Vol. 2 Chapter 28: Cute Live Exercise

I didn’t expect them to find a 【Crystal Heart】 so quickly!

In Princess Anne’s hands, the item looked like a regular magic crystal, however, it actually had its distinctive features. A regular magic crystal would have its original magic particles’ color, however this Crystal Heart is different. Even though its exterior was also made out of crystals, but it’s actually transparent.

Only a faint light was glowing from its core.

And the 【Crystal Heart】 in Anne’s hands have a faint blue light glowing from its core.

“Princess Anne, do you mind if I take a look?”

There’s a very simple way to identify it. After all, I only need to be in contact with an item to know its stats.

“I don’t mind~”

“Princess, if this mongrel were to take the opportunity to steal it…”

Before Princess Anne could raise her hand to object, Elan already rushed over to our side.

Geez, seriously? Do I have a feud with you nobles? Why do you have to step in everything I do? I really wish I could throw an Ice Meteor at them and see how they would react.

However, I’m a civilized person. I wouldn’t do this kind of thing in front of so many witnesses.

After all, if a dog were to bite you, you wouldn’t bite it back, right? And according to my observations, although this guy was stronger than Angil, he did not attack us.

This meant that he was calmer than Angil.

“Sir Elan. I heard you’re about to part of the Court Magicians, is that true?”


He obviously did not expect I would say something like that.

“You… How did you know about me?”

“Elan Siqbel, of course I know of Witts Empire’s Siqbel Household. As a Court Magician Preparatory Member, it would only be a matter of time before you become a Court Magician, right?”

“Ah… That’s… That’s of course!”

As I expected, he’s the same as the nobles in the games I played before. As long as I give him a little sense of superiority, he would be happy enough. Just like now, although this guy is trying his best to look natural, he could not hide the grin on his face.

“Then, as a Court Magician, you should have realized that the person beside Princess Anne is capable of killing all of us instantly, right? Then, how would it be possible for me to steal the Princess’ 【Crystal Heart】? Am I right?”

“You’re absolutely right!”

He actually nodded pretty quickly this time, as he slowly revealed a smile.

Understanding the current situation, Princess Anne also gave a slight smile as she passed me the 【Crystal Heart】.

Crystal Heart of Ice
1 of 10 Great Crystal Hearts
(Quest Item: Side Quest – Extracurricular Live Exercise)
Effects: Increase effectiveness of Ice Magic by 50%. (Only applicable to LV19 and below)

Oh my god! This is a quest item? Isn’t this effect too godlike? Even though it’s only applicable to people below level 20, but if their Ice Magic spells are enhanced by 50%, it’s basically enough to cover up a difference of two or three levels!

I really feel like taking this away now. However, my mind tells me that, I will definitely be killed if I do so.

And it isn’t funny to anger a princess of a large empire. Being wanted by a small kingdom is tragic enough… If I were to be resented by an empire’s princess, then it will be beyond tragic.

“Although I understand that you have your eyes on Fir and his strength, however… Why do you have to give me the Crystal Heart? Shouldn’t you be giving it to Fir?”

Shir… You’re totally right! I will definitely find another one for you! Then I will accept this very gratefully!

However, I didn’t dare to say this out loud, otherwise, I will definitely be scorned.

“Eh~ Unless he doesn’t know of your identity?”

Princess Anne asked Shir surprisingly.

Oh? Shir’s identity? I looked at Shir with a shocked expression, and at the same time, I looked at his titles… There’s no changes though? And there’s no question marks either. Unless I have to fulfill some unique conditions for new titles to appear?

“It seems to be that way. Interesting. Although I’m unsure of why he would help you… Unless he has that kind of fetish?”

“Although I don’t know Shir’s true identity, however, I don’t have that kind of fetish!”

I refuted. Geez, don’t simply treat me as a homo.

“Then that was rude of me.”

Princess Anne giggled, and then looked towards Shir.

“It’s great that you were able to make a friend. However, wouldn’t this be unfair to him?”

“Anne, can you please not step into this matter? Even if I let him know, there isn’t any benefit to him, is there?”

“… That maybe so.”

Alright, this conversation is really, really, really arousing my interest. Just who is Shir? I’m really curious now.

When he saw me looking his way, he embarrassingly scratched his head, and said with an apologetic tone.

“Umm… About my identity, it’s best for Fir not to know about it… At least, for now. Otherwise… Fir, you will be in danger. Please believe me.”

“Alright, I believe you.”

I had no choice. Even if I were to force him now, I wouldn’t be able to get an answer. And if I were to interrogate him, it would only worsen our good friendship.

The most important reason was that I already regarded Shir as my trusted comrade. If he does not want to reveal his secrets, then I won’t mind about it. After all, I have a couple of secrets myself.

