Vol. 2 Chapter 32: Many Deaths in this Live Exercise

10 minutes later.

Sitting on the sofa, we continued our earlier conversation.

You’re asking me why we had to change our location to the living room? I don’t wish to have heart-to-heart talk in the bathroom with two men, you know?

Although there’s the question about Shir’s gender, however, since I had always been treating him as a guy, it’s impossible to change my mindset this suddenly.

I’m not those characters in several unchaste anime, where they would do some indecent things the moment their friends turn into girls.

Aren’t you afraid they might suddenly turn back while in the midst of doing ‘that’? You would definitely be scarred for the rest of your life, to the point where your ‘thing’ would never ever stand up again.

Of course, if you were to tell me that you wouldn’t mind if that happened, then I only have these few words for you… Lucifer’s World welcomes you, please, step forward.

Speaking of which, I didn’t exactly see the structure of Shir’s body clearly in the bathroom. If it was a woman’s, then I would be safe even if I did see it clearly… Otherwise… if there’s nothing in this world I could wash my eyes with, then I will definitely be in danger.

“Umm… I…”

“Alright, alright. I know what you’re trying to say. Don’t worry. I won’t treat you as a monster for something like this.”

After all, I’m a type of monster as well.

“And I won’t pursue why or how you became like that. Whenever you’re comfortable in telling me, then I will gladly listen.”

Since you told me your situation, no matter how I see it, this might turn into a main or side quest. Well, this will be made known later.

Conditions achieved.
Hidden Quest Unlocked: Unknown Magic
1. Build a better relationship with a possessor of an Unique Magic spell.
2. Find out about the origins of the Unique Magic spell.
3. Trigger a plotline related to the magic spell.

Reward(s): Learn an Unique magic spell.

As I expected, a new quest suddenly appeared. After glancing it through, I pushed the screen aside.

“But why did you decide to tell me this? And…”

And you actually rushed into the bathroom… Was your morality eaten by a stray dog? However, looking at his expression, I decided to stop and listen to his explanation.

“Because… Since Fir became my friend, I find that it’s best if I tell you about my situation as early as possible. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be appropriate if I keep hiding this from you.”


This is really agonizing. He’s really dealing a blow to my conscience. Now I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I don’t reveal a few of my secrets.


Which of my secrets could be revealed?

I come from another world?

I’m not human?

Or the fact that I can use every types of skills?

It seems that I’m only able to reveal the last one. If I were to reveal the first two, someone might capture me and dissect my body for experimentation.

Speaking of which, although humans do not hate the other races on the surface, however, their interaction with other races are only to obtain labor and their resources.

Although it’s rather understandable, especially in this world where wars could break out at any time, it’s rather pointless to talk about ethics…

Who am I joking, right?

“Alright alright, Shir, it’s fine if you just treat yourself as a human being.”

I grabbed onto his shoulder and continued.

“I’m your friend, so don’t mind about it. Or, are you telling me something bad might happen to me just because you have some special features in the body, or just because you’re immortal?”

“This… I don’t know… I just feel that…”

“I already told you to not mind about it.”

I released him, and slapped his shoulder.

“Let’s have an early rest tonight. Although I did have a good bath, I’m still feeling a little tired.”

I didn’t just say that casually. I have been staring at the fatigue meter below my MP bar for quite a while. Even though the bar was almost filled during the bath, in the end, it stopped filling up when Shir scared me with his antics.

For now, I could only think of bathing and sleeping which could fill up my fatigue meter, so it’s necessary to have an early rest.

“Then please sleep on the bed.”

“… Eh?”

Shir, what did you just say?

“There’s no need. Umm… I’m fine with sleeping on the sofa.”

“Why! As I thought, Fir, you despise my non-human body right?”

“No, no, that’s not it. Your non-human body isn’t the point. The point… The point is that you’re a noble and I’m not.”

“I already said it’s fine! So you actually care about our status differences now?”

“And I don’t even know your actual gender. If you’re actually a girl, it wouldn’t be fine for us to be sleeping on the same bed, right?”

If you’re a guy, my soul will definitely be retrieved by Lucifer!

Although this person is a guy, he’s actually shorter than Falan and the other girls. Adding his oddly pale skin, if he was to wear a wig, it would be impossible to distinguish his gender… a trap loli?

Not good, my soul was almost taken by Lucifer at that moment, that was dangerous!

My mind was actually filled with images of him wearing girls’ clothes, and I was almost entranced by them!

Oh god, were some pieces of my soul already taken by Lucifer?

“Don’t worry…”

When I was deep in my thoughts for only a moment, this guy actually hugged me from the front.

“Because… Because Fir is the first person I know that said he wouldn’t mind when he saw my grotesque body… Whatever the case, please do not hate me…”

After hearing this, my body trembled for a bit. Originally, I planned on pushing him away, but my hands stopped in the air.

… If only you didn’t exist…

A memory suddenly flashed in my mind. Although it was in a blur, but this sentence was unbelievably clear.

Did someone say this to me? Why did it feel as if I was stabbed in the heart when I recalled these words?

This should be one of my many forgotten memories, why did it suddenly reappear?

