Vol. 2 Chapter 35: Assassination Live Exercise

“Eh? How do you know I’m an elf?”

She had already prepared her weapon, and when she heard my words, she stopped. In an instant, she disappeared from my sight.


Just when I was still in shock, a pair of hands grabbed onto my shoulder. Before I could react, she slid her hands down my back, and even touched my butt and thighs!

Oh my god! Who is this pervert!?

I hurriedly jumped away from the person’s harassment, and when I turned to look, it was indeed the elf named Yuon.

Even though she sounded like a girl, but why were her movements so experienced? Is she actually a female delinquent?

Oh god, please return my image of an elf’s purity!

“So you’re not actually human. Tch. And you’re actually disguised as a human. Just what are you thinking?”

“Do you have the right to say that? Even though you’re an elf, you’re actually dressed like this! And you actually sexually harassed someone! Or have all the elves fallen into depravity recently?”

“Hah? You bastard, look carefully!”

She removed the black cloth covering her face, and took out her mask.

The skin under her mask was actually black, in other words… She’s actually a dark elf?

Oh my god, it was stated that it’s pretty rare to encounter an elf, and it’s even harder to actually encounter a dark elf. However, I didn’t expect to win the lottery today, as I managed to meet a dark elf with my first encounter.

Did god grant me my biggest wish of meeting an elf because he pitied me?


Why did it have to be a female delinquent?

“So it was actually a Dark Elf… I once heard that Dark Elves are immoral, and the rumors seem to be true.”

“Who are you talking about!?”

After putting her mask on again, she rushed towards me when she heard what I said, and grabbed onto my collar.

Oh my god, she’s worst than a delinquent, she’s a ruffian!

“It was written in the books, and I only blurted out what I learnt from them. And when you were touching my body earlier, your movements were obviously skilled!”

“What lousy books would… I only did that earlier to confirm your race, hmph! Unless you really think I would really gobble you up?”

“Couldn’t you have just asked nicely?”

“Would you tell me the truth?”


“Tch, as I thought, you’re not a good person. Geez, that’s why bastards with especially large number of question marks beside their names are definitely bad people…”

“I’m not… Wait a minute. Did you just say I have especially large number of question marks beside my name?”

“Yeah. Especially… A lot… Wait. Just to confirm something, are you…”

“I’m an Earthling.”

Before she could finish what she wanted to say, I interrupted.

I didn’t expect to meet another otherworlder, what luck.

“…Hmph, so you’re one as well. And here I was wondering how you would know the meaning of ‘gobbling you up’, since no one else knew it. And I even thought that the inhabitants of this world finally leveled up their vocabulary, but to think you were actually…”

“Alright, first and foremost, do you know why we’re here? I mean, why were we sent into this weird world?”

“How would I know something like that?”

She shrugged.

“I was actually busy working before I found myself in this weird place. I wonder how is it going over there… However, fortunately, I’m taking up the same job as before.”

“Same job?”

“Yep. Assassinations and thefts.”

She said calmly, as if it was something normal to her.

However, it’s not normal to me.

“Hey hey, even though this world is similar to an RPG, for you to kill people so casually…”

“Because it’s an RPG, I don’t get as much pressure from killing people.”

She skillfully slashed her dagger several times in the air, and she definitely gave the feeling of being experienced with a knife.

“Well… I can’t criticize you for that. After all, everyone has different values.”

And I don’t even wish to criticize her. Although she looked rather normal, but she’s still an assassin. If she were to suddenly stab me, then I wouldn’t be able to get away.

“Even though you’re actually an elf shaman…”

“Don’t bring it up anymore. It’s basically a useless class, which I had from the beginning. Other than a few additional supports, there’s totally no offensive abilities at all! Fortunately, I did not forget what I learnt before, otherwise, I would have bored myself to death from being a charlatan.”

She actually began to tear up.

Is she usually unable to find anyone to talk to?

“Then, I could only flee by myself, and with my past skills, I joined a weird organization. Although the people I assassinated are all weird, but I get paid pretty well… Do you wish to join too? I feel that this is the only way to truly live.”

“I have to pass on that. I don’t wish to turn into an assassin or anything.”

“Eh~ Even though you would hardly get to experience the feeling of killing a non-human being.”

“It’s fine. I think it’s best if I continue learning my magic…”

After this conversation, a portion of the girl’s question marks disappeared, and were updated with “Assassin” and “Evil”.

Geez, it’s pretty obvious by just looking at her, is there even a need for them to turn into titles?

“And why do you have two classes? The one at the back is…”

“Don’t you know about sub-classes? After level 20, you are able to select one. And fortunately, because of that, I was able to learn all these Assassin skills. Otherwise, my efficiency in completing quests would have been frighteningly low.”

I see, so there’s actually sub-classes?

However, I don’t even have a standard class of my own, so I don’t really need one, right?

“And what’s with that weird get-up? SM play?”

“Do you wish to have a hole in your body?”

“No thanks.”

“Then keep your opinions about my assassin’s get-up I designed to yourself. Geez. This is a set of clothes I crafted by dismantling several top-grade equipment. It adds both agility and strength.”

“But there’s no beauty appeal to it.”

And I was actually punched ruthlessly, fortunately, it didn’t kill me.

“Oh right, I forgot to ask you something.”

I recalled my true reason of being here while drinking a recovery potion.”

“Last night, 12 people died here. Were you the one who killed them?”

The objective of the quest was to find the murderer, and there’s an assassin in front of me.

With how the scenario has been progressing, I couldn’t think of asking anything else. And, I have begun to suspect whether I was purposefully sent here.

“No, it wasn’t me.”

Alright, I made a wrong guess.

However, it’s still too early to make a conclusion.

“How can I believe you…”

“Ha? Both of us came from the same world, why would I need to lie to you? It’s one thing to lie to the stupid inhabitants of this world, but there’s no point in lying to you, is there?”

What she said did make a point.

“I don’t know, after all, there’s always these weird quests…”

“Quests? I did receive a quest about killing a crazed murderer in this forest. Unless…”

“Was it the person you just killed?”

I looked towards the bushes earlier… Eh? It disappeared?

“That’s just the person’s shadow. He had already realized my existence, so he left several clones around… Why don’t we form a party?”

“Oh, sure.”

I answered with a smile.

“Why not?”

Time Limit: 4 Hours 47 Minutes

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19 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 35: Assassination Live Exercise

    • Blue says:

      You act like this story hasn’t been casual in general! There’s a reason he has the “anything goes title.” If he started getting to serious about stuff, then I’d be worried!

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  1. moridain says:

    This seems like an odd way to treat each other, but the writer is clearly pointing out how odd random parties and gamer speak would be in a real world.

    Other examples would be someone walking into the middle of a city square and shouting ‘SELLING POTS! CHEAPER THAN AH!’ over and over again, and then getting confused when city militia turn up to drag the crazy person away.


  2. ~Shiroyasha~ says:

    I was overjoyed with the three chapters a day but disheartened with the “no chapter tomorrow”… and not interested with corpse crazed other world human, that might be too much of an exaggeration but I’m satisfied with shir…


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