Vol. 2 Chapter 24: Mysterious Live Exercise

Our walking speed was definitely incomparable to that of running, after all, we’re not race-walking champions.

However, the skill-enhanced speed I had earlier, even if it was Usain Bolt, he wouldn’t be able to achieve it. Thus, it’s understandable, as we’re currently walking with a regular pace.

Even though we walked for nearly three hours, I don’t feel any change in the distance between the mountain and us at all. I wonder how fast I ran earlier… To think I actually reduced that amount of distance in such a short amount of time.

However, the feeling earlier was seriously unbearable. Even though I have potions that can aid my recovery, I don’t really want to experience that kind of extreme fatigue again.

Even you have an auto-regenerating ability, you still wouldn’t be willing to be stabbed several times right? It’s the same logic.

However, fortunately, our travel so far had been smooth, and without any troubles. I was able to calm myself down along the way.

The earlier situation is not an entirely bad encounter. At the very least, the feeling I got from Shir changed ever since then. He had a childish aura before, but now, he seemed to have matured. At least, his expression looks good.

So, other than leveling up, these NPCs can actually change by experiencing various situations? That sure is complicated.

However, I still have some queries in my mind. When other people killed the monsters earlier, I still received Party EXP. However, if that’s the case, then why hasn’t Shir leveled up after so many monsters were killed? Unless my Party EXP was not shared with him?

Then, isn’t that a big pity?

Unless he has to be the one to deal the last hit to be awarded the EXP? Isn’t that too much of a hassle?

Oh right, is that why Michelle has to be the one to deal the last hit in the Annual Tournament? However, can we actually receive EXP from the tournament?

Is it possible to obtain EXP because it’s the Annual Competition, or is it because only a few NPCs can be awarded the EXP?

Oh well, we can think about these later.

“Wait, there’s something wrong with the wind direction over there.”


Suddenly, Shir grabbed me and said. I looked towards the direction he was pointing at, but I did not see any names.

However, since this is an unique situation, it’s safer to test it out.”

“【Ice Meteor】!”

I immediately used the strongest ice magicc spell that I had. The destructive capability of this magic spell is rather useful. Unfortunately, its usage cost is too great.

Why did I immediately use a big spell? Because anyone that hides his presence in front of us is dangerous. Also, I already confirmed that the target was not Mr. Landur. After all, when we began moving earlier, that guy suddenly returned behind us. However, he did not follow us that openly as before.

He’s probably worried we were going to criticize him for not saving us earlier.

After my Ice Meteor rained down onto that piece of forest, the entire place froze. The frozen ground glittered under the sun’s rays, and at the same time, a red name revealed itself.

Caiyi0034 LV10
Wood Pixie Race (Summoned Creature)

Because of the difference in our levels, the creature’s HP was emptied immediately. In other words, this poor little thing was left with a corpse, which was sealed in ice.

I quickly walked towards it, and I could finally make out its appearance.

Pointy ears, seemingly silky smooth skin, a dark green body, cute large eyes, and a pair of translucent wings. Yep, if my guess is correct, this is the pixie stated in legends!

Actually, there wasn’t any need to guess. After all, it was discernible from its name.

However, this little thing is actually really cute. I really wish to keep it as a pet, but unfortunately, it seems to be something that was summoned by someone else… Although I prefer a busty big sister-like elf, however, I wouldn’t mind having a cute pixie that accompanies me on my shoulder.

Even though this is a pettanko, but since it’s cute, everything’s an ok~

“To think it was a summoned creature… Have you heard of anyone that could summon a pixie?”

I turned my head back and asked Shir.

“Pixie… No, I haven’t heard of one. However, I can confirm that it’s not possible for humans to summon pixies.”

“Not possible?”

Tch, what a pity. Even though I wanted to try summoning one… No, if that’s the case, then this a rather big problem. Other than humans, there’s actually other intellectual life forms around here?

If we’re talking about forests, then there’s only elves and druids. However, this forest is actually our academy’s property, so why are there other intellectual life forms here…

No, speaking of which, weren’t there people who were not from our academy earlier… Just who are they? Mercenaries? Inspectors? Or are they from criminal guilds like ‘Momiji’?

Why am I encountering all these weird situations in such a small exercise? Even though it’s supposed to be a time when I could finally grind some levels peacefully… Unless this is a sorrow of an otherworlder?

And, evidently, there’s a very serious problem right now. If I were to say that the problem earlier were just between humans, then the current problem before me, is something that involves different races.

After all, humans can’t summon pixies, which means this pixie was not summoned by a human…


I shouldn’t have used such a big spell earlier. I might have been able to hold this pixie captive… Wait a minute, I might be able to use Necromancy on it! Since it’s already dead, I can keep its body in the dimensional ring, right?

With that thought in mind, I touched a portion of its body that was protruding out of the ice, and it instantly went into my ring.

“Eh, where’s the pixie?”

“I’m bringing it back to the academy to examine it.”

“Back to academy? That’s not a good idea, right? That’s something that was summoned by someone else. If the summoner finds out that he summoned creature died, he will definitely be able to find us…”

“… You should have said that earlier!”

I grabbed Shir and immediately hid behind the sea of trees. It’s only been a few moments since we went into hiding, and a series of rushed footsteps could already be heard. Since I’m unsure whether 【Hide】 would work on Shir, I tapped on both 【Hide】 and 【Sneak】. Then, I hugged Shir and hid behind the trees silently.

A moment later, a person fully dressed in black appeared in our view. The person was a little shorter than me, however, I could not see the person’s figure under the robe.


Why does everyone here like to be fully dressed in black? Don’t they feel hot when the Sun’s rays shine directly on them? Or are they trying to lose some weight?

No matter the reason, this kind of people are usually the villains in most games.

Of course, recently, villains like pure white clothes as well, though most of them are only perverts.

However, this person’s name and titles are really interesting.

Kamiochi Yuon LV21 Elf Shaman ? [Devout] [Elf Race] [Declining Shaman] [Runaway] [Listener] [???] [???]

That guy inspected his surroundings. Momentarily, he stopped in front of a block of ice, before leaving in another direction.

Interesting. This is the first time I saw someone with a Japanese name. Also, that [Runaway] title seems pretty amusing.

I smiled, and then followed after that person while pulling the confused Shir with me.

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