Vol. 2 Chapter 38: Leveling Up in this Live Exercise

I don’t have any detection abilities on me, and Yuon’s skills are mostly attack-based as well.

Hence, our current was search was proving to be quite difficult. After all, the forest was pretty large, and we couldn’t locate our target at all.

Are we going to just let our prize run away like this?

No! I definitely can’t let this happen!

“Hey hey, this won’t do at all. If our target were to run away now, our earlier efforts would be wasted.”

“Are you thinking of searching separately? You should know that guy is able to kill you in a blink of an eye.”

She’s right. The difference in levels between him and I was indeed pretty big.

I managed to dodge his first attack because Yuon pushed me, and I only managed to survive his second attack because I reacted quickly to the attack warnings.

However, while searching on the move, I’m unable to view my mini-map, which is kind of annoying me.

“Then, what do you suggest?”

“Let’s move together. There shouldn’t be a problem with that.”

“Yeah, this is the only safest method. Oh right, have you experienced death before?”

“Death? Nope. I never do things I’m uncertain of.”

“You’re really someone who do things with several insurance in hand, huh.”

“It’s necessary. In many games, we will drop gears or lose EXP when we die. We can’t afford to drop these kind of things, as we would make a terrible loss if it happens.”

This girl is really a serious gamer, huh…

“Alright, I agree staying together is safer.”


“However, we won’t be able to find our target like this.”


Yuon fell into silence as well.

An enemy like this is indeed frustrating.

And what the hell is this? Even though his level was actually higher than ours, he actually ran when we wounded him critically. He’s basically an asshole.

“However, an enemy that would escape when he found out that he couldn’t beat us… We won’t usually meet such an enemy like that in regular RPGs. This kind of weird setting is really frustrating.”

“That’s right. Usually, they would transform into their 2nd form after their HP drops to a certain amount. However, to think he would actually escape… Isn’t that kind of screwed up?””

“Because a regular boss would wait for us to siege his dungeon lair like a demon lord, right? This isn’t Pok*mon, you know?”

“That’s right…”

However, before I could say anything else, a weird turn of events happened.

An attack warning seemed to have appeared, and I immediately stopped moving. From the mini-map, I could somehow see a red marker flying out from the right.

… I subconsciously used ‘Charge’ and moved backwards, and the red marker passed me by in front of me.

Of course, I was referring to what happened on the mini-map. In front of my eyes, a person flew across me.

Yuon and I looked at each other, and then shifted our gaze to the person on the floor.

LV 29 Phantom Assassin.

Yeah, even though this guy still had many question marks over his head, looking at his name, it was most definitely the guy we were chasing, right?

“This is… the bastard earlier, right?”

I asked Yuon.

“Yeah… Looking at his name and titles, it’s definitely him.”

“Then, shall we kill him?”


Unless we kill the source of our frustration, how could we dispel the hatred in our hearts?

I smashed him with several Ice Meteors, Ice Assassination Spikes and Ice Arrows, while Yuon swiftly dealt several slashes with her dagger, and a series of black shadows landed on his body.

Red damage numbers continuously popped out above his body, and his remaining little HP immediately disappeared.


‘Emergency Quest: Murderer?’ completed.

Reward(s) received: 5 Levels

You leveled up!
Current LV: 14
You leveled up!
Current LV: 15
You leveled up!
Current LV: 16
You leveled up!
Current LV: 17
You leveled up!
Current LV: 18

Title Unlocked: Famous Detective
Automatically hints you with clues in a radius of 10 meters. (Unable to locate hidden objects)

Additional Objective achieved: Kill the Murderer

Title Unlocked: Justice Avenger
Automatically reveals wanted targets. Once they are killed, bounty will be immediately received. (Unable to reveal hidden targets)

Additional Reward(s): Harbinger of the End’s Sleeved Dagger

Physical Strength: +2,000
Dexterity: +10%
100% chance of inflicting a bleeding, poison, and corrosion effect on the target.
If the target is the same level or below the user, target will be killed instantly when his HP is below 30%. If the last blow is dealt when the target’s HP is below 10%, the corpse will be hidden.

What the hell is this? What’s with this godly weapon?

Looking at the weapon that appeared in my inventory, I couldn’t even find words to describe it. With just the +2,000 Strength alone is scary enough, you know? If you were to approach anyone and stab him with something like sleeved daggers, no one would be able to endure that amount of pain.

And isn’t this an Assassin’s weapon? Why is it given to me?

Can’t you give me some Magician’s equipment instead?

However, since I managed to obtain an equipment like this, it’s still a pretty good outcome. After all, the stats on this thing are really overpowered.

Of course, as a ‘Magician’, I still prefer using magic spells.

“Hai~ So you actually unlocked two titles… Famous Detective, are you the Death God’s Student?”
(t/n: Reference to Detective Conan, he is nicknamed 死神小学生 (Death God’s student) by Chinese viewers, as deaths just follows him everywhere he goes.)

“That isn’t funny. You’re more suitable for the Death God title, in my opinion.”

I couldn’t see any difference in her titles, as most of her titles were still question marks to me.

However, her Assassin’s class leveled up by one, although I’m not sure whether it was because of her quest reward, or was it die to the EXP she gained from killing the target.

However, leveling must be tough at her level, right?

I currently require more than 10,000,000 EXP to level up, if this continues on like this… Scary… I don’t even want to imagine it.

“It would be good if I managed to unlock it.”

She smiled and continued.

“Then, my quest here is done. I have to leave now. You should know, I’m quite busy.”

“Of course… Speaking of which, how are you going to prove that you completed your mission? Are you going to bring his head back or something?”

“That’s unnecessary.”

She walked towards the side of the dead Assassin’s corpse, and touched his body.

She then showed me an item she took from his body.

“Here. This tool is a plate which can distinguish the target’s identity. It’s an item that could only be taken when the target is dead. Don’t ask me how such a thing could be found on an assassin’s body, alright? My answer would be ‘I don’t know’.”

“I guess it’s a quest item.”

“That’s right.”

“However… Don’t you find this strange?”

“What is?”

“Why was this guy suddenly thrown out?”

My mini-map did not show signs of anyone else near us, and this guy obviously flew out after getting hit by an attack.

This only meant that he was attacked by someone else earlier.

“When this guy flew to us, he was evidently attacked by someone else, however, I didn’t see anyone else around us. Were you able to spot him?”


Yuon’s eyes turned red for a while, before reverting back to their original color. She seemed to have used her detection skill.

“That’s why we should hurry up and leave. I mean, we already completed our objective here, right?”


“And that’s why young people are really ridiculous nowadays… A boy who’s about to turn into an assassin, and someone who’s already a professional assassin… To think they don’t even have a little bit of vigilance…”

A sudden voice shocked us, and it actually came from behind us.

I turned to look at the intruder, however, this person did not even appear on my mini-map!

But, the moment I saw the color of his name, I was relieved. Because…

It was blue.

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38 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 38: Leveling Up in this Live Exercise

  1. ~Shiroyasha~ says:

    Phantom assasin took a critical hit and ran away, isn’t that supposed to be the other way around? Coup’de grace!! Thanks for the chapter!


  2. NoTofu says:

    they will only turn blue when the target is in the same guild. Just like how Falan’s name is now blue, since I joined the ‘Momiji Secret Society’.



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