Vol. 2 Chapter 39: Beneficial Live Exercise

“I will state this first, I never plan on becoming an assassin.”

Facing the person, I told him as such.

Although I could not see his name, however, his name and titles were all in blue, and at the very front, he’s even labelled with ‘Momiji’.

This only meant one thing, and that he’s a Momiji Secret Society member like me.

According to Falan’s message, someone from the Momiji will come in contact with me during the live exercise. It seems it’s this guy.

However, I only told him the truth. Although I did kill the murderer without any hesitation, however, he was after all, a mass murderer. Killing him would probably save more lives in the future.

“Yuon, that…”

When I turned with the intention of talking to Yuon, I realized she actually ran before I even noticed it.

And very quickly, a notification came, notifying me that she already ran out of the party’s formation range.

Alright, this girl really runs quite fast.

“Your friend already left, you know.”

“I know that.”

I helplessly shook my head.

Looks like she’s a professional pugger. Once she finishes her task, she leaves without even saying goodbye.
(t/n: Pug: Pick-up group)

However, it’s nothing much. After all, we did complete our quest, so I don’t really mind as well.

However, as for the person in front of me…

Just how strong is he? I can actually see him with my own eyes, but he doesn’t show up on the mini-map.

I don’t know, but his level must be pretty damn high.

“Looks like you already know my identity. However, how did you find me? This forest isn’t small.”

“As the Momiji’s manager, if I can’t even locate a single member, then there’s no point in me taking up this position.”

“Is that so? However, you actually found me using the tattoo that was placed on me, right?”

“… Haa…”

He let out a sigh.

“Even if that is so, you shouldn’t just blurt it out like that. Can’t you at least save me some face?”

“You don’t need to save face with just the two of us here, do you?”

“Youngsters nowadays don’t even care about the elderly anymore. How saddening.”

“Hey hey, you’re not that old, right?”

This guy wore a black hooded robe, and I almost thought Ezio appeared in front of me. And this guy also had an European-looking face.

However, that kind of thing wasn’t possible, so I immediately threw this thought out of my mind.

“Cough cough, even if you’re trying to compliment me, I won’t be happy.”

“I’m not, I’m only speaking the truth.”

“… Alright, there are still pretty good youngsters nowadays! I like you!”

“I’m sorry, I’m not homo.”


“Don’t mind it, it’s my native slang. It means someone with full of mature charm, especially someone like you.”

“Hahaha, don’t worry, you will definitely be someone like that one day.”

No, I will never ever become like that, so you don’t have to worry.

However, I did not say this out loud, because I felt that this wouldn’t ever end if I continued.

Hopefully, he won’t spread this word around, otherwise, this would become a homo-filled world.

“Alright, let’s stop with this useless chatter.”

You already chattered quite a bit.

“My name is Tony Clude. I guess Falan told you why I’m here, right?”

“She only said that someone would contact me about matters related to the Momiji.”

“Yes. The trust Falan accumulated in the organization isn’t small, so there shouldn’t be a problem with her recommendation. However, I feel the same way about you as well. This is your contact key. You will be able to access our system terminal with it.”

Tony took out a weirdly shaped crystal and passed it to me. When I took it and examined it, I found out that this thing could actually transform its shape into various security clearance items. One of them was a key to the magic terminal in the academy’s library!

“However, this isn’t 100% safe. It’s best used while hiding your identity. Although this item will not leave any traces of use, however, there are still experts capable of tracking you. Even though the magic terminals were only created about two years ago, there are several powerful people researching them.”

Simply put, they are the hackers of this world, right? However, I feel that the person who made the magic terminal came from our world. After all, this world existed for more than a thousand years, how was it possible for the internet here to appear only two years ago?

However, that isn’t the main point.

“However, wouldn’t it have been fine for Falan to hand this to me? Why did you have to come here personally?”

“About that, it’s a custom in our organization. After all, you can’t only be known by a single member. And, isn’t this a pretty good outcome? I even helped you settle a pretty difficult opponent. The person in front of you was several times stronger than both of you combined. Although the bounty on this guy was 20,000 gold, but…”

“20,000 gold!”

Bastard, why wasn’t I informed of this!?

“I didn’t know of this!”

“Eh? If you didn’t know, why did you chase after him?”

“Because… Because he killed my schoolmates!”

I won’t tell you that I did this because of a quest.

“I see. However, I didn’t expect you to work with an assassin from another guild. Was she your acquaintance?”

“Not really, but we’re related in some ways.”

The next time I see her, I must have her hand over half of the bounty!

“Well, I did watch your battle earlier. With your current standard, your ability to use a combination of magic and close-combat skills is pretty good. However, you’re hiding your true strength, aren’t you? I can feel your current actual strength is much stronger than what you displayed in the battle.”

“Well… Only a little.”

Actually, it was because I gained several levels. However, you probably wouldn’t believe it even if I told you.

“Alright, my mission here is complete. I hope you will work hard with Falan on future missions.”

“That’s for sure. However, do you mind telling me one thing before you go?”

“Oh? What do you want to know?”

“Do you know which direction I’m supposed to go to return to my academy’s airship?”


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41 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 39: Beneficial Live Exercise

  1. jacobpaige says:

    He builds up respect and then throws it all away 😉

    I wonder if the Momiji can get him the spells he lacks in the various forbidden schools? He could always just say that he wanted to learn about them so that he’d recognize them when his opponents used them.


    • Nantoka says:

      Ragnarok Online, how nostalgic xD
      Did you mean “Butterly wing” ? but butterfly wing teleported you to the respawn point. In this case it would be a “Fly wing” ( one time item that instantly teleports you to a random location in the current map) ^^


  2. Hasstuu says:

    Thats four encounters with strangers now, and he still hasn’t finished the mysterious person quest. How many people are milling about on that island you had to take an airship to get to?


  3. jalog100 says:

    Lol “no homo” = “someone with full of mature charm” well if you were to use the word gay instead of homo that will be semantically correct because gay mean cool and suave guy at least to the year 1950


  4. ZaX says:

    Hahaha homo-filled world. Worst part is that he started it. With his luck its almost certain to spread out.
    Thanks for the chapter!


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