Vol. 2 Chapter 14: Everyone Has Their Own Dark History

The feeling on my back felt like heaven, while my stomach and shoulders are being harassed by this little devil’s fists.

‘Little Devil’ is a new name I thought of for Enna. No matter how I look at it, this name is more befitting for her.

“Bastard! Why is this guy here when I’m meeting up with my big sister!”

And right from the start till now, this girl’s punches have not stopped at all. If I haven’t been tapping on the Water-type Heal magic spell to recover my HP, I would have already died.

Drink potions?

Are you joking? Falan hasn’t released me from her hug since the beginning, and I could not move at all!

“Falan-senpai… Can you release me?”

Although my current position is rather comfortable, but my MP will definitely be depleted at this rate!

Although it sounds rather nice to die at the embrace of a beautiful girl, but to also die at the fists of a little girl at the same time, would not leave me a good name.

“Eh~ Even though you were the one who came chasing after me~ And now you want me to release you?”

Falan smiled, and she purposely tightened her embrace.

I don’t really know what she’s thinking, seriously… Is she oblivious to the fact that this little devil is actually seriously punching me?

“Hurry up and get out of my big sister’s embrace!”

“Tell that to your big sister, there’s nothing I can do at all!”

However, this girl kept punching me, ignoring my words.

Damn it… Why isn’t this pair of sisters listening to me!?

“Oh right, just why did you girls come out this late in the night…”

“Hmm, speaking of which, we don’t have much time~”

Finally, Falan released me, and the little devil stopped punching me.

Turning back to look at Falan’s D-Cup, I felt a moment of regret… Oh whatever, my life is more important!

“Let’s go to my residence. It’s not safe here.”

After saying that, Falan carried the little devil and ran towards the alley. Looking at their back figures, I could only helplessly reveal a bitter smile, and followed after them.

For two of the Momiji household to appear… this is surprisingly rare.

Although they have the same surname, however in actual fact, the name ‘Momiji’ does not refer to a family’s surname.

‘Momiji Secret Society’

That’s where the name originated from.

It’s a name that is seldom heard currently. However, ten years ago, this name was a source of fear for all Merchant Guilds and Mercenary Guilds on this Raya Continent.

It was a group comprising of the entire continent’s darkest powers – Dark Magicians, Undead Magicians, Assassins, Depraved Knights and Beastmen. They specialized in assassinations and thefts, and they received such requests from all around the world.

‘Although they’re red like the sun, the roads they walked on will only be left with the stench of fresh blood.’

This is the evaluation on ‘Momiji Secret Society’ the people of this world gave. And their three years of existence were the most panic-stricken three years for various influential people and Merchant Guilds in the entire continent.

Finally, on the year 2438 of the White Devil Era, which was 10 years ago, the entire continent’s various associations, Knight Guilds and Missionaries took a drastic action against ‘Momiji Secret Society’. This was recorded in the history books, but there were no detailed records.

However, the results of this incident was penned down. More than half of the original 300 or more members of the ‘Momiji Secret Society’ were exterminated in only half an hour.

The rest of the members hid themselves, and were no longer seen or heard.

However, in the archives of the library, I found some official records. It stated that while the alliance was exterminating the ‘Momiji Secret Society’, they found many young children in their stronghold.

Because of the interference from the Missionaries, these children avoided the death penalty. However, they were taken in by various organizations of several different countries. These were all that were recorded. Before, I was suspecting the reliability of some of the data, but after looking at Enna’s [Magic Assassin] title, my suspicions were cleared.

And this Enna girl… She’s ten years old at most, right? In other words, she was adopted by the Ice Empire just right after she was born? However, they sure had completely unlocked her potential… a level 25 Dark Magician at a mere 10 years of age… Let me think… If such an innocent-looking girl were to walk up to you, and when your inner lolicon instincts kick in and cause you to stop in front of her, suddenly, she casts on you a type of ‘poison’ magic spell, and then… your life ends there.

This girl is already a Magic Assassin in its truest sense.

In only a few minutes, we reached a very stylish residential area. We walked further upwards to a luxurious-looking house before stopping.

Falan walked up to the door and knocked on the door a few times with her magic staff. The door then automatically opened, and the lights inside the house were turned on at the same time.

“Hey hey, how much did you pay for such a luxurious place?”

“Well… I bought it for 5,000 gold~ There’s a small garden at the back as well~”

“What!? Do you know that I’m living in a dormitory that costs only 30 Silver a month!? Senpai, you’re just…”

“Hmm, in any case, it’s the money that I earned~ So what’s the problem~”

After saying that, Falan carried the little devil and went in, and then she sat on the sofa.

I closed the door behind me and followed her in. When I entered the place, I somehow felt that the gold I had in my ring were worthless.

What’s with all these!? A gold sculpture, a seemingly expensive portrait, and those sparkling silverware… So Falan-senpai was this rich!?

“Stop looking around~ I only used those heavy amount of gold to trade for things that could be easily moved into my Dimensional Pouch~ After all, you must understand that I have to make preparations to run at any moment~”

Falan said as she rubbed her face against the little devil’s, who was in her embrace, and she seemed to be enjoying it as well.

“However, I must say… Are you sure it’s fine for two of the ‘Momiji’ to meet up like this? Especially for the little devil, your current identity isn’t that simple, right?”

“Oh~ It seems I’m right to not underestimate your information gathering ability… If ‘Momiji’ had you on that day, we might not have lost that many people then.”

Falan-senpai was still carrying a smile, however, the atmosphere obviously underwent a change. Hostility? No… It should be sadness.

They must be sisters by blood, however, from what I can see now, their relatives must had passed away…

“I don’t dare to think highly of myself. And I said this before, I follow my gut feelings when I look at people. I understood your nature by the scent of blood surrounding your body, as for the little devil…”

Once again, I confirmed her titles.

“She seemed to carry the scent of a military personnel.”


The little devil looked at me surprisingly, and her eyes showed hints of admiration.

“Just how did you know that I’m a Magic Assassin of the Ice Empire Central Army!?”

“Keh… You just told me.”

“Ah, crap…”

The little devil rolled her eyes, and then covered her mouth with her hands.

“To think you would influence me to reveal my true identity, you bastard!”

“However, is this really alright? The No. 17 most wanted person on the continent – Kelany Momiji, is actually the big sister of the Ice Empire Central Army’s Magic Assassin. Are you sure the army accepts this?”

“Of course. I only met big sister after staying in the army’s magician squad for 7 years. And also, those people don’t even know of big sister’s identity, as they only focus their eyes on my potential.”

After saying that, the little devil emitted a very dangerous scent.

This feeling… is the same feeling I get from Falan-senpai…

“I see. It’s legal to kill people if you’re in the army.”

“That’s right!”

Looking at little devil’s prideful expression, I don’t even want to guess how many people she had killed…

To think I’m in the same house with these murdering maniacs… This pressure is killing me… Luckily, they’re not my enemies, otherwise I would have already died several times over.

“However… Fir, just who are you?”


When I heard Falan-senpai’s question, I was a little surprised.

“My information network isn’t inferior to yours. Lin Fir, Mitchell Kingdom Citizen, born in the year 2432 of the White Devil Era, labelled as a wanted fugitive in the year 2448 of the White Devil Era. However, what’s scary about this seemingly normal profile is that it happens to have something really weird about it~”

Falan-senpai placed the little devil onto the other seat of the sofa. She then approached me and questioned me with her eyes locked to mine.

“Why are there no records between the time of your birth and when you were labelled as a fugitive?”

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