Vol. 2 Chapter 33: Price-Tagged Live Exercise

In everything we do, we must always strive to get the most benefits out of them. And it’s also necessary to pay the appropriate costs.

And to be successful, we must always dare to accept challenges.

Currently, a large tempting offer was right in front of me. And at the same time, it’s cost was very obvious.

Of course, this large tempting offer was the instant gain in 5 levels. With my current self, I already required more than 200,000 EXP to level up, and I would need even more in the future. With gaining five levels as a reward, it will definitely save me some trouble.

And my abilities will instantly advance to that of an Intermediate-Grade Magician. Then, I will be able to learn even more magic spells that I didn’t manage to learn in the school’s library.

After thinking of all the benefits I could get from this quest, it’s temptation seemed to be even larger than I first expected!

However, again, the cost of this quest was really obvious. If I don’t succeed, then only one ending awaits me.


Although I might be able to revive at the nearest cathedral, however, that’s the conclusion that Aliyah came up with after fooling around, and it might not happen in the outside world. And currently, I’m in the wilds. If I were to die here, it might not be possible to resurrect in the cathedral.

Wouldn’t I suffer a big loss if I can’t come back to life? Though, I’m fine with losing my equipment, after all, it’s not that I can’t afford buying another one. However, if I were to lose EXP, then I would definitely cry to death.

But, even if that’s the case, I wish to challenge this quest. Although the hint below told me that my level is not sufficient enough, however, with such a tempting offer placed in front of me, I would definitely regret it if I don’t at least give it a try.

Currently, nine of us were sitting around a round table which Princess Michelle brought along in her ring, and we were discussing our future course of action.

Although the school had already warned us that we will be leaving in 6 hours, however, in a school dominated by nobility, it’s not possible to simply order nobles around, and hence, they only passed down a notification instead.

Originally, when such a dangerous thing happens, everyone should have withdrawn immediately. But, since they had lost contact with the Summoners’ group as well, Michelle’s airship is currently being used for a search operation, and we can only wait for the time being.

Although I’m unsure whether they were influenced by quest system’s 6 hours time limit, however, it’s best to just put aside questions that’s impossible to solve.

After all, we currently have a bigger problem to tackle.

And that’s our next course of action.

“That’s too dangerous! It’s much more appropriate for us to just wait for the airship to pick us up!”

After listening to Princess Michelle’s explanation, Elan immediately rebutted.

As I thought, this guy is the conservative type. However, this is usually how an official behaves.

And although the airship Princess Michelle rode in was participating in the search operation, however, our airship was resting in its original spot, and would be able to fetch the students in the forest really soon.

“I think so as well. After all, a situation like this… is no longer something that we can solve on our own, right?”

Shir added in. However, he’s right. He’s not the type to do quests of this nature. Although he did say he’s undying, I don’t wish to put a friend in danger.

“You guys should just play your roles as good students. We only have to protect you guys here. Once the time’s up, the airship will naturally bring everyone out of here.”

The person speaking was Kewen, the teacher supervising Princess Anne’s group. He was obviously much older than Landur, and was much boring than him as well.

“I wish to do some investigation.”

I immediately replied.


When Kewen heard what I said, he immediately furrowed his brows. However, this was normal. After all, what was I said was totally against his instructions.

“I wish to continue looking for the Crystal Hearts in the forest. Although the live exercise ended, but the conditions have yet to change, right? And if I were to find one, I wouldn’t even have to take the final year examinations, right?”

With my current results, it might actually happen.

However, my true goal was to find the murderer. I will definitely not let any potential EXP gain escape.

“I wish to go as well!”

The next person was actually Princess Michelle.

“Since I already came, it would be too boring to just stay here. Don’t worry, I have a bodyguard following me.”

After saying that, she pointed to the trees at the back.。

I then noticed that there were a row of question marks occasionally appearing in the trees behind her. And since there weren’t any markers on the mini-map, I almost neglected it.”

“Then as a teacher, I will tag along. After all, I can’t just let my students wander around without supervision.”

Landur chuckled. However, after looking at him, I wasn’t able to guess his motives.

“You guys… Haah… Fine. Since it’s safer to stay here compared to venturing outside. I will be staying here to protect the rest.”

I didn’t expect Kewen to be this responsible. However, I’m sorry. My quest is at stake.

After the discussion, about half an hour had past. Only five and a half hours remain, and the pressure is pretty overwhelming.

“Then, let’s hurry and depart. Time is limited.”

After saying that, I took the lead and entered the forest. And Princess Michelle immediately caught up to me.

“This is really an unwise decision. Are you sure you’re going in?”

And at this moment, Princess Michelle suddenly said.

“If you’re talking about the danger involved… Don’t worry, I have already considered it.”

“Hmm hmm~ You sure sound confident. The opponent is someone that killed 12 people in a single night. Although your abilities are pretty good, but wouldn’t you still get killed pretty easily?”

“Don’t worry, I’m only going out for a walk.”

I answered with a smile.

“It’s not like I’m picking a fight with him.”

“Tell me, just what are you trying to do?”

After leaving the base for about ten minutes, Princess Michelle suddenly asked again.


“Stop acting. For someone as perceptive as you, you wouldn’t just come all the way out just for a Crystal Heart. So, why did you choose to come to the forest?”

“What? Was my earlier lie that blatantly obvious?”

“You’re several years too early to fool a princess like me.”

Princess Michelle proudly replied, as if she could see through everything.

Hai, looks like I have no choice. After all, I would probably require her bodyguard’s aid, so it’s best to be honest at this moment.

“I wish to find out what happened. After all, I did see a weird group of people yesterday.”

That’s right, I just couldn’t get that group of mercenaries off my mind. Why did another group of people suddenly appear in our live exercise grounds?

However, I didn’t dare to speak of the appearance of an elf, though someday, I might need assistance in locating elves.

“Weird group of people? Who are they?”

“I don’t know, that’s why I’m out here to find out. However, they seemed to be mercenaries, but their abilities aren’t that impressive.”

“Mercenaries, huh…”

Princess Michelle pondered for a while.

“Then let’s do some investigation! There’s nothing else to do anyway~”

“I knew it. Count me… no, count both of us in.”

When I turned to look…

It was actually Princess Anne and Six!

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29 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 33: Price-Tagged Live Exercise

  1. libraryrocker says:

    Please spare me from the title of “famous detective” I would hate that title more than just about anything.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!


  2. Kensei Seraph says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Looks like Fir is a natural at attracting the interest of princesses.
    Which makes me think that Shir was definitely a princess before losing her memories.


  3. Diri says:

    Thanks for the chapter. This author has really good sense of balance with being able to make his work light and funny but not crossing the line where light and funny turns into stupid and annoying.


  4. Naeko says:

    The quest reward of 5 levels is assumed to be from his current level. If he kills more monsters and levels up, then maybe the quest reward would drop to just 4 levels. If the quest has a flat 5 levels regardless of the level of person solving it, then the quest has overpowered rewards and someone that is level 1000 (or the teacher) should come solve it and get 5 more levels. That’s because getting 5 levels starting at level 1000 is much more valuable than someone getting 5 levels from level 20.


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