And I don’t want other people to know about them either.

“I don’t mind about Shir, however, I am very curious. Even if my battle capability is good, but don’t you have… that mysterious young girl?”

Although I heard Princess Anne addressing her as Six, however her name did not change above her head, which meant it wasn’t her real name.

“You’re talking about Six-chan? She’s only responsible for my own safety, and won’t be helping us in completing our objective. This was the condition for her to participate. Also, we have to find a 【Crystal Heart】 for her portion as well, otherwise, she will not able to enter the next part of the exercise. Hence, I need more people that could help out, the stronger the better.”

With that introduction, the young girl called 6 still had that smile on her face. It was as if she was not related to the current situation in any way.

I see, so she is her personal bodyguard? It’s not easy to get away with breaking the rules, after all, there are still teachers following behind us.

Also, I couldn’t see her name. However, this is inevitable, as I could feel that she is much stronger than me.

After that, Princess Anne walked towards me, and took out a magic staff from her storage ring.

Although my instincts told me it was a magic staff, however, a light blue crystal was embedded at the top, and it had a very long handle… No, with this length, it should be categorized as a wand.

However, why does this wand have a blade at its front end?

“This weapon should be very suitable for you, no? Earlier, I already saw you sneakily storing those two magic staves that guy threw away. However, in battles, you basically do not use a staff. I bet you haven’t found a suitable weapon to use, right?”


This girl actually saw me, this is embarrassing. Even though I was absolutely quiet when I kept the two magic staves in my ring.

When I took the wand and looked at its stats, I was surprised.

Blue Blasphemer of the Abyss
Magic Attack: +1,000
Strength: +700
Increase damage of Ice Magic spells by an additional 500 points. When dealing physical damage or magical damage, target has probabilities of 40% and 60% of being inflicted with ‘frozen’ status respectively.

This is too overpowered! Although this tool doesn’t increase that much Strength, however, it’s actually a combination of a close-range melee weapon and a magic tool!

“I believe your method of battling is closer to that of a Magic Assassin’s, so this weapon should be suitable for you. Originally, I wanted to give this to 6, however, she’s not able to help out much now, so it wouldn’t be useful if I were to hand it to her. After all, there isn’t a need for a deadly weapon if she’s only here for my protection.”

As she said that, she looked at the young girl beside her. The girl smiled and nodded, probably acknowledging her intentions.

“So, do you accept my proposal?”

“Since you’re already doing this much, then it will make me look bad if I reject your offer. However, I wish to hear Shir’s opinion. After all, he’s my partner, and abandoning my comrade like this is something I can’t do.”

This princess’ eyes are pretty sharp, as she could, with a single glance, know what is the best way to have someone agree to her demands. However, even if that maybe so, I can’t just accept her proposal, as Shir’s opinion is important as well.


Shir’s eyes began to sparkle, and I was starting to get embarrassed.

“Even though I will be entitled to rest in the airship after obtaining the Crystal Heart, however, I don’t wish to do so. Please allow me to accompany your party.”

I didn’t expect Shir to say something like this.

“Because I wish to improve my abilities!”

Shir, you… If all the nobles were like you, the world probably wouldn’t have this many problems.

“I wish for this to happen as well. Shir’s battle techniques are indeed a little bad, and I believe there is a need for him to improve his techniques through more battles.”

Although this might turn Shir into a dangerous opponent in the Annual Tournament, however, it wouldn’t be fun if my opponents are all trash in the tournament, right?

Also, if he comes along with us, then I could temporarily borrow the Crystal Heart.

“Very good, then this is decided. You two don’t have any complaints, right?”

Princess Anne turned and looked at her two subordinates at the back.

“I don’t mind. I’m truly happy to work with an insightful citizen like Fir.”

Elan nodded and said.

“Umm… I… I have also confirmed your abilities are indeed good, so I don’t mind as well.”

It seems that Angil still couldn’t let go of the humiliation from losing to me. However, after looking at his companions accepting the proposal, he could only nod and accept silently.

“Sir Angil, you’re too humble. You, who constantly thinks of protecting the princess, could be said to be an exemplary conduct of a noble. If the Pompeii household were to hear of your heroic deeds today, they would definitely be proud of you.”

Alright, even though I don’t wish to flatter others, however, since we’re in the same party, I don’t wish to be stabbed in the back.

“… Princess, I’m very happy to be able to work with such a good citizen! Fir, Shir, please forgive my rude behavior earlier. Let us work hard together.”


I could hear Princess Anne trying to suppress her laughter, and of course, I was trying to suppress mine as well.

That’s why… Nobles…

Are actually kind of cute as well, you know…?

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