Vol. 2 Chapter 36: Boring Live Exercise

Kamiochi Yuon, Dark Elf, LV 21 Shaman, LV 25 Assassin

As the third otherworlder I encounter in this world, she definitely made me realize several new things about this world.

Firstly, when we first enter this world, our races are actually randomly determined.

“I have met several other otherworlders as well. Though, they are of various races, such as beastmen and the winged beings.”

When I was asking her about her race, she answered as such.

After all, we’re currently looking for our enemy, which is a really boring process.

“The guy who turned into a lizardman was really pitiful. As beastmen don’t usually take baths, he had to find the opportunities to swim several rounds around the pool alone every few days. And that’s not all. As his entire body was made out of scales, and he’s modeled after a cold-blooded creature, there’s basically no difference to be felt when he bathes in hot water or when he swims in the cold pond.”

“Luckily, I didn’t turn out like him…”

“Yep, yep~”

Stop joking. Me? A beastman? That’s the same as telling me to die…

I remember I went into a friend’s house once, and he had several pets. Their smell flooded his entire room… I really wonder how he managed to survive in it.

“Speaking of which, the Dark Elf race seems to suit you.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you wanted to be an assassin right? No matter how I look at it, a Dark Elf’s figure and skin are the prime choice for every assassin.”

“You probably watched too much Fate/0000. I don’t have that much of a bad taste to wear a skull-shaped bone mask.”

“So you watched it as well?”

“Well… It gets boring whenever I don’t get a job. So, I would watch some anime and play some games.”

An otherworldly assassin that lived in the society’s darkness actually played games and watched animes for entertainment? What’s wrong with this world?

“But, things became better ever since I came here. Whenever I have nothing to do, I could always cure my boredom by seeking out the bulletin board for quests~”

“Hey hey, are you actually killing people for fun?”

“Of course, why else?”

This girl is really hopeless. By sending her to this world really made our previous world a better and safer place.

This is the first time I felt that this weird world system did a good deed.

“Alright, it’s not possible for me to interfere with your way of life. I don’t mind as long as you don’t touch any of my friends.”

“Your friends? Are they from our world as well?”

“Not all of them.”

“Is that so…? Other than the guild leader of our guild and several other of my colleagues, there’s no one else I could actually talk to. So, friends and the like…”

“Hey hey, isn’t your personality a bit too gloomy? Although it’s best to act independently as an assassin, however, don’t you require aid to complete some quests?”

“That’s true~ Why don’t you join our guild?”

“Stop joking. I haven’t fallen to the point where I could kill people without a care…”

And I already joined this continent’s most evil organization, ‘Momiji Secret Society’. So I really wish you could let me off.

Speaking of which, the day after I joined ‘Momiji’, someone especially came over to mark me with a magic tattoo on my back. And since it’s an invisibility function, I could conveniently hide it.

Although I joined it for a couple of days, however, I have yet to accept any quests. Earlier, I took a look at the available quests, and when I saw the entire list of assassination quests, I immediately closed the window.

I will wait for the day when there’s a quest not related to assassinations.

Another point to take note is this girl’s classes. From what I heard from her, one can choose a sub-class after hitting LV 20 with the main class. As a Dark Elf, she was immediately chosen as a shaman the moment she appeared, and she was bitter about it the entire time.

However, the moment she found a tunnel to leave the elves’ gathering area, she unhesitantly fled. She’s really the type to do things her own way, huh. I wonder if her race is currently in chaos because of her.

If their shaman were to run off, it would be the same as a father leaving the church, wouldn’t it?

And she actually chose the assassin sub-class, and it’s level was actually higher than her shaman’s… Scary…

She must have only obtained her 21st level from using her shaman skills occasionally. Just how much does she despise shamans…

An assassin that could actually heal herself is basically overpowered. Why isn’t there someone with this kind of class configuration in the good faction…

“So, you received a quest related to this murderer as well?”

“Yep. And the rewards are actually pretty good… And this weird… Quest window? For now, let’s call it that. When I accepted the quest from the bulletin board, this screen suddenly popped up. It’s labelled here as a side-quest or something, hmm… Let me see…”

Yuon raised her hand and tapped in the air a couple of times, and looked at the details shown on her screen.

“Eeh~ Side quest, Dark Pursuer. In the middle of the 8th month, kill the mass murderer that will appear in Gray Forest. Reward is gain in two levels.”

“Is that so…”

So it’s a quest to kill the murderer? As expected of a person who chose a bloody route, the quest is really different.

“What about your quest?”

