Vol. 2 Chapter 11: Since I’m no Longer Human, I Feel that I Lost my Human Rights

After the countdown for the ‘faint’ status ended, my senses began to recover.

I could not feel the cold ground on my back. It was probably because someone lifted me onto my bed. However, I could somehow feel that the right side of my body was elevated.

When I sat up and looked around me, there were several people surrounding me, and they all had that stern look on their faces.

I tried controlling the thing on my back, and as I expected, the white wing began to spread out.

However, as the wing was only grown just recently, it was still pretty hard to control something like this delicately. The best I could do was move it up and down.

But, there’s no response coming from the bone wing on my left. It seemed that Falan’s magic was very effective.

“Umm, can anyone explain what exactly happened to me?”

“Don’t you remember what happened earlier?”

The one speaking was the Light Magic old man that I saw earlier, who was also the one that brought me into the infirmary.

He said as he looked to the side. I followed his line of sight, and there was actually a large hole in the wall. There were black stains left around the hole, and it was not possible to determine whether magic or a bomb that caused it.

And at this moment, I realized that there’s a similar black stained hole on my clothes. If I remember correctly, the wound I had was not something like this. In other words, this wound appeared after I fainted…

The only thing I could think of was Falan’s black ball.

Currently, she’s standing beside Yybril, and she returned to her regular appearance. When she realized I was looking at her, she smiled as she winked at me.

“Where am I? I only remembered being stabbed by Aliyah…”

Aliyah was leaning against the wall at the side, and when she heard her name being mentioned, she revealed an unhappy expression.

Oh please, to think you would still be unhappy after you killed me… Will you only be satisfied after you shred me into pieces?

“Is that so… I understand.”

The old man paused for a moment, and then he looked over to Mari-sensei who was standing beside him, and then turned his attention back to me.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Rid Oryansi, and I’m the head of Gray Magical Academy’s Light Department.

Even though he was an elder, he still slightly lowered his head as a greeting, and continued.

“First of all, I would like to apologize.”


“Yes, because the magical barrier surrounding the arena is something I designed. I have no idea why, but the barrier did not display the effects it should have today, and thus it caused you harm. For this, I’m terribly sorry.”

“It’s fine. After all, I’m already fine now, so you don’t have to mind about it.”

It was indeed not this guy’s fault. After all, it was because of us otherworlders that caused the barrier to lose its effects. Also, this guy holds such a high-ranking post, it’s best that I display a certain level of courtesy. After all, the concept of class distinction is pretty strong in this world.


He seemed to be very satisfied with my attitude, and although he did not say it out loud, I could see his mustache twitching up.

“Umm… Can anyone tell me why do I have a wing on my back? And only on a single side?”

“You’re telling me you only grew it out earlier? You didn’t possess it before then?”

Department Head Rid was extremely shocked at this revelation as he walked towards me. However, when he realized that he lost his cool, he quickly stepped back.

“Cough cough… Although I do not know exactly why, but it must be related to how you were able to recover from near-death. Even though we do not possess the magic to resurrect a dead person, however, it might be possible that the Goddess of Light herself used her powers to save you.”

Old man, you sure know how to pull someone’s leg. If I hadn’t known it was Falan who resurrected me, I might even have believed you.

Seeing that I didn’t have any sort of reaction, he continued.

“According to legends, angels are born when there’s aggregation of light elemental particles in their bodies. Since you grew out a wing, it meant that your light elemental particles gathered together and caused a change in your body. Starting today, you’re probably a half-angel.”


“Yes, but all of this is just mere speculation. Without any investigation, I can’t actually confirm this.”

“Don’t worry, I will immediately report this to my superiors. The Church will definitely help you investigate the cause of your transformation.”

The one who spoke up was Yybril. Speaking of which, she is a Holy Knight, and she has a [Saint Church Disciple] title as well.

“At the same time, I will be bringing Aliyah back to Doge Military School.”

“How can you just let that murderer leave!?”