I looked at Shir who was hugging me, and saw that his face was filled with tears.

Unless… This guy has always been hated?

Just because he has a weird body?

… If only someone like you didn’t exist…

This sentence once again flashed in my mind, and my heart began to feel a piercing pain once again.

So painful… Why…? Was I like him… before…?

Were we abandoned by the ones we love?

My hands slowly fell, and I hugged him back.

“Don’t worry, I will never abandon anyone.”


“Of course.”

Haa… Geez, to think someone that has a lower level than him is actually comforting him.

“However, do you mind releasing me? Even if both of us are guys, hugging like this is…”

“Ah, sorry.”

Shir released me, and rubbed the tears in his eyes.

“Being able to hear Fir say that… I’m really glad.”

“Hai… I shall state this first, I’m not homo.”


“Nothing, don’t mind it. Now then, go to sleep!”


Shir very obediently ran over to the bed.

I rubbed between my eyebrows. Why do I feel like… I turned into his father?

“Open the door! Hurry! This princess order you to open the door this instant!”

When I woke up in the morning, I thought I was hallucinating.

A princess is knocking on the door?

Ignoring the ‘If you don’t listen to me’ warnings, Shir still ended up hugging me to sleep. I leaped out of bed and opened the door.

However, the moment I opened it, I was shocked.

“Mi… Princess Michelle?”

I recognized the visitor at first glance. How? That pair of spiraling blue twin-tails very obviously told me her identity. And she’s the first and only person I knew who would wear such a troublesome hairstyle in the two worlds.

“Twintails… No. Princess Michelle, why are you here?”

“What? Do you feel troubled seeing me here?”

“Why would I dare to? Which commoner would have such a disrespectful thought when he sees you, princess?”

“I think you’re already pretty disrespectful enough. Regular people would have kneeled down the moment they see me.”

“That’s why, since we’re friends, do you mind forgiving me?”

“… Hmph. If you didn’t unhesitatingly rushed over to save me that time, why would I even bother with you…”

Michelle suddenly muttered something softly.

“Um, what did you just say?”

“Nothing! Alright, hurry and let me in. You better thank me! After all, I came this early in the morning, and I brought you breakfast as well!”

After saying that, she rushed into room through the gap between me and the door.

“Hey… Shir is not up yet…”

Before I could finish, this girl actually started shouting again.

“This… Who is this!?”

Of course, she was referring to Shir.

As I thought, Shir was at a loss as he looked at Princess Michelle, and then they both looked towards me.

“This is Shir! He’s the Wind Class’…”

“You… What! You’re actually interested in guys!?”

“You’re the one interested in guys! Wait, no, you should indeed be interested in guys. My point is, I didn’t have any place to stay, and Shir allowed me to live in his room for the night. I’m not interested in guys at all! I already said I’m not homo!”

“… Hmph, I will believe you for now.”

“Speaking of which, why are you here? Aren’t there only 30 slots for this exercise? And didn’t you say this exercise wasn’t safe?”

“… About that, because I heard that you actually formed a party with that water type girl, and since she brought a bodyguard along, I could come here without worries.”

“You are pretty well-informed… But wouldn’t we now have 31 students for this exercise?”

Although I did notice that there weren’t just 30 people when we got down from the airship.

“Alright, I will tell you the truth. This live exercise has ended. I came over with the investigation team to check whether you’re alive. After all, you’re my important partner!”

“Wait… The live exercise ended?”


Princess Michelle fiercely nodded.

“Last night, four Lightning students, three Earth students, and five Plant students were killed without the teachers noticing. And other than the bloodstains left on the ground, there were nothing else left at the scenes.”

“Ki… Killed…”

I took in a deep breath.

Although it might be possible to resurrect myself, but to inhabitants of this world, they are definitely unable to resurrect after they die.

And in a single night, 12 students from the same school died. I could not help but be serious about this matter.

Emergency Quest: Murderer?
Quest Objective: Find the murderer before leaving.
Reward(s): 5 Level Ups. Unlock the title: Famous Detective
Additional Objective(s): Kill the murderer.
Additional Reward(s): Unknown
Time Limit: 6 Hours
*The difficulty of this quest is beyond your current level. Completion not recommended.

I looked through the quest window, and then once again turned to look at Michelle.

“Do you mind giving me a detailed report?”

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  1. RKain says:

    “The difficulty of this quest is beyond your current level. Completion not recommended.”

    Bah, who actually pays attention to those warnings? Fir certainly doesn’t.

    My thanks to you, Scrya.


  2. Chester says:

    I get the feeling that this isnt an atrificial world neither is the mc from a diffrent world.
    His memories are getting erased at a fast pace also do we actualy have prove that he is from a diffrent world could have been planted in his head.


  3. Moissonneur66 says:

    So if he completes this he will have the title of scapegoat and famous detective? oh dam thats going to be hilarious, he can actually attempt to clear his name ;P
    Thx for the chapter

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  4. I3omb says:

    “Being able to hear Shir say that… I’m really glad.”

    I think it should be Fir

    “Being able to hear Fir say that… I’m really glad.”


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    So since the live exercise is canceled because of the murders doesn’t that mean that he lost a quest. Than for the chapter.


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