Vol. 1 Chapter 12: King? Demon King?

The man sitting on the royal seat quickly dispelled his exhilaration, and looked to our direction.

“Oh right, where’s Klaus? Why is he not here?”

“My king, when we were on our way back, we were attacked several times by a group that tried to steal that key. When we were in the previous city, we were almost caught. If not for Fir and Mr. Dale, I would have already been in enemy’s hands. However, Grandfather and the rest went missing in the previous attack. So…”

“I see, they are most likely my brothers’ forces. After all, they would definitely want to obtain this key as well.”

“That’s why, if it’s possible, please…”

“Of course, I will send my men to rescue Klaus and company, so please be at ease. Also, you people have worked hard, so you definitely have to be rewarded. That’s right, Knight Irlin, recently, the position for the Captain of the 7th Knight Squadron has been opened. I hereby order you to take that post!”

“Eh!!? That… I…”

“What is it? Unless you’re unwilling?”

The king made a teasing expression. Although Irlin looked nervous, she was actually really happy inside.

“Of course not! I will gladly take up the post!”

After saying that, Irlin bowed.

“Very good. Then, go take up your post right away. Because things will get pretty busy really soon.”

“Eh? That…”

Irlin looked at me, and revealed a very complicated expression.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let him die.”

Dale said as he waved to Irlin.

“Alright, I understand.”

After that, Irlin once again bowed to the king, and left the hall.

A few moments later, the king spoke up again.

“Pray tell, Dale, if I’m not wrong, you belong to the faction of one of my brothers. Why did you help me out this time?”

“This might sound silly, but I was only helping out a friend of mine.”

Saying that, he looked at me.

“However, if there’s a reward or anything, then I will gratefully accept it.”

“Hahaha, interesting! It’s been such a long time since I heard something so amusing. Very good, very good! You must be bored being a Vice President. From now on, you shall be the President of that facility. Also, I will provide you the 100,000 gold research expenses that you asked for.”

“I’m very grateful!”

Dale bowed with a smile.

“As for you…”

This time, the demon king… no, the king stood up from his royal seat, and in an instant, appeared before me.

So fast! As expected of someone that’s twice my level! This speed is really frightening!

“Who are you?”

Hey hey! Don’t ask things like that with a stern look! If you want to know, just ask! Your stunt almost made my heart skip a beat!

“This is an old friend of mine, Lin Fir. I met him a long time ago. When I saw him with Irlin the other day, I was shocked for quite a while. In the end, I decided to help him.”

“Oh, Fir, is it?”

The king inspected me for a while, before speedily returning to his seat.

Are you trying to show off your speed to me? Go participate in a 100m relay or something!

“I’m really grateful to you for protecting Irlin, if not this key would probably not be able to return to my side. After all, if not for you, Dale would probably not give Irlin his aid. Hohoho, very good. In the end, you still did contributed quite a bit. So, what is it that you wish for? An official position? Money? Or is it treasure?”


I replied unhesitatingly.


Even the king was surprised by my speedy answer. He looked at me blankly for a while, before laughing out loud.

“Hahahaha! Interesting, interesting! If that’s the case, then I will grant you your wish! Henry!”

“Yes, my king.”

A man from the sides walked out. The black robe he wore was similar to Dale’s.

Is it really an exclusive attire to magicians?

Henry Falter ??? LV 13 [???]

It was a shame I could not judge from his class, since it’s hidden.

“Bring Fir to the treasury and present him a 500,000 gold card.”



Dale’s eyes suddenly grew wide, and was looking at me with a moody expression.

“Why are you getting more money than me…”

“You ranked up to President as well, so stop complaining.”

After that, I followed the man called Henry to the corridor.

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