Princess Michelle stepped out from the side and exclaimed.

“She was the murderer that caused harm to Fir!”

“I believe her school will give her a suitable punishment…”

Yybril replied.

“Punishment? Shouldn’t that be decided by Fir!?”


I interrupted them.

“Let’s go with what Yybril suggested. Don’t worry, after all, Aliyah is still a friend of mine. This matter is settled, then.”

“You… Hmph! I don’t care anymore!”

Covering her furious face with both of her hands, she ran out of the infirmary.

As I expected, she’s still a child…

After confirming that Princess Michelle had left the room, Aliyah walked to my side, and whispered.

“Thank you, if you’re free, drop by Doge Military School and find me.”

“Alright. Remember not to cause anymore trouble.”

“It’s none of your business!”

After that, she ran out of the room as well. Yybril had a hopeless expression as she followed after Aliyah after she gave me an apologetic smile.

“Cough cough, then that’s all for today. You should stay here and rest for the night. If you’re having problems with your wing, please contact me.”

Department Head Rid walked out of the room after leaving those words. The people who were left were Lanya, Falan and Ms. Mari.

“Rest up~ If you keep up your current progress, those fodder in the Annual Competition will not be a match for you. However, there are several strong contenders as well. So, there will be an extracurricular live exercise in a week’s time. Rest up and prepare yourself for it.”

“Teacher, the barrier losing its effects was not your doing, right?”

“Don’t frame me! I was controlling it properly! If you want to blame someone, blame that old geezer! I heard that he wanted to save some money, and he ended up cutting down the costs needed for the barrier!”

“Oh well, he is still, after all, a Department Head.”

“And I’m still your teacher! You dumbass!”

She knocked her fist on my head, and looked at Lanya and Falan.

“Then, you two, stay with this dumbass. I have to return to my work. Geez…”

Speaking of which, from the hole in the wall, I could see that the sky’s already dark outside. After experiencing so much, it’s not surprising that it’s already so late in the night.

When Ms. Mari left, Lanya grinned as she ran towards me.

“So how does it feel like to be a birdman?”

“Not much… Speaking of which, what just happened earlier?”

“Do you mean after you were brought here? At that time, we and some other people were inspecting the magic barrier equipment at the arena. Suddenly, that old man had a stern expression as he looked towards the direction of the infirmary, and a few seconds later, an explosion happened~ Isn’t that so~”


Falan nodded.

To think this girl is usually this quiet… Scary. Really scary.

“When we rushed over here, we saw you lying on the ground with that wing sprouting out from your back. Mari-sensei and Department Head Rid immediately called for an academy-wide lockdown, and prevented students from approaching here.”

Looks like my undead aura was indeed leaking out earlier. That was probably why Falan hastily used that black ball.

Suddenly, I could feel a slight pain. When I turned to take a look, Lanya was actually plucking out a feather from my wing!

“What are you doing!?”

“What’s there to worry about~ There’s still so many feathers here, so there’s absolutely no problems~”

After she shined my feather with a lamp, Lanya giggled as she placed it in a bottle.

Even if I tell her to return it, she probably wouldn’t listen, right? If I could actually retract my wing, that would be good.

Do you wish to retract your Angel’s Wing?

Just when I was thinking about this, a familiar control window appeared in front of me.

Oh my god! How could I forget something like this!?

“Then we will be leaving now. Have a nice rest~ See you tomorrow~”

After receiving the feather, Lanya looked very satisfied, as as she pulled Falan out of the room.

‘I will look for you at 3AM tonight.’

Suddenly, I heard Falan’s soul telepathy. When I raised my head to look at her, they had already closed the door.

Is it really alright to visit a guy’s room so late in the night? Even though she’s an Undead Magician, I can still dream, right?

After confirming that their names were moving further away behind the wall, I finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Alright, I can finally inspect my wings without any worries!

However, wait a minute…

“Why do I have to live in a room with a big hole in the wall!?”

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