Vol. 2 Chapter 34: Unfortunate Live Exercise

Alright, since everything is still within my predictions, however, it’s not turning out as how I wanted it to be.

Why don’t you take my place as a guide!? What am I supposed to do with two princesses in my party!? How am I going to proceed with the quest like this!? Although they did bring their bodyguards along, and there’s a teacher accompanying us, however, I’m obviously rushing for the unknown rewards here! How am I supposed to work like this!?

However, I’m not thinking of killing the murder because I find human lives insignificant. After all, he’s someone who could actually kill 12 people in a single night. If I don’t carry the resolve to kill him, then I might be the one getting killed instead.

Of course, if he is really too strong, then I would flee immediately. I don’t want to die, after all.

However, there’s two princesses by my side… It’s impossible for me to flee easily like this…

“Princess Anne~”

I furrowed my brows as I called out.

“What is it~”

“Why did you decide to follow us?”

She made a startled expression, and then covered her giggling as she replied.

“What’s wrong? Unless, compared to me, you prefer to stick with that short and immature brat over there?”

Princess Michelle suddenly stopped walking, turned and charged towards Princess Anne’s side.

“Hey! You long-hair freak! I hadn’t even uttered a single word about you! So why do you have to start looking for trouble!?”

“Hmm, I spend an hour every day to manage my hair. As for your hairstyle which is similar to a chocolate roll, if we were to encounter any monsters, they would definitely go for your hair first, right?”

“They will go for your hair instead! I bet all the mass in your body went into your hair!”

“What did you say! Even though everything is concentrated in my chest!”

“Alright! Please stop, my princesses!”

I suppressed my smiles as I separated their faces from each other, and then continued.

“Are you girls fine with saying such things out loud? Your subordinates are able to hear them you know… And that delinquent teacher as well.”

I pointed to our backs, and although there seemed to be no one there, however, after what I said, a hand was stretched out from behind a tree, and the thumb was up.

So are you telling me you heard everything clearly…?

“Six! (Ming!) Forget everything I just said!”

The two princesses ordered their bodyguards at the same time. However, there’s no real point in doing that now, right? Unless they have magic spells to erase their own memories?


Six answered. However, the person hiding in the bushes did not reply, but his named immediately changed from ??? to Ming. Although I still could not see the rest of his details, however, this allowed me to confirm one thing.

As long as the name I know and the person’s actual name corresponds, then the person’s name will be revealed above his head.

In that case…

I looked towards Six. She was still full of smiles, as if she was wearing a mask.

And her name is still full of question marks. Just who the hell is she?

Although Princess Anne said they were together for a long time, however, just how long is it?

“Now, there’s you!”

Suddenly, the two princesses approached me from my left and right.

Wait a minute, I’m fine with you girls approaching me, but why are you girls holding onto your staves?

And… Why do I feel that magic particles are already gathering around them?

“Umm… What are you girls-”

“I heard that people will lose their memories when they’re knocked in the head. So I wish to test it out.”

“That’s right, we have to test it out.”

“Hey hey! Calm down! This kind of thing won’t work at all!”

These two girls actually plotted this together when I was still deep in my thoughts! Are you sure you girls are going for a simple knock? That’s not true right? My memories aren’t going to be only things that would be lost if I’m hit with those magic staves.

“Not just my memories, I would lose my life from that!”

“Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter even if that kind of thing disappears right?”

“Even if you girls don’t think it matters, I do!”

“Don’t worry. No matter what happens, we will definitely bring you back to the academy. So, be at ease.”

“Are you girls planning to bring my corpse back?”

“Or do you want your corpse to be left defiled and thrown in the wilds?”

“Are you girls really assuming I’m going to die from this?”

“Yes. Because…”

The magical light at the tip of their staves began to brighten, and the spells seemed pretty strong… And I had never seen those magic circles before!

Intermediate-grade magic? Or are they advanced-grade? Even though I’m not able to access those magic spells, these two princesses should probably have the opportunity to, right?

I could feel cold sweat flowing down my cheeks.