“Mine’s actually an emergency quest. I have to find the murderer, or if possible, kill him, within six hours. I have about four and a half hours left, I guess? I wonder if it’s possible to complete it.”

“Emergency huh… I encountered a quest like that once. However, the time given was too limited, so I did not manage to complete it… However, there shouldn’t be any problems for this quest. Back then, I got a headache from stamina depletion, however, currently, I only have to watch my fatigue meter. Isn’t that great? These system upgrades are really going into the right direction, huh~”

Sorry, that’s something I caused…

However, it’s best not to tell her this now. If she were to know that I was the person who caused it, the system would definitely do something bad to me again. My name might even appear on her assassination list in the future.

“However, it wouldn’t do to just search aimlessly. If we do so, our search would take forever.”

“My summoned creatures are searching everywhere as well. You know the day when we first encountered each other? I realized one of my summoned creatures died around the place we met, and I thought it was killed by my target.”

Sorry. I was the person who killed it… But I won’t tell you that.

“However, I’m confident. The illusionary clone earlier can only be controlled by the main body within a radius of 1000 meters. Since it was there earlier, then that bastard shouldn’t be far.”

“Are you treating that guy as an idiot? Are you sure he wouldn’t run?”

“He’s a mass murderer. Why would he flee?”


When I heard her words, I suddenly trembled.

That’s right, he’s a mass murderer who killed 12 people in a single night. If it’s only 2 people, he wouldn’t simply flee.

Then currently…

“Wouldn’t that guy be simply setting up an ambush for us?”

“Watch out!”

Just when I posed that question, Yuon kicked me to the side, and at the same time, my warning marker flashed. On the mini-map, a red marker appeared behind mine.

A black chain flew across and grazed my cheek, and I was dripping cold sweat from the burning sensation I felt.


To think an attack arrived before my system warning came! Isn’t this speed too frightening?

“Looks like he appeared… Fir, let’s go!”

Yuon pulled out a pair of black daggers, and bitterly smiled.

It seems she saw his level, huh?

“Looks like this will be a tough battle…”

Title [Whatever Goes] leveled up!
Current LV: 4

Title Unlocked: Insightful Person
Current LV: 1
Mini-map viewing radius increased by 5 meters.

I crawled up from the floor, and took out the magic wand I got from Princess Anne earlier.

Since I have a close-combat specialist aiding me, then I can finally act my role as an actual Magician, I guess?

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42 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 36: Boring Live Exercise

  1. Blue says:

    “Looks like this will be a tough battle…” Oh, we’ve got a wise ass here! “Title Unlocked: Insightful Person”

    … Sounds about par for the course.

    Liked by 2 people

    • M.A.D says:

      I hope he wouldn’t. It’s much more interesting to have someone in on the secrets, plus maybe she’d teach him a trick or two. Being a shaman means that she uses light magic right? And it’s even outside of the Church’s purview, too. I don’t know about the Assasin class, but if there were any magic involved, it’d be dark magic, probably, which he can learn from her as well.


      • jacobpaige says:

        I think shaman mostly uses summoning magic. Though it does have healing spells and that may be light element.

        I doubt assassins have magic, its more likely they rely solely on skills. Except magic assassins of course.


      • Triopsate says:

        Shamans are usually more of a life element caster if I’m not mistaken. I’ve yet to see any shaman in any game go around lobbing light magic at people.


      • Naeko says:

        Super true? LN authors typically expect readers to ignore logic problems though. Authors also use the tactic where they conveniently ignore things that are inconvenient to the plot and talk about things that only advance the characters in the direction desired. For example, many authors ignore trees, brush, fallen logs, undulating ground, holes, and mud in order to have the characters run thru a forest at high speed.


      • Josha says:

        Not all forests is full of fallen logs and holes. It depends on how often lighting hits the forests and the types of undergrowth. just like different beaches have different sand and water clarity. Though it’s all just earth and the same body of water; the ocean.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Triple realeases again! your blessings are wonderful scrya-sama!
    Good luck with your stuff tomorrow!

    i was hoping we would get to see the rarest and sexiest of elf ethnicity, the brown elf!
    disappointing when the author gave us, the readers, a drow.


  3. ZaX says:

    His luck is just too amazing in meeting blood thirsty people. Its almost like every female he meets has violent tendencies.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  4. RKain says:

    I think this is the third otherworlder we’ve met. The first one was a casual killer, the second one didn’t give a damn one way or another about morality, and this one’s kills for fun.

    I wonder if Fir is the only [Kind] otherworlder in existence?

    My thanks to you, Scrya.


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