Vol. 1 Chapter 20: Even If it’s in Sil**t Hill, You Still Need to Hand Me Some Equipment, Right?

“What kind of universe-hopping bullsh*t is this? Why is there a hospital here!”

I asked as I pointed at the place.

“Unless we’re actually the main leads for a gag reality show?”

Dale expressed his opinion after thinking for a moment.

“What kind of gag reality show allows you to resurrect when you get slashed to death?”

“Ah, right.”

However, no matter how I look at it, this place is designed like a regular hospital. If a nurse were to pop out at any moment, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Speaking of nurses, I just remembered the scenario from Sil*nt Hill. Unless… we actually transferred to another universe again?

That can’t be right! At least give me a radio and a flashlight! Or else, what am I going to do if a nurse really appears?

Even if there isn’t a nurse, if I were to see an empty wheelchair moving, it would definitely frighten me as well!

After having all these thoughts, I retreated a few steps, and stood behind Dale.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“Why should I take the lead when I’m several levels lower than you?”

“Even if I have a higher level, it doesn’t mean I’m unbeatable! I already told you that the monsters here are scarily strong right? Also, you’re a Magic Knight! In regular party tactics, aren’t you supposed to be in front of the magicians?”

“Bullsh*t. You’re still 5 levels high than me. Your HP is totally larger than mine, and you still have the nerve to have me take the lead?”

“Obviously… I do.”

Dale said with a righteous look.

This bastard is actually so incorrigible. I thought too highly of you!

“Aren’t you a knight? Your defense must be higher than mine!”

“What do you mean by “must”!? In this day and age, other than Paladins, there’s no other knights that can actually fight in melee combat! Also, I’m a Magic Knight! Since I use magic, my defense is as useless as that of a magician! Do you understand!?”


Dale said as he proceeded forward with numerous shields equipped on his body.

I on the other hand silently prepared my Ice Castle magic so that I can unleash it any time.

However, the place looked exactly like a hospital. Be it the decorations and the smell, they reminded me of the hospital I used to go to when I was young.

Other than this place which only had hallways with no doors or rooms, the rest looked normal.

Also, when we made our first bend, Dale suddenly stopped.

“Hey, what happened?”

I asked.

“Umm… No matter how I look at it, I have a very uncomfortable feeling…”

Dale said as he pointed to the front.

I looked over to what Dale was pointing, to the front of the hallway… There was a wheelchair that was totally rusted sitting quietly at the center of the hallway.

“You… Just what are you thinking about~ This is an RPG world, there being a ghost should be a regular occurrence right? Just use your magic and you can exterminate it easily~ Am I right~”

I bitterly smiled at Dale, however… the guy’s face was dead pale!

“Hey hey! This can’t be, right!? You shouldn’t be that much of a coward, right!? You unhesitantly dashed right into that big and disgusting worm earlier, and you’re seriously frightened by a wheelchair!?

Is this guy for real or not!?

“Are you… actually afraid?”

I asked.

“I’m not… It’s just…”

Even if you say it like that, your body has already started to tremble, you know?

This guy is seriously starting to get frightened…

However, I suddenly thought that something was weird, and I looked into the direction of the wheelchair.

“I must say, even if it’s a ghost, it’s still only a monster right? If that’s actually the case, then we should be able to see its name and HP bar, right?”

“About that… it’s not always a certainty.”

Dale said as he continue to tremble.

“If the target has a stealth ability, or is using a hiding skill, then we will not be able to see its HP…”

“Tch, so there’s such a set-up…”

I clicked my tongue, and then looked at the wheelchair again.

【Ice Arrow】!

The air speedily condensed into a single point, and a blue arrow that brought about a chill appeared beside me, and then it drew a glowing blue line as it flew to the wheelchair.

However, the moment I shot the arrow out, the wheelchair actually moved a little forward, and left my predicted attack range!

It dodged? So as I expected, it’s an enemy!

I glanced over to Dale, and this guy looked as if he was already about to faint.


I flicked my finger, and the ice arrow made a turn in the air and flew to the wheelchair once again. However, the wheelchair did not dodge this time, rather, it was rushing towards us!

“【Ice Castle】!”

Immediately activating my magic spell, I pulled the shocked Dale and quickly ran in the opposite direction.

After we ran to a bend, Dale finally recovered.

“Just now… What happened to me?”

“You still dare to ask!?”

The sound of the Ice Castle crashing down was heard, and I immediately used the spell again before shouting at Dale.

“You bastard! Are you actually afraid of ghosts!?”

“About that…”

Dale scratched his head apologetically.

“I indeed have some problems with them…”

“Are you serious? You? As a level 15 Magician, you actually have such an unusual weakness?”

“Shut up! You think I want to be like this? It’s all because of someone that left me a huge trauma when I was young… Now, the moment I think of any ghost-related stuffs, I will lose my consciousness!”

“Luckily, you didn’t venture here when you were alone. If not, you would have definitely died instantly.”

“You’re right.”

Dale bitterly smiled.

The sound of my Ice Castle crashing down was heard once again, I turned and looked, and realise the wheelchair already revealed its name.

Gloomy Prowler LV13 45,000/45,000

It’s hidden status was removed the moment it was attacked, which was a very logical set-up.

“Stop running! That bastard has already revealed itself! It’s only level 13, exterminate it!”

“But… I can’t see it…”

“Are you kidding me…”

We’re currently in a party, and my party member can’t see what I can see? What the hell is this!

“I will help with your aim! You just have to unleash your spell.”


Hearing Dale’s confirmation, I immediately grabbed his index finger and pointed it at the wheelchair.

However, looking at the position of the monster’s name, I could deduce that the monster was not actually on the wheelchair and behind it, but on its left.

Are you serious? This monster isn’t actually pushing the wheelchair or sitting on it, but it’s actually pulling it? You must be sick!

As if it was an arrow, a flash of lightning pierced right below the floating name, and a red number ‘-7,000’ appeared above the name.

Immediately, I summoned a valley of ice, and the monster’s figure was finally revealed.

“You should be able to see it clearly now, right?”

“Of course…”

With a single reply, a ball of lightning of 1 meter in size was released from behind me, and it pierced right through the passage with the wheelchair.


Beside the wheelchair, something that resembled a figure of a human appeared, and then it slowly dissipated into the air.

LV 13 Gloomy Prowler defeated.
Party EXP Received: 5,000
Money Received: 0
Item(s) Received: Gloomy Soul

To think it could have been killed with a single hit…

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12 thoughts on “Vol. 1 Chapter 20: Even If it’s in Sil**t Hill, You Still Need to Hand Me Some Equipment, Right?

  1. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!
    I don’t know, I would be majorly freaked out too if I were to be going into a hospital that appeared out of no where in a dungeon…


  2. samiul says:

    Okey…… at this stage of the novel…. I really lost interest in it….. sorry but it’s a bit uninteresting….
    still I’ll give it a try & read other chapters


  3. anon leecher says:

    Thank you for translating this.

    “Immediately activating my magic spell, I pulled the shocked Dale and quickly ran in the opposite direction.”

    When I was speed reading this chapter, I mistook “pulled” with “pushed,” I started laughing but thought it was also kind of weird for Fir to act mean, until I re-readed it…


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