“Why don’t you two calm down for a second? We can always discuss about this. Don’t be rash.”

As I said that, I began to retreat a few steps back.

If I were to be attacked by these spells, I would no doubt, die! Definitely! Surely!

I must not stay here!

“Ice Castle!”

I immediately erected a wall between us, and quickly accelerated towards the back.


The moment I turned around, I fiercely collided with something soft. Even though it was soft, however, she not only did not fall back from the collision, rather, she forcefully pushed me onto the ground.

This girl is…

“Sorry. Because my princess doesn’t wish for you to flee, so I had to use a bit of force.”

When I looked up, it was actually 6!

So the soft thing I collided with earlier was… No, this isn’t the time to think about something like this. As expected, her level was exceptionally high. Earlier, I even used ‘Accelerate’, but she actually blocked my escape path so easily!

“Alright, it’s impossible for you to flee. Don’t worry, it will only hurt for a few seconds!”

“That’s right~”

The two princesses seemed to be rather happy…

“As civilized people, can’t we put down our weapons and discuss this peacefully?”

“Aren’t we having a peaceful discussion? As long as you lose your memories… Don’t worry. Even if you were to forget everything, we will definitely help you. Supporting a single little idiot for life is nothing to us. So, you don’t have to worry.”

“Like hell I wouldn’t worry!”

In a situation like this, it seems that I have no choice but to activate my trump card!

“【Random, Flash Movement】!”

Since I had no idea where to flee, I just had to leave my fate in the hands of RNG.

And since I would no longer be stunned from depleting my MP, there shouldn’t be any other side effects from using this, right?

My MP bar immediately plummeted, and at the same time, in a flash, everybody in front of disappeared. What replaced them was a scenery I had never seen before.

“This… Where is this place?”

I got up and inspected my surroundings. I could not discern my current location at all. I could no longer see the mountaintop, and there doesn’t seem to be a river nearby either.


The ground seems to be a little tilted?

“Unless I teleported to the top of the mountain?”

This outcome is really bad. I actually dropped into a high-level area without bringing any of my party members?

Aren’t I just sending myself to death?

Due to the large distance of separation, party has been disbanded.

Suddenly, I saw the notification from the screen, and I then recalled we were actually in a party.

So what if we’re in a party?

It meant that I wouldn’t have been damaged by their attacks at all!

“I actually forgot about it… Such a waste of MP…”

I bitterly drank down a MP Recovery Potion while I continued to survey the surroundings.

Geez, to think I would forget something so important. After all, I was already used to running from attacks, and since I managed to unlock a very useful skill that’s specialized in fleeing, I couldn’t help but use it.


A cry was heard. I turned to look, and something flew out from a bush near me.

And after that, a pool of red stuffs appeared under the bushes, and I had a pretty bad premonition.

Unless I really did… send myself to death?

Then, a figure walked out of the bushes. She first looked at the thing on the floor, and then she looked back at me.

“Eh? There’s actually another one?”

She said.

Wait… This person is pretty familiar!

“Miss Elf?”

She’s actually the elf I met earlier! Kamiochi Yuon!

Is she the murderer?

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30 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 34: Unfortunate Live Exercise

  1. RKain says:

    Running away elf is now murderer elf?
    Normally I’d say that it’s probably a misunderstanding, but some of the loli’s around this guy are a bit, uh, “morally impaired”. So I wouldn’t call it impossible.

    My thanks to you, Scrya.


    • Moissonneur66 says:

      Ahhhhhhhhhh but he will have touched the elf ears by then laddie and as such nothing else will matter. alternatively he could complete the quest and become a higher level than them and resist their attacks?


    • Chester says:

      It can be anything because that spell has no element its an uniq spel he gained because of an achievement so no one would think ah you can cast any element because of 1 uniq spel


    • flame says:

      Yep :3 When in doubt be sure that party friendly fire is off : p… in this case it may not be so “friendly” but my point still stands.


      • Alavaria says:

        They could also unparty him and then do it. Which would probably happen as long as they figured out why the first round of casts did nothing.


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