Vol. 2 Chapter 37: Phantom Live Exercise

“Our opponent is level 29, and he’s a Phantom Assassin class. This class is at its strongest when the user has yet to reveal his figure. According to my intel, this bastard’s specialized skill is ‘Shadow Slaughter’. When he approaches his target while in ‘Stealth’ mode, and attacks the target’s weak points, like the neck, corresponding to his target’s level, he will be able to deal multiplied damage. It’s said to be able to instantly eliminate his targets as long as their level does not exceed more than 3 of his.”

Yuon quickly introduced his abilities to me. Looks like an assassin’s information network is truly efficient and convenient, they’re basically walking guidebooks. I really wish to make contact with the people in ‘Momiji’ now. It’s definitely worth the money if I’m able to obtain such detailed intel easily.

I wonder when will Falan’s helper arrive… However, with the current situation as it is, the chances of him appearing would probably be slim.

Although I could usually obtain some information about my targets through their titles, however, it’s not that simple in some cases.

Just like right now, other than his level and class, nothing else was revealed. Even his name’s color was constantly changing, cycling around the colors red, white, blue and green.

What is this about? A cover magic, or a skill? If the party effect is applied, when his name is in green, our attacks wouldn’t be able to hurt him. Currently, he and Yuon were staring deadly at each other. This must be how an assassins’ battle looks like when both their figures are exposed, right?

And it’s not a good time for me to step in. If the mist generated by my Ice attacks were to hinder my partner’s vision, things will get troublesome.

“Why does the color of his name keeps changing?”

I whispered.”

“Just focus on attacking.”


I like simple orders like this!

I opened my inventory, and tapped on the potions that increased my Strength, Defense, and Max HP and MP. Lastly, I tapped on the Speed Increasing Potion and circled around the enemy, at the same time, I cast Ice Meteor at him.

A large block of ice appeared above him, and Yuon’s figure instantly flashed towards our enemy’s back.

Was that teleportation? An assassin has such a terrifying skill? If such a skill were to be used on me… No, wait, our opponent is an assassin as well, isn’t it?

In a single breath, I cast 3 Ice Shields and equipped them to prevent him from dealing any sneak attacks, and at the same time, Yuon slashed her black dagger.

If everything would end with this… Nah, that won’t happen.

Although Yuon’s dagger looked as if it landed on the enemy, however, it actually slashed through a thick mist, and the target’s figure disappeared into thin air.


Yuon’s pair of eyes instantly turned red, and she inspected the surroundings carefully. Looks like it’s a skill to survey her surroundings.
And I paid attention to my mini-map as well, so as to keep a look out for the enemy’s marker and prevent sneak-ups.

Did he actually flee? In times like this… Oh right, there’s still a way!

【Restrictor of the Frozen Earth】.

A blue mist covered my surroundings, and any enemy that approaches 5 meters from me will be marked with a status icon and suffer a decrease in speed.

The moment I unleashed my spell, A red marker appeared at the corner of the blue circle on the mini-map. When I turned to look, I realized he already disappeared.

Did he actually passed me by earlier? That was dangerously close.

However, in the next second, the mini-map showed that a red marker appeared right behind me, and in the following instant, the shattering of the Ice Shield could be heard.

Luckily, I managed to tilt my body quick enough, and the enemy’s dagger only managed to pierce my right shoulder. However, even with that, my HP dropped to a half!

Damn it, it hurts like hell! Although I did buy a potion that could numb my sense of pain, however, it would also prevent the attack warnings from popping out, so I did not use it.

Also, recently, I managed to experience getting hit several times, so, I’m still able to endure pain of this level.

I quickly stabbed the Blasphemer forward, and the enemy speedily retreated.

However, how could my attack be that simple?

【Ice Totem】!

A magic circle flashed at the tip of the blade. A large ice totem was shot out, and it flew towards him.

Even if his HP were to only be reduced by a little, he would not be able to escape from the effect of being blown away.

Also, as long as I manage to hit him once, the freezing effect would definitely stack up. To assassins whose base speed are generally high, if their speed were to be reduced by even 30% from the freezing status, his speed would definitely decrease by a lot.

However… His level was four levels higher than Yuon’s Assassin class, so he was still a difficult opponent to handle.

As I quickly tapped on the HP and MP Recovery potions, the wound on my shoulder began to close slowly.

Fortunately, I still had convenient potions such as these. Otherwise, I definitely wouldn’t dare to face him in a direct confrontation.

However, a black light suddenly flashed out. While I turned to retreat, the black light flew across me, and my ice totem was slashed into half!


How could he be just an assassin? With such a large attack range, how was he still just an assassin?

With a single wave of my hand, several Ice Spikes and Ice Thorns flew out from my position quickly. However, their speed were still too slow, and before they manage to land on the target, the enemy already fled the attack radius.

Damn, unless I were to launch a counterattack after he tries to land a blow on me, I have no other way of attacking him.

“【Extreme Acceleration】! 【Shadow Slaughter】!”

Yuon’s figure faintly appeared behind the enemy, and she pushed her dagger towards him.

Everything happened in less than a second. His HP immediately decreased by a large amount with a single stab.

He immediately fled, however, he was constantly losing blood.

Other than the freezing status, he now had the ‘bleeding’ status on him as well.

This is probably an effect from Yuon’s attack. It seems that her black dagger isn’t just an ordinary weapon.

However, her attack didn’t seem fatal, as the place where he’s bleeding from was slightly below the neck.

However, the outcome wasn’t bad, as he only had about 40% HP left.

My HP was already fully restored, and Yuon’s stamina was only reduced by half.

I could somehow see the quest completion right in front of me!

However, in the next moment, both of us were shocked. He actually turned into a black mist and disappeared right in front of us.

At the same time, his marker on the mini-map disappeared.

“He actually fled?”

I asked in a low voice.

“It seems… so?”

Yuon kept her dagger and brought out her staff.

“【Summon, Shadow Pixies】!”

Pixies, that looked like the one I encountered before, speedily ran in all directions.

“We should get going as well.”


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  1. Hendricksen-sama says:

    Thanks…for….the….new…chapter……although….I….was…reading….Coiling…..Dragon….came…here….to……..read….. as for the periods, don’t mind them lol. hehehe


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the chapter!

    potion is quite overpowered here, i wonder if he think about it too much there will be some kind of potion poisoning that will be implemented to act as a cool down.


    • Triopsate says:

      Well if this was Mabinogi then yeah potion poisoning would exist and his stats would get decreased while the potions would gain an increased potency.

      Good thing he hasn’t thought about it yet or else he’d get a notification that the system got implemented…


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