is my first time sharing a horse- no, a dragon-ride with a girl. This is also the first time I met a girl that doesn’t mind talking to me with her sweet voice… And you’re telling me to flee?”

“Hey hey, just what are you talking about, boy…”

“Hehehe… Of course you wouldn’t understand the amount of resentment I had been storing in my soul…”

“Soul? Resentment? Just what are you?”

“What am I? Hahahahaha! Do you know? In several Galge, the resentment you feel is caused by your rivals stealing away your female leads! And all of them end up as bad ends! Even though one is enough, there were actually many games with these bad end routes! I can let it slide if I was playing these games alone, however, there were also many of my companions experiencing this resentment! Do you think you can understand our feelings!? However, we could only silently accept the designated scenario, and helplessly welcome the bad end… But!!”

Ice Sword Summon!

The Knight Sword in my hand, after activating my skill, began to shine with a blinding blue light. A layer of blue ice crystals covered my sword, and a chill began to surround my body. However, not only did the chill not harm my body, rather, my body felt sturdier!

Ice Blue Knight Sword
A Magical Sword made by the combination of the skill ‘Ice Sword Summon’ and the equipment Knight Sword.
Strength +900
30% chance of inflicting frozen status.
Provides an additional ice resistance.
10% chance of blocking either physical or magical attacks. Duration of spell depends on the amount of MP.
Consumption of 20 MP every second.

Oh! At LV 7, my basic Strength has a value of 640, adding the 900 Strength from the sword, that will be a total of 1540. The enemy, at LV 6, only has 320 base defense. Even if it doubles, it will only be 640. It will be impossible to stop me.

Also, there is the bonus from my 1 Hit Sure-Kill title, 110% of my current Strength will be a value of 1,694!

“No matter the result, since I’m able to do it, I will cut away the resentment we’re shouldering! Come! Feel our combined strength!”

Adding 500 to my base value of 640, I currently have 1140 Dexterity. Facing the Berserker who does not have a single Dexterity-bonus equipment, my speed is more than double of his!

Secret Skill – Slash of Resentment!

The scenery I saw in front of me suddenly changed in a blink of an eye, as I immediately rushed to the back of the enemy.

After looking back, I saw that he already turned into an ice sculpture, and he still had that face of disbelief.

I… I won?

“Hahaha… I won? Hahaha…”

1-Hit KO
Yalisaer defeated.
Titles Unlocked: [Evil] [Oppressive] [Suppressor]
As your action was just, EXP gained from the title [Evil] will be transferred to the title [Kind].
Title [Kind] leveled up!

Current LV: 2

Strength increased by 100 points. Strength will increase by 10% when wielding a heavy weapon.

EXP Received: 5,000
Gold Received: 3,000
Item(s) Received: Heavy Weapon – Suppressor’s Spiked Mace

Suppressor’s Spiked Mace
Strength: +500
Dexterity: -300

Only after I looked at the screen did I realise that the guy in the ice sculpture had already lost his weapon.

Special Title Unlocked: Resentment Maker

When the user is full of resentment, he will receive a ???% increase in Strength.

Hey hey, what is this? What is this!? World System! Your tsukkomi is a little too much!!! Do you think I can be a Super S**yan with this set-up or something!?

A glaring red light suddenly lit the dark sky. According to the map I recorded from a noticeboard I passed by, the position of the source… was coincidentally the inn we’re staying in.

Fine, although I somehow figured this could happen, but, couldn’t it at least happen after I learn a few skills at the library? Oh well, as the situation is dire, I don’t have the time to do so.

“Irlin, let’s hurry back! The place where your grandfather is…”


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